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A BIG THANKS to all the presenters and performers who generously donated their time and talent to make this year's virtual event a wonderful time, and a very appreciative thanks to all of you who purchased tickets to participate and support our efforts!

WinterStar 2022
A Virtual Experience

The WinterStar Symposium became an online event out of necessity. The ease of using Zoom and the community that came together has made it very successful. Someday in the future a return to a weekend long, cabin based gathering is much desired. In the meantime WinterStar has become a fund raising opportunity for the support of The Starwood Festival and the work of the new non-profit organization that runs it, Rosencomet Project.
Contributions of your time, talent and/or money are most welcome to aid our transformative efforts. Beacuse Rosencomet Project is a 501(c)(3) organization donations are tax deductible!

Highlights of Winterstar 2020: