Starwood Festival Volunteer Job Descriptions

For people who could not otherwise afford to attend Starwood, we have a Volunteer Program. Instead of paying the full $250 ($300 at the door) adult price to get in for the full week of Starwood, approved Work-Volunteer adults pay just the $75 camping fee (pays for the infrastructure, not the entertainment). We expect up to 20 hours of light work for the discounted price. Please be sure to get in touch with your supervisor and make sure you know when you are scheduled to work. Show up on time and be sure to complete the job; supervisors have the discretion to give you fewer than 20 hours *IF* the work is completed early.

Note: there are no child volunteer positions; the child rate is less than the volunteer rate!

Preference is given to those who have attended Starwood before and know what Starwood is all about. Also, preference is given to those who know the supervisors for the position they apply for; the supervisor decides who is approved for their specific crew. Also, be sure you have the skills/abilities to do the job before applying for it.

After you have been accepted by a supervisor, you’ll be given a private PROMO CODE to register at a discounted rate for the event; applying for Volunteer jobs does NOT guarantee acceptance.

Available Positions:

Any: this puts you on a wait list in case someone as trouble filling their crew; be sure to include any limitations in the comments section and please indicate which jobs specifically fit for your skills.

Childcare/Kid Village: this is a cooperative daycare area for kids 18 months through 12 years. The work starts Tuesday afternoon/evening for setup, daily schedules Wed-Saturday, Kid’s Parade (all Childcare Volunteers) Saturday afternoon and cleanup after the Parade. Volunteers interact with the parents, signing children in and out of the daycare, making sure all the paperwork is filled out properly and kept out of the elements, and supervise the 2-hour volunteers (parents must sign up for at least one shift per child). No diaper changing required (parents are responsible for managing that). Parents and/or Childcare experience preferred.

Firetribe/Woodbusters: Intense physical labor. This is a specific group of people building the bonfire with massive logs, requiring many more than 20 hours’ work. Must know the Firetribe personally in order to get onto this crew.

Green Room: this involves providing hospitality to the acts performing on the Main Stage. Must be cordial and accommodating. Most of the job is making sure refreshments are well-stocked and coolers are kept iced, but you may be required to help with the performer tent-village (setting up tents with air mattresses & bedding).

Gate (Tablets & Safety): this 24/hour coverage job requires friendly people who are either good with tablets (for registration & check-in) or checking vehicle occupants for wristbands before either allowing them through or diverting them to registration.  Road-weary travelers need to be welcomed to Starwood and processed through registration as efficiently as possible. Join the Facebook group Starwood Registration Tribe to get involved.

Green Room: service-oriented people are needed to make sure our Main Stage performers have a place to get comfortable before/after acts with cold drinks, light snacks, LED lights and chairs. Daily ice runs are required. May involve setting up tents, tables and chairs under the Performer Village canopy. May be required to assist the Stage Manager; 'gofer' runs to help with stage-related logistics are likely. NOT for starry-eyed folks who might bother the performers with immoderate fan behavior...

Information: set next to the Creation Station, this job entails answering any questions attendees may have about Starwood and/or the facilities as well as receiving 2-hour volunteers and putting them to work to help the festival (or ask them to come back at a specific time when more volunteers will be needed). It requires tact & diplomacy as well as prior Starwood experience.

Safety Patrol: Emphasis on night shifts to help attendees and staff take care of any unforeseen problems, from identifying First Aid incidents to identifying dangerous/unlawful situations/activity; Wisteria Security/FirstAid is responsible for handling these situations, once identified. Also, Rosencomet Project needs to be kept informed of any such situations, especially if followup is required.

Shower Cleaning: This involves cleaning the showerhouse during specific shifts throughout the day. Any lost-and-found items need to be cleared out before cleaning.

Shuttles: Age 30+ preferred; must have valid driver’s license. Drivers must be mature enough to drive slowly and be assertive enough to gently convince able-bodied riders give up their seats to elderly, handicapped and parents with small children.

Stage Crew: This is only for people with professional experience/schooling in stage setup and tear-down. It is an intense job that requires more than 20 hours of labor at specific times of day necessary to prepare the stage for concerts and change sets between acts. Lighting and sound techs are required to arrive Sunday before the event and stay until at least Sunday evening at the end of the event. Some perks are available to compensate for the extra work.

Tiki Fueling & Lighting: This can be a dirty job (bring appropriate clothes & sturdy footwear). From Tuesday through Saturday, tikis must be fueled during daylight hours and lit at dusk so that attendees can find their way in the dark (especially to portasans!). This job may be phased out in future and is currently greatly reduced as the campground continues installing solar lights for the safety of nighttime pedestrians.

Torchmaking Support: 9 torches light the Starwood Bonfire on Saturday night. During the week, 3 assistants are needed to set up the torchmaking equipment and supplies for the highly ceremonial crafting of these torches using wax and towels, as well as themed decorations. Need clothes for deep woods foraging as well as messy crafts.

Truck Load/Unload in Cleveland: This is a physical job that requires reliable transportation to travel with the rental truck to several places around Cleveland Heights before and after the event to load and unload the equipment. Must be able to lift up to 50lbs; heavier equipment should have more people working together and dollies are available. Be sure to wear sturdy shoes & appropriate clothing. Typical days are Saturday before the event and Monday after the event, but days/hours must be flexible.

Note: Setup/Teardown job is no longer available; it has been outsourced.