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Rules for Minor Attendees

Parents (& Guardians), you are responsible for your children (17 and under) AT ALL TIMES; a parent MUST be on site at all times the minor is on site. You must abide by ALL the campground & festival rules, along with Ohio laws. If a child of any age is being disruptive, or their safety is threatened, the parents/guardians may be required to keep the child (or children) in line of sight for the remainder of the festival. Failure to abide by these rules/laws may result in expulsion from the festival of both parent & child without a refund and referral to law enforcement if applicable.

Please help keep this community-developing event safe and fun for the whole family!

CHILD MINORS: Under 12 years old

  • MUST be under the supervision of a designated adult during the entire festival

  • Do NOT leave Child-minors alone in camp, even while sleeping; a designated adult must be available for emergencies/portasan-runs

  • You may sign kids in/out of Kid Village in order to attend classes during the day

KID VILLAGE - Hours: 9:45AM-1PM and 2:15PM-5:30PM

  • Co-Op Childcare:

    • Ages 18-months to 8 years

    • Parents are responsible for diaper-changing and meals

    • Younger & special needs children may attend with a designated caregiver to provide one-on-one attention

    • Located at the playground by the crossroads

  • Tween Space:    -NEW!

    • Ages 8-12 years

    • Located near the Stone Circle

NOTE: Ages 8 and 12 are considered “transition” years; you may choose to sign your 8-year-old into either Co-Op Childcare or Tween Space, depending on their maturity/interest level. Likewise, you may elect to sign your 12-year-old into the Tween Space rather than allowing them to roam; however, you MUST sign them out if you wish to allow them to roam.


  • With your permission, teens may roam the event during the day, but may NOT attend designated Adult-only workshops

  • They must abide by all rules & regulations of the festival/campground, & state laws

  • After 9PM curfew, teens are allowed to roam ONLY on main campground roads and public spaces, such as Caffeina’s and the Main Stage concert venue, or traveling between these spaces and their camp

  • After 9PM, programming spaces are off-limits to teens unless accompanied by a designated adult; NOTE: Rocky Horror Picture Show is rated R, therefore requiring adult guidance

  • The Pond is OFF LIMITS to everyone after dark/9PM

  • The Woods are OFF LIMITS to unaccompanied teens after 9PM (except if the teen is traveling directly to their woods camp from the main road)

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