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Candlelit Labyrinth

The Candle Labyrinth is a spiritual pilgrimage that will be specially prepared one night for your participation, enjoyment, and guidance. The time-honored tradition of walking the candlelight labyrinth mirrors an archetype dating over 4,000 years. However, our labyrinth is not made of rockface but rather it is a singular path weaving along candlelight to and from an inner circle where there will be a central fire. It is meant to be walked slowly, as this is a ritual to evoke mindfulness and spiritual transformation.  If the stars are visible it may serve as a beacon to the universe, but it can also serve as a beacon to your soul.  We encourage you, along this journey, to pause and reflect, and whether this is your first time walking the labyrinth or your fortieth, you can expect a sacred metamorphosis.


Cap'n Redboots says:

To experience the labyrinth in depth will require three things from you.  Silence. Your Presence. And your Attentiveness.   Let me explain:
  First, it is likely that you will be coming to the Labyrinth after the evening concert.  You may have altered your consciousness in certain ways.  You may be charged with energy or exhausted, you may be anxious to move on to PawPaw or other activities.   If that is the case, then I suggest that you take time to ground yourself and prepare for "mystery."  You may even choose to forego the ritual, merely viewing it from the distance—after all, it is just a walk to a small fire.  Whatever your choice, please participate in the silence.   We ask that no drums or rattles be taken into the Labyrinth area and that no conversations or words be spoken.  We learn much from silence, and this is the first step.    Throughout the night, at times,  we will be having several harpers play trance music.  This is our tradition.  Please do not bring instruments or begin playing if you are a musician without first obtaining permission from the one leading the labyrinth afternoon workshop.  

  If you have chosen to participate in walking the labyrinth, you may want to experience the communal lighting.  This is where the labyrinth comes alive.   From darkness into light.   You are welcome to join in the lighting, but please be silent.  While lighting, you might want to consider the symbolism of the candles.  Like birthdays, each candle may evoke something in you.   A memory or a vision.   Do not fight it but do not dwell on it as you move on.  Intention is all.    If you choose to join in the lighting, it will take place very shortly after the concert ends.  We ask that you bring a tapir candle to help light the ground candles.  

  BEFORE you start walking, we urge you to sit in silence a few moments, and quiet your mind.  Be aware of your breath.  Let your thoughts come and go and ask "who is it that is having these thoughts?"   You may want to carry a particular thought or mantra into the labyrinth, such as "Who am I really?"  or "Where do I want to go from here?"  It is important to realize before you begin the walk, that this is not a race, IT IS A JOURNEY.  There will be those who rush to enter.   This will produce long lines, and the more people who are walking at the same time—the more distraction will be produced.   Enter only at the gate.  Do not bring flashing or blinking lights or drinks.   The keepers will try to direct the flow and may ask you to wait momentarily while the walkers distance themselves.   Take your time to enter, to walk, to sit in silence and to leave. I guarantee that your patience will be rewarded.  The labyrinth keepers will be lighting candles late into the night and the labyrinth will be waiting for you.  
  In the center of the Labyrinth will be the inner circle with mats and cushions and a gazing fire.  This may be your doorway.  Whether you choose to enter it and what you take away from it is up to you.   Your consciousness yearns for this moment and the stars will be welcoming you.

  As I said, the Labyrinth is a ritual.   It is also an offering.  The walk is further than it looks. As we age, the walk itself becomes more of a sacrifice.   Instead of fighting your weariness, you may allow the Earth and Sacred Circle to give you energy.   To do this you should remove your shoes before entering the circle.   Be aware of each step.  Do not rush--the journey not the destination is the ritual.    Finally you may have to decide whether to walk the labyrinth by yourself or with another.   Take a moment beforehand to discuss this.  It is important.

  Remember, this is a special moment in time, crafted with love and hardship by the Labyrinth team.  We pray that you will consider what is written above and join us.   We love you.

Cap'n Redboots

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