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2024 Presenter/Workshops (subject to change)

In Alphabetical Order:

Mervyn Alphonse

Mervyn has taught and practiced both Hatha and Kundalini Yoga extensively. He is a certified Reiki Master and utilizes a 34” gong in his Sound Healing practice. He has also sat Zazen for several years and has presented Yoga workshops and healing sessions at many festivals across the country. He currently teaches Hatha, Vinyasa, and Kundalini Yoga, as well as Tai Chi and Chi Qong classes, in Bloomington, Indiana.
   Silver Linings

In a word, Shadow-Work. In order to effectively reach for the Light, we have to address the darker, less evolved areas of our consciousness. In this workshop we will look at ways to delve into said areas with the goal of providing a road map with which to navigate this delicate and sometimes precarious task, allowing for more enlightened perspectives on the nature of the traumatized elements of our psyche.
   Burning the Box

Breathe. Flow. Vizualize. Animate. This workshop releases the ties that bind. We will dissolve our oft-calcified self-images to unveil the inner being in all its playful and prayer-ful glory in the safe company of others that are revealed to be just that – other versions of one’s Self. This is achieved via synergistic exploration of healing and expressive modalities such as Yoga, pantomime, energywork, authentic movement, sound healing, and sound circles.

Sharon Angelina

Sharon has been teaching art professionally since 2014. In 2016 she received her certification as a hypnotist. Using her skills as a Reiki Master and drawing from years of study in birth and early childhood trauma, she helps students take a deep but gentle dive into Shadow. Using art and somatic body movement, participants unlock, explore, befriend, and transform their dark aspects into warriors of proactive consciousness.
   The Face of My Shadow

We hear a lot about Shadow work lately but what does it really mean? Students in this class will participate in group hypnosis, meditation, some journaling, and finally an art project creating a mask of the Shadow self. Take a beautiful deep dive into honoring the dark side. Bring something to sit on, a journal and pen, and a large piece of recycled cardboard if possible. Charcoal for drawing will be provided.
   Meditation in Motion
This group activity (which is paradoxically very private) will facilitate unheard of movement and radical connection to the body. Participants will come away feeling exhausted, elated, amused, freer, and with greater self-confidence as a dancer. No dance experience necessary. This is not ecstatic dance but an inward connection to the animal body.

ET Ansel
ET is the author of The Mysteries of Dionysus and The Pursuit of Happiness. She also works with kids on how to live with special gifts and talents.
  The Mysteries of Dionysus and Alchemy
An introduction to Dionysus and how it relates to alchemy.
  For Kids: Identify and Name Your Gift or Talent
Creating a visual representation of each individual gift. Craft supplies provided.

Anne Apynys

Anne has worked as a psychiatric nurse for over forty years. She is a Clinical Educator on the Behavioral Health Unit in a community hospital. Part of her job includes teaching workshops about communication and de-escalation techniques. She earned a doctorate in American Women's History and plays therapeutic music on the harp as a Certified Music Practitioner.
   Let's Chat about Psychiatry

As a Psychiatric Nurse, I have seen and heard a lot. If the world of psychiatry or therapy has you confused about something, I offer this opportunity to talk and give honest answers about types of therapies, medications, ECT, and more. Looking for a therapist? What is the role of managed care? Did you have a good experience? Did you have a bad experience? How do medications work? Do medications work? How do they decide on a diagnosis? What are my rights if I end up in a psychiatric unit? Maybe I can help you understand. I promise I will try.
   Caring for the Caregivers
Are you helping to take care of someone with dementia? Do you see that in your future? In this workshop we will discuss all the challenging aspects of caring for someone with dementia and, just as important, we will talk about the challenges of being a caregiver. Taking care of oneself is vitally important for caregivers. We will review the different types of dementia and the treatments, various services available, and share coping strategies for the caregivers. If you are a caregiver, please join us and share your insights and advice.

Araguacariki began studying Hula dance in 2017, traveling to Hawai?i to study the healing arts of the Kanaka Maoli Native Hawaiians. There she learned many practices and techniques of bodywork, chant, and ceremony that clear and uplift the spirit. Their beautiful culture which had much in common with her Native Caribbean ancestors, which allow her to move forward connecting with her ancestral culture of the Amazon. How do we relate with the plants and animals of the natural world? How is good health achieved and maintained? How can families maintain healthy relationships? What awaits in the spiritual realm? These are the questions she explores.
Kava Ceremony & Cleanse with Native Hawaiian & Amazonian Teachings
Come cool off in the Swimming Pond and take a journey of spiritual renewal guided by the teachings of Native Hawaiian Kumu and Indigenous wisdom keepers from the Amazon to the Caribbean. Learn how some of the most connected cultures on Earth relate to nature, connect with the continuum of ancestral wisdom, and maintain joy in day-to-day life. We will bless the waters and cleanse in the pond to prepare us for partaking in sacred Kava, which opens the heart for sincere communication and connects us to ancestral wisdom. Following this, we go further inward with a meditation focused on lightening the load. Then we give thanks to the land around us with a traditional movement practice through which we connect to and embody nature. Bring a towel or mat and a drink.
Fly High with Acro-Yoga
Don’t worry, you don’t need to bring a partner, my co-teacher and I take turns with anyone in need after we demonstrate and help spot you. No experience or flexibility is required. We begin with simple partner exercises to build trust, balance, and loosen tight muscles with stretching and Thai yoga massage. Then, we work our way up to flying where we hold each other up on our feet (AcroYoga). Not only is this super fun, but it improves flexibility, relieves tension, feels amazing, and builds intimacy, especially when we get into Tantric partner meditation (non-sexual). Plus, you can get pictures of you flying and amaze your friends!

Jennifer Baeslack

Jennifer is a circus instructor and performer based out of Cleveland, Ohio. She picked up her first hoop in 2012 and the rest is history! She loves to share and encourage movement and play across all walks of life and all ages. We all have a spark within us! She has been teaching aerial arts for two years and hula hoop for many more. Come hang, spin, and play!
   Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee!: Aerial Arts Exploration

Join me and explore the feeling of floating! We will start off with some basic stretching and explore different shapes and poses on Aerial Hammock and Aerial Hoop. Bring a mat or blanket for stretching!
   You Spin Me Right Round: Lollipop Lyra

Join me for a spin on the Lyra pole! Lollipop Lyra is an aerial hoop pole hybrid. We will start off with basic stretching and learn some hoop and pole moves to create a combo. Bring a mat or blanket for stretching!

   Fire-Spinning Safety & Etiquette

Spot a fire spinner properly, extinguish props safely, and rotate fire safety positions after you have had a turn to spin. The do’s and don’ts at the fuel station. Proper attire is required. Only fire safe clothing is acceptable (we will give a list). Prop check to ensure crowd safety. Anyone who intends to spin fire throughout the week must attend this class and obtain a wristband to certify completion. Open burns will be held at the FireGoddess Den throughout the week – look for their sign.

Dan "Maven" Baldwin, MSW

With over 25 years of experience as a psychotherapist, executive coach, business consultant, non-profit manager, community builder, and healer, Maven likes to share a variety of wisdom he has collected from numerous experiences and teachers he has encountered on his journeys. His mission is to co-create caring communities. He currently is head of the core leadership circle for the Mankind Project USA, a non-profit organization that helps men become better men through transformation events and men's circles. Join Maven in co-creating a compassionate wisdom circle for all to share their beauty and gold on various subjects.
   Elder Tools and Wisdom

This world needs powerful Elders. Let's explore, celebrate, and share the various aspects of being an Elder, Crone, and/or Sage. Participants will co-create a wisdom circle to share skills, challenges, and strengths in becoming the best Elders we can be.
   Psychic Shields and Balance
Participants will learn techniques to balance their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. They'll discover how to create shields for maintaining this balance and connecting with their authentic selves. Engaging activities will demonstrate practical ways to interact with others and the world at large while maintaining one's power and balance.

Sarah Belzile

Sarah’s work is creating grace, beauty, and clarity by working with awkwardness, shame, and fear. As an embodiment and intimacy coach, she helps people find wildly authentic connections with themselves, nature, and one another through her gift of creating a safe space for exploration and learning. Sarah has been on a yoga and tantra journey for twenty years. She is trained in Akhanda Yoga from Rishikesh India, The Somatica Method, Women’s Temple, Body Electric School, Cuddle Party, and Awaken as Love Tantra. She is also a fan of rock climbing, almost funny jokes, and learning about the mysteries of the microbiome.
   Skills for Better Intimacy

Learning to navigate the intense highs and lows of intimacy, love, and relationships is one of the biggest challenges of the human experience. There are seven key skills that we can learn that can help us to feel more supported and competent when it comes to connecting with other humans. During this session, Sarah will go over each of these skills and you'll have an opportunity to practice each one as well. Come with a partner or come solo – all are welcome.
   Intro to Eco Sexuality

Nature is sexy! How can getting turned on by nature up-level your love life? Eros is the most natural, primal, and transformative impulse in the biology of every creature – from flowers to humans! During this workshop, Sarah will invite you into a personalized exploration of your eco-erotic connection to nature. Come with a sense of adventure and playfulness.


Lawrence Diehl Brown
Larry is a novelist, astronomer, and musician. He is an ordained Shamanic Priest through the Lineage of Gary Stamper and the Venus Rising Institute for Shamanic Healing Arts in Asheville North Carolina. He was formally initiated into the Mankind Project in 2008, and staffed an MKP Initiation weekend in October 0f 2012. He has lectured and taught astronomy classes. He is an experienced group leader, lecturer, and teacher. He has discovered that astronomy is a profound source of spirituality. Published works include his trilogy FLARE, COLORS OF FIRE, and OF PRINCES AND KINGS – a science-based thriller incorporating ancient and modern astronomy.
Astronomy as a Gateway to Spirituality
I will touch on the connection between modern astronomy and ancient astrology (at one time they were one and the same), and the ways in which astronomy has expanded our consciousness, in historical and modern times. Astronomy can open the way to a new form of human spirituality. Based on evolutionary connectedness to a changing and growing universe, this new spirituality intends to transcend ancient ideas of a supernatural creator and create in each individual an expanded consciousness.
Navigating by the Sun, Moon, and Stars
I will present a talk on navigating by the sun, moon, and stars. Learn what to do if you are lost in the wilderness without cell phone service.
Observational Astronomy
Weather dependent, I can set up scopes at a moment’s notice on any clear night. I am willing to set up more than once. The actual talks can be scheduled during the day. I will provide handouts.

Mark Burnett

Mark is a nationally recognized strongman and motivational speaker, performing in northeast Ohio and from New Jersey to Alaska. Like many other strongmen…..and “Strongwomen,” There is untapped potential in all of us, both physical and mental, and Mark uses feats of strength as an introduction to show what’s possible. Mark is not a career strongman. In fact, he’s lived most of his life in a “Clark Kent” manner, raising a family and working a regular guy career before getting into the strongman culture just 9 years ago. Now, he entertains you with his feats of surprising physical strength while sharing his common sense tips for bettering yourself physically, mentally and spiritually.
   Mind over matter: Spirit Stronger than Steel

Learn how to push past some of your preconceived limitations. Mark will perform feats of strength while giving tips on how to tap into the unrealized potential in all of us. Some of the feats Mark will perform are bending a 60D spike with his hands, rolling a frying pan, and tearing a deck of cards. While Mark has focused on the physical, his pointers are just as appropriate for mental, emotional, or spiritual goals. The last part of the session will be reserved for the attendees to try their hands at bending steel.
   Ballroom Dance: Cha Cha
Mark started ballroom dancing in 2007 when he saw an ad for classes in his local paper. He has taken lessons in Foxtrot, Waltz, Cha Cha, East and West Coast Swing, Salsa, Bolero, Rumba, and Samba.

Jennifer Betz/Clam Coven
The Clam Coven met through local improv and community theatre. Budding friendships turned to closer bonds, turned to chosen family, turned to witches doing naked rituals 'round the fire, 'neath the moonlight. We consider improvisation, a sense of humor, and healthy boundaries as the staples that make the Clam Coven work. We each bring our own energy and strengths to the group, and want to help others find how they can do the same.
Laughter Is the Best Medicine
Join the Clam Coven to connect with your inner improviser and learn how laughter can be healing magic. This workshop will focus on low improvisational magick that is grounded in close relationships and the community that your small coven can build. Please bring water, an open mind and heart, and an offering you're willing to share with the group.
Bonfire Ass Off Preparation
Have you heard of the Bonfire's annual Ass Off Competition hosted by the Clam Coven?! This will be the 4th annual event and the Clam Coven invites you to join. But first, we want to help prepare the body, booty, and mind of anyone interested in taking a chance for the crown in this fun, inclusive, body positive space. The Coven will help you learn the ins and outs of the competition and how to have fun while doing it!

Church of Starry Wisdom
CoSW is a retro-futuristic goth-classic rock band based in Akron, Ohio, formed in 2016. They are an ensemble of musical griots who sing modern parables. Through its analog-digital hybrid sound vibrations, the band takes the listener on a cosmic trip through time and space using elements of noise, punk, jazz, classic rock, R&B, and musical theater. When they can, CoSW integrates video projection with their live performances. This curated imagery interacts with their songs’ stories and the visceral experiences of those moods. Over the years, CoSW has enthusiastically collaborated with other performing and visual artists of their community (i.e. live painting, fire-spinning, dancing, etc.) to build unforgettable live experiences for audiences. They are inspired by the fire of co-conspired improvisation. A show with CoSW is never just a band playing music; they always deliver a theatrical ceremony.
  Non-Music Listen 101
That's not a typo; the first lesson is to listen. A crash-course in playing with "musicians" when you identify as a "musical artist." Maybe learn just enough music to cause trouble.
  Interpretative Voice and Movement
This class explores experiential improvisation. There are no prerequisites to this course other than every experience you’ve had before you arrived. This class’s intention is to break through the supposed gatekeeping between the “performative” and the innate human need for self-expression. We all have bodies, minds, and voices (both the internal and external). Bring what you are, ‘cause you’re gonna need it. We will play. We will explore. Also bring a notebook/sketchbook.


Cleveland Embodiment Collective
Dannie Horton and Hayleigh Robertson have both attended Starwood in previous years and want to bring some of their work facilitating small groups to this year’s event. Hayleigh is a licensed massage therapist and yoga teacher that has extensive experience running movement workshops, ecstatic dance, and sound baths. Dannie is a licensed massage therapist who has been facilitating consent and movement workshops. Dannie is also co-lead of the consent team at Mosaic Experiment just down the road from Wisteria.
The 3-Minute Game
A touch-based consent workshop that offers space for participants to explore how it feels to communicate about and exchange platonic touch in a safe and non-sexualized container.
Blindfolded Movement Practice
For participants who attended the 3-Minute game, explore slow movement and gentle contact in a small group in a safe, facilitated, and non-sexualized container.

Rev. Ian Corrigan
Ian has been working, playing, and teaching in the Neopagan movement since 1975. He is a founding member of the Chameleon Club and the Starwood Festival, a Senior Priest and former Archdruid of ADF, and an initiate of a branch of traditional Witchcraft. Well-known as a teacher and performer at festivals and gatherings, he is the author of several books on Pagan occultism topics: “Sacred Fire, Holy Well,” “The  Book of Summoning,” and “The Portal Book.”
The Nineteen Working – A Celtic Meditation.
Ian transmits a pattern of trance, energy-work and contemplation based in the cosmology and symbolism of the Pagan Celts, especially the Gaelic lore of the Poetic schools. Introductory material will include instruction in trance and meditation, and the whole pattern of work will be led in a way that allows students to truly take the images and ideas home with them.

Rebecca Crystal

Wilde*Majiker, also known as Rebecca Crystal, MSW, MDIV, and minister of Church of All Worlds, recently helped her mother and five different cats through the final stages of living. Now moving towards her own final Career and Calling, she finds that her Spirit Guides were right - they said “wait” until just recently. Moving towards Serving our Community in ways only dreamed of, she takes each step like a Fool landing as Wilde*Majiker. May her Wisdom and Mistakes help us all have the Lives we were meant to live! Based on her education and skills, she facilitates workshops with levity and brevity.
   Wilde*Majiker Takes You Where No One Has Before

Called “the real deal” WM doesn’t suffer fools but is gentle, if direct, in her healing/teachings. Deep wounds, large blocks, difficult questions will be Majiked away through hard work by both questioner and WM. Bring what others have not been able to help you with and see if this down-to-earth, cussing Wise Woman can help you fix it. Participate by actively working with her or sitting in a circle. Confidentiality is requested but cannot be promised. (No watches or pacemakers, No testing the psychic or spells to catch a Lover.)


   Being Politically Correct – And Liking It!
Changing our language changes our World! What were you called that you didn’t like? As a teenager, when I was called weird by my peers, I turned it around and claimed "weird" was better! Since then I've continued to suggest and learn new vocabularies but sometimes I struggle to accept new ideas. How do we stay in the WE state when there are strong and disparate POV at the festival? How do we manifest WE when we bring the baggage of racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, etc.? Through our language we can be WE. Having been trained in multi-cultural awareness and cooperative communication through both a Masters in therapy and a Masters in ministry, as well as my radical self education, I can offer disciplines for WE-ness. Be warned – this workshop could rock your world with self awareness. (Note: Blunt Becca means no harm and will apologize when alerted she f*cked up.)


Holly D'Angelo  

Holly began her magical career when she joined Silver Circle of Penn State, one of the oldest college Pagan clubs in the country. She found her calling in the Golden Dawn tradition, and in 2007 received initiation into Ordo Stella Matutina. Since then, she has practiced and taught many topics in the Western Esoteric Tradition, both solo and in collaboration. Holly currently works with the Pagan group Happy Valley Golden Wheel in State College, PA teaching classes in beginning magical practice, astrology, and Hermetic Qabalah.
   Esoteric Mathematics of Tarot in Theory and Practice

The American Adept Paul Foster Case called the Tarot “...a pictorial text-book of Ageless Wisdom.” Anyone who picks up any Tarot deck participates in the transmission of this Wisdom. The Tarot is the Holy Book of the Western Esoteric Tradition, and so much more than a collection of pretty pictures. At the heart of the Tarot's power is – mathematics. Yes, that's right, those dreaded numbers are responsible for the structure of every Tarot deck. Behind the artwork lies the eternal story of our relationship with the Universe, which must be told with the language of Nature. Through studying the numerical structure of Tarot, we'll be able to shine other lights on other fields such as Astrology and Qabalah – all of which will help us with both our ability to read intuitively and our understanding of what the Tarot actually is. Please bring your Tarot decks to class.
   The Hermetic Lounge V. 2024
Calling all magicians, Hermetics, esoteric philosophers, and lovers of the unusual: The Hermetic Lounge is here for you! Come hang out and catch up with your fellow psychonauts – unlike your normie friends, we'd love to hear about all the high weirdness you've been up to in the past year. We'll start with the usual subjects such as initiation, trads and paths, daily practice, etc. and see where the rabbit hole goes. The Hermetic Lounge is open to all aspirants, adepts, wannabes, and curiosity seekers of any path, with the expectation of respectful interactions between all participants. Grab a beverage of your choice and let's get weird!

Jeff D'Angelo

Jeff has been playing music since age 5 including piano, guitar, bass, and West African djembe and djun djuns. He has been teaching djembe workshops at each in-person Starwood since 2018. He has been practicing with a local West African drumming group since 2003 and has performed at various venues.
   Djembe Bootcamp

Come get your groove on and establish a basic vocabulary of the djembe. Learn to hear and repeat common phrases, calls, and responses from West African drum repertoire. Learn various accompaniments of popular polyrhythm. All skill levels welcome.
  Konkoba, Guinean rhythm for the farmers / good workers
Konkoba (KAHN-ko-bah) is a traditional Malinke rhythm played during work in the fields of Guinea. Come learn the 5 djembe parts or djun parts to this swinging rhythm. Intermediate skill suggested but not required.


Raquy Danziger

   Darbuka Basics

Raquy will break down the basics of split hand style darbuka playing.  We will learn techniques and rhythms.  Participants should bring a drum- preferably a darbuka/dumbek but any hand drum is welcome.

   Darbuka Advanced

A workshop for drummers who already know the basics to learn more advanced techniques, rhythms and soloing.   Participants should bring a drum- preferably a darbuka/dumbek but any hand drum is welcome.

Dr. Adam Davis   

Adam is a multidisciplinary naturalist who is experienced with many ways of connecting with nature: energetic, meditative, scientific, artistic, ecstatic, ceremonial, shamanic, and more. He has been facilitating nature awareness and inspiration workshops of the Connecting with the Land Workshop Series since 1998.
  Reverence for Nature

You are invited to join us in giving appreciation and respect to nature entities and energies. After discussing values and ethics of respectful dealings with the natural world, we will have opportunities to express appreciation and gratitude for nature's beauty and power as well as to offer service, gifts, praise, and thanks to nature beings. Facilitator Adam Davis will be available to support folks in continuing the work beyond the end of the scheduled time period.
  Reckoning with Environmental Change

You are invited to join us in exploring shifts in ecosystem character and function. After discussing and sensing environmental changes, folks will explore ways of dealing with and navigating changing conditions as well as ways of managing personal reactions and responses. Toward the end of the workshop, we will focus on how we move forward and on potential futures. Folks with shamanic journey experience are invited to an after-workshop journey to converse with future generations.

Ethereal Dawn
EEthereal Dawn’s experience with divination work and Tarot began in her mid 20’s when she learned to read through a neighbor. It was during his sharing and instruction she realized she had been reading different “cards,” signs, and symbols in everything from coffee stains to clouds. Guiding others in the various ways of reading signs, symbols, and cards is her gift. She loves to help others learn to read the signs and symbols for themselves and encourages them to ask their own divine connection for guidance. That said, it can be hard to trust ourselves. She believes Tarot and other reading tools allow us a way to give ourselves permission to believe in ourselves and create our best versions of ourselves.
  Chaos Reading: Not Your Standard Celtic Cross or Three Card Pull
In this class we will show you how to trust the cards and your own abilities to give an amazing and super fun reading to a group of people, an individual, or yourself. Materials will be provided, but participants are encouraged to bring their own tools to deepen their connection. Take home items and kits are available for a reasonable exchange with the instructor.
  Stacking the Deck in Your Favor
This training is created around using the power of decision to enhance your outcomes. Why are we inclined to accept what is offered to us? Accepting the cards you are dealt is one way to walk through life, but what if you decided to say no to the cards you don't want? What if you decide to only accept the cards that bring you light and joy, the cards that tickle your fancy? Why not stack the deck in your favor and change your stars! Some materials provided for class, but additional items are available for purchase through Ethereal Dawn's website.


James Dolan
James has a degree in Music Education from George Mason. James' work varies greatly between Psychedelic Accordion Sea-Chanties and Didgeridoo beats and Reggae, to trance-like states on stage.
  Song At The Hearth

James will lead us in chant and song on Thursday evening, at the Community Hearth.
  Intro to Didgeridoo
Students will be given a sanitized PVC didgeridoo for the class. Students will be taught to control air stream, to seal corners of mouth into didg mouthpiece, or to play off one side, and to create good embouchure.

Rev. Donna Donovan

Donna is the founder of Appalachian Pagan Ministry focused on Pagan prison ministry, reentry, and substance abuse recovery. She is a member of the Athens County Reentry Task Force, Athens HOPE, Ohio’s Reentry Coalition, various West Virginia Reentry Coalitions, and several National Reentry Coalitions. She also facilitates the Heilvegr (a Heathen recovery program) in various facilities nationally. Once incarcerated herself, Rev. Donna brings an inside perspective to the table of reentry. She is a person in long-term recovery and also a mother to a daughter who is in long-term recovery. She lost her son to his battle with opiates on Nov 24, 2015. Rev. Donna brings a perspective from all sides of the addiction issue.
  12 Steps without the Gods Part

It’s often heard: “I tried AA or NA, but I just couldn’t get past the God part.” – the overt signs of religion that are part of some AA meetings. For the Heathen or Pagan, and for the agnostic, atheist, and humanist, it can feel like a distraction from the work. For others, however, tapping into God’s power is the very thing that makes recovery possible. AA/NA has sought to encourage a personal definition of God as any higher power the person may choose; nature, love, or the AA/NA group as a whole. In her book, Steel Bars, Sacred Waters, Rev. Donna wrote a Celtic Pagan version of the 12 Steps. This workshop focuses on the 12 Steps for those who do not follow an Abrahamic path. And like in Vegas: what is said and shared at this workshop stays in this workshop.
  Heilvger- 2 step recovery for Heathens

The Heilvegr is a 9-Step Recovery program for Heathens who suffer from Addiction, Depression, or PTSD. This program differs drastically from 12-Step programs in a key and fundamental way: as Heathens, we accept responsibility for our actions. For too long, those of our faith who have these issues have had to look outside of our faith for help, chiefly to programs that tell us that we are powerless, and to submit ourselves to a thinly veiled foreign higher power. No longer must we do this in order to put ourselves back on the path to health and holiness, the Heilvegr. These principles draw on the work of Carl Jung and Germanic mythology in order to create a path to healing that can help not only addicts, but those with depression and PTSD as well.

Dr. Kirk Andrew Everist

Kirk directs and teaches theatre studies at Austin College in Sherman, Texas, where he also conducts experiments in consensus creation via improvisation. He has presented at Starwood before on subjects ranging from mnemotechnics to ritual improv and has practiced polyamory since 1993.
   Epic Polyamory

A guided discussion that continues the collective conversation about practicing complex polyamory over long periods of time, including the benefits of Enduring Relationship Energy. What opportunities and challenges face poly people as relationships become fruitful and multiply? or as they change and evolve through their own life cycles? Any experience level is welcome for this conversation about polyamory on an epic scale in the long term.
   Polyamory Paradigms

Polyamory means "loving more" and provides technology for multiple imaginative relationships interacting constructively. How many different kinds of relationships might polyamory empower? Can polyamory help us understand how to love our work, our children, and our selves by means of collaboration rather than competition? This guided discussion explores how polyamory provides powerful ways of discerning how we love each other as well as techniques for ensuring opportunities for love in our lives.

Phil Farber

Phil Farber is the author of High Magick: A Guide to Cannabis in Ritual and Mysticism (Llewellyn Worldwide, 2020); Brain Magick: Exercises in Meta-Magick and Invocation (Llewellyn Worldwide, 2011), Legendary Blue Smoke (Hoo-Ha Books, 2014), and Futureritual: Magick for the 21st Century (Eschaton Productions, 1995), among other titles. He has produced several video courses on magical topics and teaches workshops throughout the United States, England, and Europe. Visit Phil at
  The Story of Your Life

Jim Morrison said, “You have seen your birth, your life, your may recall all the rest. Did you have a good world when you died? Enough to base a movie on??” Our brains respond to narrative structure in surprisingly powerful ways. Parts of your brain are continuously creating the story of your life as a way to make sense and meaning of the world. This is one reason that humans have always loved stories – we are wired to understand them and to adopt narrative elements that explain our own experience. Phil will discuss the science and magick of storytelling, the ancient tales of mythology and their place in magical arts, hypersigils, and much more.
  Cannabis Magick

Congratulations, Ohio, on legalizing our favorite plant! Let’s celebrate with some weedy ritual and a glance ahead at the future of legal cannabis. Will it become an industry dominated by big corporations? Or will the small farmers still hold a place? What kind of strains and trends in cannabis will the future bring? Whatever happened to my favorite (skunk, Thai stick, Acapulco gold, etc.) and will breeding ever bring them back? All this and much more!
  Hedonic Engineering

I don’t know about you, but I had one of the roughest years of my life – and now it’s time to generate some good feelings! Join us for a hypnotic exploration of how to access and enhance good feelings, empowerment, and resourcefulness for yourself, family, friends, and lovers. We’ll use hypnotic repatterning and NLP techniques to explore the magick of joy and healthy pleasure! Bring a friend to play with, or make a new friend at the workshop.

Jo Flinders  

Jo has a BA in Philosophy from the University of Cincinnati with high concentration in Math and Physics. Since 2019, he has studied Harmony and has pursued what he calls Musical Cosmos Theory via modern science and newly developed musical theory. He has studied Rosicrucianism since his 20's. He sees this project as a modern work of Rosicrucianism in a non-theistic and respectfully empirical mode. A history of works in this area is available on, and a book, The Mysteries of Harmony, is forthcoming this summer, which explores a mystical notion of Harmony in light of modern science.
   Mysteries of Harmony

This will be an analysis and discussion of mystery schools, some of their past incarnations, and how using a mystical concept of harmony can help us to achieve a much wider and more fruitful conception of the mysteries which is even superior to our current scientific models in some very essential ways. In this, we will explore a conception of Harmony which unifies the work of shaman and sage, scientist and artist, into a necessarily synergistic philosophy and system for understanding harmony bringing a very real magic into our lives and experiences.
   Alchemy of Harmony

Accept no imitations: Harmony is the only TRUE GOLD. How can a definition of Harmony help you to understand what is the most valuable and important in your life?

Rachael Gibney M.S. MFT

Rachael is an experienced therapist who loves to listen and is dedicated to helping others on their personal and relational journeys of health and transformation. She specializes in working with couples and most often utilizes Gottman and Non-Violent Communication approaches. Rachael has a passion for deep intimacy and clear communication and believes all people are worthy of compassion and understanding. She graduated from Central Connecticut State University with a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and went on to complete a series of apprenticeships in alternative forms of healing including Reiki, Herbal Folk Medicine, and Wholeness Energetics. She also has experience with Authentic Relating Games, Playback Theater, and Rehearsals for Growth. She strives to live in harmony with the earth and all the beings with whom we share this planet. Rachael loves her work and balances it with spiritual practice, yoga, dance, crafting, writing, family, time in nature, and all kinds of play!
   Transformational Playfulness

Join us for deep connection, improv games, silliness, laughter, introspection, and growth! Explore this opportunity to learn about yourself and play with others in this movement and enactment based journey through thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Try on new roles, experiment with expression, look within, and share in a supportive group process.
   Authentic Relating Games

Let’s come together in a series of guided practices designed to help you freely express your true experience in the company of others. These conversational games allow you to create connections based on who you really are in an inviting and intentional space – rooted in play and supported by clear boundaries. (Adapted from

Penny Goody

Penny encourages play as a transformational process. A fixture at many festivals nation-wide, she shares her insights while seeking to expand the boundaries of "magical crafts." Born of Amish parents, her hexerie traditions of the Old Ways counterbalance New World insights. She received her Doctorate of Divinity degree in 1990, returning to school to finish her Master degree in Botany. Initiated as an official "Crone" and member of Circle Sanctuary, Penny seeks to grow through play, laugh, and enjoy each day together.
   Bubble, Bubble

Let's create some real magic and have some fun too. We'll explore why exactly bubbles are round and iridescent, and where do they go when they POP!?! This workshop is geared towards younger people who like to play. We'll construct our own beaded wands, bring into being bubble snakes, and form the Human Bubble (stand inside).
   Foil Hats

Revitalize that sagging aura! Improve the condition of your intuitive capabilities! Defense and Fashion – what better way to get "in-tune" than to wear stylish foil headgear? Design and create your own distinctive aluminum foil hat that may have the ability to protect and to look fabulous simultaneously. Foil provided. The Creation Station will host an interactive talk about this insulative material, headgear contrivances encircling your energy field, as well as why they are worn. There is the notion that they protect against interference and invasion of one's mind. What do you think? What is their history? How elaborate can you make yours? Perfect for wearing while dancing around the bonfire or during your work shift.

Drew Huesman

Drew has been practicing art ever since he could hold a crayon. He is a freelance artist educated in commercial arts. Job titles include photographic manager, art director, sign maker, and production manager. His classes combine skills and experiences to help everyone become better artists.
   Learn to Draw

In this class we will cover the basics of learning to draw.
   Figure Drawing

In this class we will be doing live figure drawings.
Nellie James

Nellie is a custom clothing designer and theater costumer of 40+ years. She likes to focus on sustainable fashion and impeccable fit to both body and spirit. She is sewist, musician, crafter and layminister. She plays with the Athens Recorder Consort, most recently at a colonial reinactors event the Evening of Candlelight Art on Blennerhasset Island.
  Beginning Recorder
Remember the recorder you played in school? It's a real instrument and can make beautiful music. This work shop is intended as an introduction to the recorder and the basics of reading music and improv. Class size limited to 15, unless they have their own instrument.
  Intermediate Recorder
If you already read music and have a recorder and want to play, this is the class for you. Ensemble. I will provide music and music stands. And some direction.
  Song At The Hearth

Nellie will lead us in chant and song on Wednesday evening, at the Community Hearth.   

Fashion Show Prep

Early in the week, meet with the designers and models to prep for the show.
  Starwood Fashion ShowIII: Everything Old Is New Again

The fashion show is a collection of designers who strut their stuff. This year we focus on updating the past, upcycle, mend, remake. Reimagine.

Samuel H. Jobe

Samuel has been a practicing witch since 2013, a conscious pagan since 2019, and a votary of An Mórrígan (an Irish Goddess of prophecy and sovereignty) since Bealtaine 2021. He is an initiated Espiritista of Casa de Palo in Indianapolis, an Afro/Carribean Spiritual house (Oct 2017) They are also an initiated founding member of The Temple of the Hallowed Gods: Crow, Torch, and Feral Night Coven (Dec 2021). He focuses on folkloric/lore based traditional eclectic European witchcraft influenced by the guidance of his Ancestors/Spiritual Court. He is an accomplished Tarot reader who has worked not only for himself, but for local metaphysical stores as well.

   Developing an Ancestral Practice

This course will focus on how to best venerate our Ancestors, as well as the classifications of different types of Ancestors. The course will discuss the simplest, yet most effective way to connect to those Spirits that hold our best interests at heart. Our Ancestors, those known and unknown, named and unnamed, are our first and primary defense against spiritual attacks. As well as the ones that open our roads to the most blessed path forward. Through the course one will learn a brief history of Ancestor veneration, developing reciprocal relationships with Spirits, improving Oneself and their psychic gifts, and how to prepare an Ancestral altar and offerings.

   Getting to know The Great Queen: An Morrigan
This course will focus on The Great Queen of the Otherworld: An Morrigan. A Goddess primarily associated with Prophecy, Sovereignty, Victory, War, and Kingship. This impressive Irish Deity has become rather popular in recent years and deserves time set aside to be honored. Within the course we will discuss The Goddess in native lore, her primary sacred sites, misconceptions of herself, how to develop the right relationship with The Morrigan, and Praying to Gods of War.

Sarah Jones

Sarah lives in the pine barrens of New Jersey. She has an Associates in Fine Art and a Bachelors in Computer Art, Animation, and Visual Effects. Sarah loves to draw, read and write, do photography and filmmaking, and even dance and play a bit of music, because, why not? Art is a spiritual outlet for her. Join her in her character building workshops to meld character design, puppetry, textile art, and so much more in a whimsical fashion!

Whimsical Art Faces in Clay

In this class, learn how to sculpt quirky, fun characters. We will learn the steps for creating a face with lots of variations to get different looks, a trick for creating whimsy without overthinking it. Or use push molds and make it a successful experience every time! All ages love working with clay. These whimsical clay faces are the basis of dozens of different craft projects such as dolls, altered art, frames, jewelry, journals, and more! The choice is yours. This face can also be used in the Spirit Doll workshop.

   Spirit Dolls: How to Make Healing Dolls for Yourself

Doll making can help you to heal at a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. The essential process of healing yourself with artmaking is one involving creating change so that you can become more conscious and restore your connection to nature and your soul. You can heal yourself with art by opening up to your inner voices, listening to them, and allowing their messages to emerge. In this workshop we will construct a small medicine doll. Consider taking the whimsical art faces workshop and create your own face (not required).

Kim Keffer

As a visual artist, having discovered the power of the creative process to heal, Kim has committed herself to sharing ways to ignite the creative spirit and silence the censor. She has facilitated a group called Creative Companions for 15 years online via Facebook live, on a YouTube channel, and live in person. This group is based on Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way. Kim shares recovery tools that work for her: creation, meditation, journaling, mindfulness, and affirmations. She feels that through her art, she can be a light in the dark for those suffering with mental health issues. She feels that through her art, she can bring awareness. Kim desires to use her art and her experiences to bring healing.

   Miss Guided Painting Part I
Participants will complete an acrylic painting with the guidance of  Kim. This is more of a creative empowerment workshop than a how to paint workshop, though you’ll get some painting tips. As we paint, Kim will talk about ways to silence the censor and free your creative spirit. No painting experience necessary.
  Miss Guided Painting Part II
Transformation. Turn your painting from workshop 1 into something more.

Heather Killen
Witch, Priestess, crafts woman, teacher, pirate. Heather is an ordained Wiccan Clergy Woman in the state of Ohio and actively practicing Witch.  She has taught women’s and warrior mysteries across North America for the last 25 years. Heather is the founder and director of the Earth Warriors Festival which launched in 2008. She is the owner of Violet Flame Gifts, in Newark, OH. Heather serves on the executive board for Central Ohio Pagan Alliance.  A non-profit organization of Professional Pagans that facilitates free community events in Central OH.   
  Transmutation Magick Practical:
Transmuting, the Violet Flame, snake medicine, a beautiful disaster. When success is the only option, spinning a crap hand into gold becomes a necessity. So, how can you start doing that? Distilling our challenges into balanced, healthy solutions. Join us for a lively discussion and hands-on vibrational, energy practica.
  Gen X Magick:
 Whatever! Made strong the hard way and often overlooked, what magicks do Gen X excel at? What feral-ness and wisdom does Gen X bring to our magickal community?  Generational curse breakers, long game players, ramp builders; we’ll always fight for our right to party. What are we doing with our outside the box problem solving, skills and magick? A lively and sometimes sarcastic discussion and celebration of the 13th generation’s practical and magickal abilities.

Carrie King
Carrie is a hand spun and remade fiber artist from Pittsburgh, PA. She creates crochet, knitted, recycled, and upcycled clothing and accessories featuring natural fibers. She also makes size-inclusive summer tops, bras, shawls, patchwork sewn clothing, and tie-dyed upcycled summer clothes as well as wool and cotton hats and mittens.
  How to Reuse Sweaters
Carrie will demonstrate and let people try dismantling clean, used sweaters to use the pieces and/or yarn. Then, every day there will be instructions and materials provided for different projects to make hats, leg warmers, bags, mitts, scarves, and pet sweaters. Students may take materials and small tools back to their campsites when they want some quiet hand sewing time. Or, they can just stop by and try sewing and sweater recycling.


Sophia Kopasakis
Sophia goes by the stage name Volcanic Lioness. She started out her Flow Arts performing career with the contact staff. After a few years of practicing with the contact staff, she began working with the palm torches, rope dart, dragon staff, battle axe, double speed swords, poi, acro staff, double contact staffs, juggling clubs, juggling swords, fans, and contact juggling balls. Her love for flow arts and circus arts continues to increase as she continues to discover many different ways to express herself. Sophia's style of flow stems from a combination of her Greek dance background, athletic background, and martial arts inspiration. She trains everyday to improve upon her flow and to expand herself in every way that she can. She also finds great joy in teaching others how to find their own personal flow.
  Rope Dart Concepts
In this class, participants will learn different spin and wrap moves of the rope dart. Certain martial arts movements and power movements will be taught. This class is designed to teach participants how to perform these movements as efficiently as possible. Participants must bring their own rope darts for there will only be 3 available. Please bring water to stay hydrated
  Staff Concepts; Let’s Get Grounded
This class will focus on transitioning down into groundwork and how to do barrel rolls. Please bring staff and water to stay hydrated.

Kharma Lindsey
Kharma is a hedgewitch, intuitive, life coach, death midwife, and a psychedelic assisted therapy guide. She walks between worlds, whether it is from this life to the next, through the veil of non-ordinary consciousness, or into the shadows of the psyche.
  Shadow Work 101: Soul Retrieval
Inside our shadows are parts of ourselves we have been "programmed" to reject. We tuck them in and "forget" about them. But these come back – especially when it comes to manifesting our MAGICK! Simply put, we cannot manifest anything our subconscious does not believe is possible. We have to address what is hiding in shadow to fully release the blocks within for manifestation. And with each part we have tucked into the shadow is a superpower we have forgotten we have. In this workshop, we will talk about what causes the shadow, what we can do to unearth what lies in the darkness, and how to bring these to light and integrate into the whole self "soul retrieval" style. Expect an interactive and discussion based circle to lay the foundation for the practice!
  Transformagickal Breath Work and Sound
Step into non-ordinary consciousness using an alchemy of sound, vibration, and dynamic Breathwork! Dive into this soul deep journey using shamanic breathwork and let the vibrations and sounds move the energies of the shadow and allow you to uncover the essence of your soul. This workshop is not for everyone – it is activating and geared to release all that is holding you back from manifesting your Magick! We will breathe, release, and then reharmonize the body/mind/soul with crystal bowls, gong, and tibetan bowls in an immersive sound experience like no other. Please bring a yoga mat or blanket and water.

Katy Love
Katy is a member of the Order of Emergent Magi. She has been presenting at festivals and OEM events since 2017 and enjoys the ways that authentic connection at festivals fosters growth and deep healing. She draws inspiration from working with people who use a variety of magickal and spiritual approaches. Katy is also a practicing relational and mental health therapist. She primarily supports people in the LGBTQIA+, non-monogamous, and kink communities. Her magick often focuses on healing from the individual, community, ancestral, and societal levels.
  Magickal Partnerships
This Emergent Magick workshop explores the deeply important and unique relationships between Magickal Partners. These relationships allow us the potential for mutual growth, transformation, and vulnerability. We will explore the importance of approaching Magickal Partnerships with intention, methods to effectively manage conflict, and the concept of Magick Informing Magick. We will perform an Emergent Magick ritual with the intention of committing to build healthy Magickal Partnerships.

Jack Lowry  
Jack (Giacomo) is a musician who works with developing innovations in world fusion music through a confluence of musical influences and chi energy. Being a percussionist from a young age, he developed a keen ear for rhythm. A guitarist in his youth, he has become proficient in Oud and Cumbus which he plays along with a mini 12 string guitar as well as his voice in the band Gypsy Funk Squad. Jack has been in the music business for over 30 years and feels it is a form of prayer when he is able to connect and share his musical chi with people of the Earth.
  FUNky Drumming Games and Tricks For More Fun!
We will start with a heart beat in 3/4 then spice it up with some back and forth call and response drum jams. Triplet solo breaks always stand out – let's take turns playing them. Learn how to tease your drum and the drum circle with the power of space and hand claps. Some practice tips for dexterity and timing will also be shared. You will also learn how to play with your eyes. The drum circle is not your back up band. Sometimes great Funk happens when we all play in unison but leave some spaces too.
  Intro to Doumbek
We will learn the three basic hits: Dum, Tek, and Ka. Then we will put those together to make ayyoub, chiftitelli, and maqsoum rhythms (maybe even masmoudi, beledi, and saidi rhythms too). If we are feeling ambitious we can even try some 9/8 rhythms, Karsi lama, “Gypsy Nine!” Bring your frame drum, dumbek, or any drum, I will have only a few to share. Rhythm notation sheets will be handed out.
  Belly Jam Hafla Dance Party
Late night 1am Middle Eastern flavored dance party! Live music led by Giacomo (Jack), Willowe, and Koshek. Open dancing for All! We will play some popular Middle Eastern songs and jam on some D Hijaz too for musicians who want to join. Take the intro to Middle Eastern rhythm workshop earlier in the week and then you can join us on percussion for ayyoub, chiftitelli, and maqsoum rhythms (maybe even masmoudi, beledi, and Punjabi rhythms too). And some 9/8 rhythms, Karsilama, and “Gypsy Nine.” D Hijaz notes are D, Eb, F#, G, A , Bb, C#.

Mark Mansfield LPC
Mark has been a therapist for 24 years and currently works in private practice. He has attended Starwood for the past 28 years and has been exploring and interested in psychedelics and their potential for the past 33 years. In 2023, Mark graduated from Integrative Psychiatry Institute’s 10 month program in Psychedelic Assisted Therapy and is in the process of becoming MAPS certified as well. As the field opens up, Mark’s plan is to offer affordable, accessible psychedelic therapy to those in need.
  Shamanic Journey Alternative Therapy or Drug Abuse?
Psychedelics have been used as a spiritual tool for thousands of years and continue to open the gates between this world and another. Over the past decade, they have experienced a resurgence as an alternative therapy and their use is becoming increasingly mainstream. And then there is the party aspect. Our bodies are both temples and nightclubs. In this workshop, we will discuss the historic use of these medicines across the world, examine what makes psychedelic therapy therapeutic, and talk about principles of harm reduction to maximize benefit and minimize harm.
  Psychedelic Assisted Therapy
Back in the 1950’s, LSD was being used to treat alcoholism. Research with MDMA has found that a year out from treatment, 67% no longer met the qualifications for PTSD. The idea of using psychedelics to heal and explore is not new, but it is experiencing new attention. What is Psychedelic Assisted Therapy and what is its potential for healing? Currently, Ketamine is the only medicine in wide above ground use with MDMA and Psilocybin to follow in the next few years. In this workshop, we will talk about the history of psychedelic therapy, what therapy sessions with these 3 medicines look like, and what makes them so effective in creating lasting change.

Louis Martinie
Louie is an editor for Black Moon Publishing and its divisional imprint, Left Hand Press. His writings include The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot (Destiny Books), Priest’s Head / Drummer’s Hands (Black Moon), and Dr. John Montanee; A Grimoire (Black Moon). Louie has served in the New Orleans Voodoo Spiritual Temple for 30 years, as a drummer, elder, and spiritual doctor. Drum recordings include Ritual Drumming (Inner Traditions), Voodoo (Mambito - Best of New Orleans Music Series), and drum tracks for the movie The Skeleton Key. He also uses drum rhythms to teach communication skills to persons with severe/profound handicaps. Louie has spent a year on sabbatical with Thubten Norbu, an elder brother to the 14th Dalai Lama, studying how Tibetans teach kindness to their children. He is also an honorary member of the Louisiana State Legislature. 
  New Orleans Voodoo Drumming Before the Storm: A Healing 
The Storm (as it is referred to by locals) is Hurricane Katrina 2005 which changed the character and aspects of much of New Orleans and of New Orleans Voodoo. Around 1990, I asked Priest Oswan Chamani of the New Orleans Voodoo Spiritual Temple what healing was. So many people coming to the Temple requested Healing. His response was, “To the extent you are separate from your highest spiritual ideal you are in need of healing.” The drum rhythms of an Order of Service calling the loa that evolved at the New Orleans Voodoo Spiritual Temple from over eight years of weekly open services will be taught. This will be a drum conjure dedicated to healing as described by Priest Oswan Chamani. A talisman will be offered to the participants as confirmation of their participation. All are welcome to attend simply to learn the rhythms.  
  The Pelican: Strengthening Dr John Montanee, A New Orleans Loa of the Drums
This necromantic conjure opens the road for Dr. John Montanee to move more surely among the living if it is to his will to do so. Historic and folkloric research on Dr. John will be presented as an introduction to the conjure. The ritualists will be invited to pull Dr. John through the crucible of their bodies five times. During this pulling he is invited to gain strength through an offering of the four elements within the ritualists’ bodies. As he passes through Earth, then Water, then Fire, then Air, he gains strength through imbibing of the virtues of the elements as they exist within those participating. The fifth passing creates a nether womb to birth Spirit. The alchemical pelican, as depicted on the Great Seal of Louisiana feeding its young with its own blood, is a proper image for this conjure.

Natalie Martin
Natalie is a singer, teacher, and transgender activist in Northeast Ohio. She has marched in the world champion Santa Clara Vanguard drum and bugle corps, she sang backup and played piano for Avril Lavigne, and composed the soundtracks for indie film “Being An Adult Sucks” (2007), the 2008 musical revival of Louis S. Peterson’s “Take A Giant Step”, and most recently, the score for the video game “Conventional Vampires”. 
  Hand Drumming
This rhythm workshop will focus on using hand percussion to center your frame of mind, focus your energies, and bond through the sacred power of music. Some drums will be provided, and feel free to bring any small percussion instruments you’d like to play.

Jan McAndrew
Jan received her BFA - Fibers/Printmaking/Art Education from Ohio University and her MA - Education from Kent State University. She has worked 13 years as an engineering drafter. She taught pre-engineering for 10 years and Visual Art for 10 years at Lakewood High School and Harding Middle School. Her creative work was shared with Ingenuity Fest, The Starwood Festival, Cleveland Steampunk Union Community, Tribe Ostara Tribal Belly Dance, Art House, Inc., and Parma Arts Council. She loves to share visual art and multiculturalism with performance and mixed media in all her classes.     
  Portable Shrines
Take your ‘precious’ wherever you go. Create a secret, sacred space for things that are dear to you. Think of what your finished shrine should “say.” Is it to remember a loved one, a time in your life, a gift of remembrance, an altar? SMALL photos, letters, or a book of inspiration can be encased in any simple mint tin or small box. Bring an Altoid-sized mint tin/small box/cigar box with a lid. Please spray paint inside and out OR paint with acrylics before class. Bring SMALL special mementos, meaningful texts, healing items, decorative papers, fabrics, or jewels. Also bring E6000, Weldbond clear adhesive, clear sealant (Modpodge or white glue), and toothpicks or old brushes to apply adhesive and sealants, as well as water and small containers to wash your brushes. 
  Ritual Half Masks
Covered by the half mask (covers eyes and top of nose area), a person loses their previous identity and assumes a new one. The wearer sometimes undergoes a psychic change, and as in a trance, assumes the spirit character depicted by the mask. Bring your own materials that you will be comfortable wearing while dancing around the bonfires and still be able to see and walk safely. These can be created with suede/leather, fringe, ribbon, fabric, yarn, feathers, raffia, beads, as well as needles, threads, and adhesives. Sketch out ideas for designs or have references ready. Think about the source of your Other Self behind the MASK. Once you place your mask on your face, you will BE that OTHER.

Ian McGee
Sometimes known as Cap’n Redboots, son of Cap’n Pat, Ian is a daring swashbuckler who finds more delight in late-night drumming and the serenity of hammock lounging with cats than piracy proper. Just like a 1986 David Bowie, he too is a labyrinth enthusiast and looks forward to continuing the honored tradition at this year’s Starwood .
  Labyrinth Creation/Ritual
This workshop will include the labyrinth setup (layout and the actual setting of lights) along with education about the ritual and the proper cup-to-sand ratio.

Ash McKernan
Ash is a licensed psychotherapist, ecotherapist, bard, life-long explorer of wyrd, and author of the book Wyrdcraft: Healing Self and Nature Through the Mysteries of the Fates (Llewellyn Worldwide). Ash lives in Asheville, NC, where he loves to read, write, dance, and spend time at the crossroads where psyche, nature, magic, and healing intersect. / IG: @wyrdwildweb / FB: Ash McKernan
  Mysteries of Wyrd: The Healing-Magic of Wyrdcraft
Wyrd (goddess of fate, destiny, nature, soul, magic, and becoming) is an ancient mystery that comes to us via Pagan Northern Europe. In this workshop, we will look through a psychological, phenomenological, and mystical lens into the nature of Wyrd, Wyrd consciousness, and the process of Wyrdcraft. Part lecture and part experiential, this workshop will guide its participants through an exploration of how Wyrd manifests within all life's domains – mind, body, relationship, environment, soul, spirit – a process that is revealing, healing, transformative, and in a process of spiritual becoming.
  Mysteries of Wyrd: The Call of the Fates
The "Call of the Fates" comes to us all in our own ways. It is the Call to deep meaning, purpose, magic, and soul. It is the Call to revelation, healing-transformation, and becoming. It is the call to Wyrd (to the ways of fate, destiny, nature, soul, and magic). Let’s explore this Call in sacred community circle together. How has the Call manifested in your life? To what are you being Called? How can you, and we, attune to, and trust, this Call more and more? Come share your experience and wisdom, or simply come to listen and observe. Let us be guides for one another as we heed the Call.

Vivian Meretrix
Vivian was ordained a Priestess of the O.T.O. in 2014 and served as Lodge Master of Chalice of Heaven Lodge in Chicago from 2016-2021, making her the only female lodge master in Illinois history. During that time, Vivian regularly hosted classes on ceremonial magic, occult history, tarot, astrology, Qabbalah, and various Western Hermetic subjects. In 2016, she lectured at Women of Fire, a convention focusing on women in occultism. That same year, Vivian began studying to become the nationally toured burlesque performer and teacher she is today! Currently, Vivian is the Head Hottie of the Illumi-Naughtie, an occult-themed burlesque review she produces in Chicago that educates audiences on the history of the occult and burlesque while presenting ritual theatre and the enchantment of cabaret.
  Self Care Sorcery
In this workshop you will learn how to develop a self-care regimen that builds on meditative practices, ritual awareness, and spiritual development. Building on over 15 years of experience as a health care worker and ordained priestess, Vivian Meretrix will show you how to better embody your inner divinity.
  Shimmy Saints and the Burlesque of the Occult
Your priestess of the Illumi-Naughtie explores the connection between the occult and the cabaret, as well as the history of ecstatic dance. From Crowley's burlesque troupe and its influence on the Gnostic Mass, to the link between the first occult sex therapist and the premiere of bellydance in the US, and into the modern day with Satanic and occult-themed burlesque dancers, we will discuss the long history of the esoteric and the erotic onstage.

Monkeystik sets meaningful video content for all of their songs. Their roots are percussion and violin based combined with trance dance ambient electronica. A delight for the ears and the eyes, this eclectic group mixes pre-recorded music with live presentation beneath the backdrop of otherworldly video. Most of the presentation has lyrics scrolling as they occur during the show. As part of their Starwood presentation, they will introduce ecstatic dance presented by Kaos (DJ, drummer, and writing contributor) and Harmony (backup vocalist).
Ecstatic Dance Part I
Ecstatic Dance is a loosely guided movement meditation/shamanic journey experience to music. The experience begins with Integration where the participants circle up and share their names and intentions for the dance. Harmony may take everyone through a few heart opening Yoga Asana's to get everyone warmed up before we move into an Arrival stage where we ground and center. The music is atmospheric and meditative at first and then builds into heightened trance-like rhythms. We then bring it down to a landing, a bliss state after all the chaos of the heightened ecstatic state as we catch our breath and move into stillness, which is the Ecstatic Dance version of Savasana. We will then bring the participants back to reality and circle up once again to share our experiences with each other. This entire experience usually lasts around 2 hours.
Ecstatic Dance Part II
In this second presentation, we will go through much of the same process, but the trance-like rhythms will build into more complex improvisations. Bezl has studied intentional polyrhythmic phrasing to induce blissful states so we can ride in the clouds traveling to an enhanced state of mind.

Maegdlyn Morris
Maegdlyn is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with certifications in sex therapy, end of life concerns, and gender identity. She is the founder of the Benevolent Friends Society whose goal is to provide community support to end of life experiences. She is also the archivist and Assistant Editor of Black Moon Publishing and has been seeking to undermine the obvious for 53 years.
  Death Doula: A Holistic Approach to End of Life
A discussion on death doula traditions and best practices, Legal concerns (paperwork, finding a notary and an accountant, legal representation), Client concerns (creating a binder with all relevant information, documents, journals, unfinished business, creating opportunities for happiness, silliness, end of life conversations, best memories, achievements etc., providing personal comfort, moving through phases of grief), Personal concerns (taking care of your own health and regulations), Social work concerns (creating opportunities for family and friends to be involved, placing boundaries for clients), Funeral or memorial concerns, Spiritual concerns (what the client and family want both during the process and afterwards), and more.
  Ritual- So Who Wants To Die
Carl Jung suggested that we have infinitesimal selves, representing faceted aspects of each individual. The human journey always has an inevitable resolution: death. We share this in common with every living creature having received the first universal gift of life, and yet it remains a mystery. This ritual will speak to anyone who has ever felt that they have outlived a certain aspect of their life or who wants to fully immerse themselves in the bardos, the final frontier, the mystery of the great beyond. Please come with the intention of giving up an aspect of self that no longer serves you or that you have outgrown. Bring two blankets and be prepared to take part in a truly transformational experience.

Mortellus is a lineaged Third Degree Gardnerian High Priestex of the Long Island Line. Presently busy at work on their third book, with the second, The Bones Fall in a Spiral: A Necromantic Primer, completed and arriving soon. In addition to their role as High Priestex, Mortellus is a Mortician, and holds degrees in Design, Education, Fine Arts, and Mortuary Sciences. Their areas of expertise include necromancy, necrobotany, mediumship, and the funerary rites of minority faith groups. They currently reside in Western North Carolina on three acres that doubles as the Covenstead for the Coven of Leaves.
  Necromancy in Practice: Part One
If you're interested in building a necromantic personal practice and aren't sure where to start, in session one here we'll cover history, ethics, and foundational practice.
Necromancy in Practice: Part Two
In session two we'll be diving into spell work and ritual practice.
Character Building: Becoming a Better Practitioner through Tabletop RPG
Mortellus discusses the "Critical Role" of play in magical practice and how tabletop RPG “builds character.” Topics include thought-form, path-working, leadership, coven work, and magical learning methods for the neurodivergent. Bring along a set of Polyhedral dice to learn a new method of divination!
Ritual: Raising The Dead
Join Mortellus as we raise the dead, resurrecting our beloved dead at a Starwood first in this participatory ritual. Bring your favorite offerings for the fire, libation of choice, and a favorite story about your loved one to share around the fire.

Nightbird (Karen E. Martin)
Nightbird is a Reiki Master in the Usui tradition and has completed a two-year shamanic apprenticeship with Windsong Healing Arts (Dayton, Ohio). Her experiences of consciousness include not only shamanic journeywork and energetic channeling through Reiki, but also meditation, drum and dance, chant and song, fire-working, psychedelics and entheogens, ritual, and automatic writing. Nightbird believes that every human is capable of raising their personal vibration and ascending into a higher state of consciousness. In her experience, making this shift primarily done through self-examination, shadow work, and personal healing, with healthy portions of unrestrained joy, self-love, and following genuine bliss.
  Get In Touch with Your Energetic Body
This workshop will help people attune to the energy flowing through and all around the human body. Individuals will practice working with the body's energy in different ways, both actively and through guided meditation. Subtopics: Make a Chi Ball * The Body's Energy Circuit * Grounding * Creating a Protective Aura * Energy Etiquette * the Merkaba / Light Body * Raising Energy for a Specific Purpose
  "Ascension" – What's All the Hubbub, Bub?
Maybe you’ve seen posts about Starseeds, 5D, the New Earth, managing “Ascension symptoms,” and so on, and you’re wondering what all this jargon is about. You could be curious, or perhaps concerned even. (“What kind of nutjobs are these?”) This workshop will address this type of terminology and how it correlates to information or concepts that you may already know or understand. An open discussion, facilitated by Nightbird.

Samantha Novak
Samantha is a circus performer bringing many talents to share at Starwood including fire eating, fire hula hooping, stilt walking, and improvisational character acting.
All the World’s a Stage: An Improv Workshop
If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to be a character actor, this class is for you! During this class you will learn: – What a character actor is and how improvisation is used – Body language and patron interaction – What is a bit? What should and shouldn’t you do when performing one? – Get tips on how to apply and get involved in local character acting opportunities.

PlaySmart Angela
Known on FetLife as "PlaySmart," personally as "Angela," and as "Galiana Chance" in her ex-career as a NiteFlirt top-10-rated phone sex operator, Angela is an opportunistic non-monogamous pansexual switch with a talent for encouraging consensual mischief. She hosts kinky gatherings, including being on the board at Twisted Tryst, the Midwest’s most inclusive kink-friendly camping event. Since 2012, she has presented and facilitated at STL3’s Beat Me in St. Louis and Spanksgiving, MadTown Kinkfest, AIS’s Winter Wickedness, Chicago’s LRA and GD2, Twisted Tryst, and various classes and gatherings in Central IL.
Adults Only: Playing Smart with Dangerous Desires
An adults-only class on playing safely with non-traditional sexual urges. I’ve been involved with kink communities for about 15 years, and I love talking about how to get started safely. We’ll cover brief concepts of consent, some helpful techniques with negotiations for doing non-standard stuff, and cover basic safety and techniques for impact and bondage. We’ll leave plenty of time for questions, because let’s face it, there aren’t a lot of places to go to get these kinds of questions answered in person. You don’t need any experience with kink to attend. If we end up doing brief demos, we’ll give people plenty of chances to leave before we start in case that's not your thing.

Tisa Powell
Tisa aka SoulShine Warrior servies others through yoga, sound baths, and energy healing. She is certified in: Kundalini Yoga Teacher (Rishikesh, India), SomaVeda Thai Yoga. Yoga Nidra Sound Healer, Cacao Ceremonies, Fire Cupping, Laughter Yoga, Reiki Master, Fire Performer, and more. Tisa’s personal experience with pain from multiple spinal surgeries led her to deepen her exploration into Sound Healing. Through her Sacred Sound Baths as SoulShine Warrior, she has found natural pain relief, spiritual development, and a peaceful way to help others deepen their connection to the divine within so they may live a life of fullness and abundance. Her aim is to manifest Promiiwihan Sii, or “the practical expression of loving kindness.
  Laughter Yoga
Laughing for no reason. Laughter is contagious and has a powerful and immediate effect on our mind, body, and spirit. Laughter Yoga involves deep breathing, stretching, clapping, and laughter exercises. Laughter Yoga is Childlike Play at its best…as an Adult…getting in touch with your Inner Child. Remembering and playing Games we once played in our youth.
  Kundalini Movement & Stillness Meditation
You’ll be fully immersed in the shaking and dancing of the first two stages that help to “melt” your rocklike being, wherever the energy flow has been repressed and blocked. Then that energy can flow, dance, and be transformed into bliss and joy. The last two stages involve stillness while all of the energy flows through your body. The last stage is stillness with singing bowls. Enable all this energy to flow vertically, to move upward into silence. It is a highly effective way of unwinding and letting go.

Prudence Priest
Prudence has been high priestess of Amaranth Energies [a Greco-Norse coven] since 1971, Ideoplastos from '68-'71, CEO of Freya’s Folk and the American Vinland Association, Ambassadress of Romuva in the USA, Member of the European Congress of Ethnic Religions, Elder in the Covenant of the Goddess and The Ring of Troth, Soror Glynda & priestess in the OTO and translator of “Demonographia”, member of the Rune Gild, Fellowship of Isis, card-carrying member since the '60s of W.I.T.C.H. [Women's International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell], NROOGD coven Children of the Raven, and Circle of Ancient Sisters. She has been an activist for Heathen and Feminist causes for over fifty-five years. Prudence currently lives in and runs Perchtenhof.
  Amber and Jet: The Witches' Jewels
Show and tell. Anecdotes, myths, uses, and more than you might ever want to know about Baltic Gold.
  Sacred Groves
Powerpoint presentation of sights and sites and rites in the EU.

Ra was a Pagan baby in the 70s in the Chicago region. She holds a B.S. in Clinical psychology and a M.A. in Counseling and Education. She is a pantheist, backpacker, traveler, and a teacher. She has a focus in Gestalt work and teaches Gestalt Dream Therapy technique, helping people to understand their dreams while looking at them through a Gestalt lens. She also leads theatrical exercises in using improvisation and other games to recharge. Since 2017, she has also led small groups in spiritual backpacking expeditions and provided hiker guidance on the Appalachian, Ice Age, and Colorado Trails.
  Improv and Games for Rejuvenation
This workshop is meant to have a little fun and relieve some stress at the same time. This is a chance to be silly, participate, or just watch others have some fun together. We will do a couple of improv games, maybe a bardic circle, and end with a session of Dance, Fight, Dance. Bring a soft pillow to participate in that last one because you can't fight without one.
  Gestalt Dream Interpretation
This workshop is an opportunity to learn and practice interpreting dreams using the techniques derived from Gestalt psychological theory. Participants should bring something to write on, a pen, and maybe a dream to share. Adults only.

Oran Rabbit
My professional circus career began in 2017. I have since become a member of multiple circus groups which not only include performances but safety training courses in fire and teaching Hoop/Beginner Acro/Poi at dance studios for kids. I offer choreographed stage shows, stilt walking, and fire, and my passion is sideshow - bed of nails, a machete ladder, fire eating, and human pincushion. My new and current passion is juggling. I am doing what I love! Creating a fantastic and safe experience for the crowds is always my top priority!
  Beginner Poi
Eager to start a new flow passion, or expand from where you've started? This workshop will host beginner techniques, from the very basics, and a group show and tell theme towards the end where anyone is welcome to showcase their favorite moves that others want to learn! We may even create together a little choreographed routine if everyone is up for it! Some sock poi will be available for use. Please bring poi and water to stay hydrated.
  Beginner Fans Flow
Eager to start a new flow passion, or expand from where you've started? This workshop will host beginner techniques, from the very basics, and a group show and tell theme towards the end where anyone is welcome to showcase their favorite moves that others want to learn! We may even create together a little choreographed routine if everyone is up for it! Some paper fans will be available for use. Please bring fans to practice with and water to stay hydrated.

Wendy Raphael
Wendy has been a professional artist, sketch journalist, and sign writer for decades and festival attendee for 30 years. Look for her silly signs and random art installations.
  Love Letters To Starwood
Let's send letters to the universe from Starwood! Unplug, connect and practice calligraphy skills. We will spend time creating letters and postcards to be mailed out from Wisteria. Send one to yourself, a friend, loved one, or place it at someone's camp to spread some magic and joy. Postage provided, donations welcome!

Jennifer Read
Jen has done art all of her life, primarily as a hobby, and science as a profession. She has a BS degree in Natural Sciences & Wildlife Ecology but has worked in a variety of science fields. For the past four years, she has worked as a Waste Management Specialist for the State of Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Jen believes that using trash for art and upcycling materials promotes sustainability and creates beauty for everyone to enjoy.
  The Dancing Disc-O Tree
The Dancing Disc-O Tree is a fantastical and magical outdoor community art piece. Old discs are a problematic waste made of plastic that would take over a million years to decompose, but they can be used to make shiny, iridescent art! The label side of the discs are painted with neon glow-in-the-dark paint and decorated with beads, mini disco balls, and whatever inspires participants. Then the discs are hung up in a tree with a spinning disco ball, and after dark, lit up with blacklights. Making art out of trash helps reduce our impact on the environment. The Dancing Disc-O Tree is a visual reminder that everything we do impacts the environment and how even a little thing like a plastic disc can make a difference!
  Upcycling Interior Design
Give your space a new look and express your creativity without spending a ton of money on new stuff while promoting sustainability. Upcycling interior design utilizes existing interior elements and furnishings and gives them a new life and sparkle. Tons of old cabinets and countertops go to waste in landfills every year. The majority of these are structurally intact and are discarded for cosmetic reasons, wasting tons of resources. In this workshop, I will teach two techniques that can be used in upcycling interior design: epoxy pours for refinishing countertops and Unicorn SPiT stain for woodwork. The participants will create small art projects using these techniques. Get ready to make your space sparkle!

Tamrha Richardson
With 25 years of experience, Tamrha is a practiced Witch, Sorceress, and Tarot reader. Ordained as a High Priestess and Priestess of Hekate in 2014, she leads the Crow, Torch, and Feral Night Coven. Her commitment extends to volunteering as Pagan clergy in two Indiana State Women's Prisons since 2012. In the realm of birth work, Tamrha's journey began as a birth doula and evolved into her current roles as a postpartum doula, herbalist, and placenta encapsulator. Since 2022, she passionately serves as a Traditional Birth Companion, supporting women opting for autonomous births outside the medicalized maternity system. Over the years, Tamrha has assisted over 270 families.
  The Goddess Hekate 
Crossroads. Keys. Dogs. Torches. Snakes. Birth. Life. Death. Rebirth. Magic. Trance. Transitions. Growth. Exploration. The Restless Dead. Chthonic. Liminal. Serpent Girdled. Frightful One. Heart-Eater. The World Soul. All this, and more. While Hekate's history reaches back into antiquity, She is one of the most popular Goddesses in current times. This intro class will discuss Her possible origins, history, and where She appears in classical writing and myth. We will explore Her epithets (names), symbolism, realms, and faces while also discussing ways to begin, or continue, working with this powerful Goddess. We will also briefly discuss the trance technique that will be used in the Hekate at the Crossroads ritual.
  Hekate at the Crossroads-Ritual
In this ritual, we will meet at the crossroads to call upon Hekate through ritual Trance Prophesy. In a Trance ritual, participants are able to communicate directly with Deity through a trained and skilled Seer or Seeress, in order to receive guidance and counsel on personal matters. Privacy is protected through drumming and chant. Ritual is provided by the members of the Crow, Torch & Feral Night Coven, with members who have extensive experience in this type of ritual. Bring a small offering if you like (perishable food item safe if left in nature or a small candle of which will be cleared post ritual), something comfortable to sit on, and something to hydrate yourself with.

Denny Sargent
Denny (aka: Aion 131, Hermeticusnath) is a Seattle writer, artist, and university instructor whose extensive global travels and esoteric studies inform his books. He has visited 30 countries and lived in Japan for four years, teaching at a university and studying Shinto. Denny was first introduced to Mythology and Magick in New York City where he grew up. Since his early teens, he has been accepted as a member of many initiatory groups including Pagan Way, Welsh Traditional Wicca, The GSS, the Typhonian OTO, QBLH, Order of Chaos, Cult of Tara, and the Adinath Lineage of Tantrika. He is one of the founding members of the Horus/Maat Lodge and various other arcane cults too hideous to mention. He has written about Alternative Religions, Hermetic Magick, Taoism, Animism, Shinto, and Tantra.
  Experiencing  Feral Nature Spirits
A lecture on Neo Animism and then a trance-rite of Entering the Other world of the Spirits. In this lecture, discussion and, at the end, the ritual, practical reality of Neo-Animism and the Nature Spirits it will be explained, discussed, and experienced first hand. We end with a rite for opening up our own Spirit to the Other, the endless ancient world of the Animistic spirit of which we are a part.
  Opening To Spirit Animals
An Animistic trance practice and personal Animal Spirit conjuring. After a discussion about Spirit Animals and how to connect with appropriate Spirit Animals, we will move into action. Together, in the wilderness, we will together open up the Other world of the Spirits through ritual practices until we gently enter the realm of the Nature Spirits, and then call forth the Spirit Animals drawn to you with a ritual to call them forth, each such spirit coming to the person who is called if all is as it should be. Closing the gate of the Other, a discussion will ensue about working with the Spirit Animals.
  The Feral Practice Of Conjuring ‘Your’ Spirit Animals
After opening to the Other Animistic world and the Nature Spirits, the process of connecting, bonding, and then opening to your Spirit Animal (or Animals) will be explained and deeply discussed one by one. Then, when there is clarity, together we will ritually conjure ‘our’ Spirit Animals with time for trance work and, of course, returning from the Animistic world with open discussions and further discussion on bonding with Spirits and more.

Maria Shell
Maria is a Witch and High Priestess and has been practicing since 1989. She is ordained in the State of Ohio and has been facilitating sacred space for others in her community since the beginning. She is also certified in ceremonial facilitation, Ho’Opono Pono, and is currently studying to receive her shamanic life coach certification. Maria is a storyteller and meditation guide and has been working to switch from physical facilitation into an online mentorship model where she offers courses in Magick for Beginners and Coven Crafting - High Priestess training. She is also a medicine carrier and works with Cannabis and other entheogenic medicines to provide heightened awareness, deep spiritual awakening, and a sense of awe at our own magnificence as Co-Creators of our reality. She would love to offer her past life regression and chakra balancing meditations at this year’s event.
  Past Life Regressions
Experience a trip back in time to explore past lives and the lessons that those experiences may bring into our current lifetimes. Jump timelines by embracing these lessons now rather than having to repeat them again in this soul chapter and clear karma in your generational DNA. Allow wisdom and insight to reach from the Quantum Realm into your life at this time.
  Chakra Balancing
Come with me on a guided journey as we tap deeply into the energies of Earth to root ourselves in the present, then open each level of our column of ascension to clear any negative thoughts, energies, and patterns in your life. Maintaining a balanced energy flow within the body helps us maintain physical health as well as the ability to tap into the potential of our other senses and deeply trust our intuitive senses more clearly.

Josh Sherman
Josh is a hand percussionist specializing in Tabla and East-Indian rhythms. He has studied tabla for over 19 years from several renowned tabla teachers. Josh is a scholarship awardee and studies/performs with the Salar Nader Tabla Foundation. He performs solo and with several groups (including Indian-inspired fusion band Rudraksh Rhythm, the Indian devotional kirtan group Enchanted Hearts, and the world fusion band Global Connections) and has performed with musicians and dancers of many different styles from around the world. Performance venues of note include Starwood Festival, Severance Hall, House of Blues, Cain Park, Ingenuity Fest, Tri-C Jazz Fest, Parade the Circle, Cleveland Museum of Art, and the Getty Center in Los Angeles. Josh has also conducted workshops for all ages on Indian Rhythm Theory and other drumming related topics for Starwood Festival, Ingenuity Fest, and for many Passport Project programs.
  Indian Rhythm Theory
Expand your rhythmic repertoire! Learn new ways of conceptualizing rhythm based on the classical rhythm systems of India. This workshop will provide invaluable tools for both improvisation and composing, and is perfect for people who find themselves always reverting back to the same rhythms. Can be applied to any instrument and all skill levels and styles of music. The focus will be more on understanding rhythm than on learning techniques for specific instruments. There is a world of rhythmic possibilities available at our fingertips, and understanding rhythm cycles is a key to unlocking them. (Bring an instrument, participate, or observe.)
  Vocal Percussion: Drumming as a Language
Explore the link between drum sounds and vocal syllables. Learn about Indian vocal percussion as expressed on the tabla and how that concept can be translated to any other drum or instrument. Perfect for both rhythmic accompaniment and taking "solos," this workshop will focus on musicality, melodic drumming, and dynamics. A simple shift in thinking can transform a drum from a rhythmic instrument only to an instrument where infinite melodies can be explored. Can be applied to any instrument and all skill levels and styles of music. (Bring an instrument, participate, or observe.)

Jenny Sieck
Jennifer has a Masters in Counseling with an emphasis in Depth and Archetypal Psychology. Unlike intuitives that focus primarily on divination and prediction, Inner Voice offers a heart-centered approach that opens the client up to follow their unique path more deeply, clearly, and readily. As an intuitive tarot reader, counselor, and meditation instructor, Jennifer offers her intuitive gifts to help you discover your unique soul path so you can recognize and listen to your higher self. She can gently tap into your energies and help you explore choices and possibilities that will lead to greater inspiration, clarity, and focus. Jennifer makes her home in Columbus with her bunny, Alexandra, and kitty, Cassiequinn, as companions.
  Chakra Balancing & Totem Animal Work
An introductory discussion of the strengths and edges of each chakra, and discuss the idea of the anima Mundi, as it connects with animal totem work. I will lead in toning each chakra to notice which chakras and animal totems are speaking. I will discuss shifts and lifts, source messages, and clearing unwanted energies. I will then explain affirmations that go with each chakra, or what I call “zipper songs,” and show the group how to use these to amplify and raise energetic vibrations, as well as how to create zipper songs that are fine tuned to a specific purpose. There will be time for questions as well. I hope to create a fun, helpful, and interactive experience.
  Alchemical Psychology
Alchemical Psychology looks at the premise of the four sacred elements by tracing it back to the Alchemists work with earth, air, fire, and water as tools for evolution. It shows how combining these base qualities in different concentrations was paramount to quality of life for early people. I will revisit these “stages of readiness” as they relate to spiritual evolution and character, what we would now call development of psyche. Understanding and working with these elemental correspondences through several lenses, including the Myers Briggs, astrology, and alchemy, has been transformational to my spiritual process. I hope to share all that I have learned as tools for living. I will use Thom Cavalli’s Alchemical Psychology as the foundation for this talk.

SadaNam Singh
SadaNam has been studying and training in yoga since 2007 with his first four years of courses at The Ohio State University. He has been teaching at festivals since 2010. SadaNam is certified in Kundalini Yoga (KRI) and is a Reiki Master which he offers to those who consent during Savasana. SadaNam is also trained on therapeutic gong with Mike Tamburo so he can offer a multifaceted healing experience through movement, sound healing, and energy work/touch therapy.
  Partner Yoga/ Acroyoga
Don’t worry, you don’t need to bring a partner, my co-teacher and I take turns with anyone in need after we demonstrate and help spot you, and no experience or flexibility is required. We begin with simple partner exercises to build trust, balance, and loosen tight muscles with stretching and Thai yoga massage. Then, we work our way up to flying where we hold each other up on our feet (Acroyoga). Not only is this super fun, but it improves flexibility, relieves tension, feels amazing, and builds intimacy, especially when we get into Tantric partner meditation (non-sexual). Plus, you can get pictures of you flying and amaze your friends!
  Kundalini Yoga: Power Up Your Body/Mind/Spirit
There are no prerequisites or experience required for this energizing movement meditation practice except to show up with an open mind. Kundalini yoga is known as a street yoga, meaning anyone off the street can do it. You might notice commonalities with martial arts and Qi Gong in the dynamic, rhythmic, dancey movements designed to kick start your energy and light your fire to sustain you through the whole day! Kundalini Yoga always begins with a mantra to connect you with your highest self and the Universe followed by awakening breathwork, stretches, and exercises to relieve tension from your body and open up your energy channels as well as open your heart to gratitude and celebration in connection with the elements, Mother Earth, and Father Sky. Get ready to light up your Body, Mind, and Spirit!

Drake Spaeth, PsyD
Drake (aka SilverDrake) is a ritualist, spiritworker, and clinical psychologist. He has presented at Pagan gatherings and various conferences since 1997 and authored academic book chapters and articles about spirituality. He follows a Celtic, Faery, and Norse Pagan path that honors ancestors and seasonal spirituality. He is currently the Existential-Humanistic Psychology Specialization Coordinator at Saybrook University, where he has also served as Psychology Department Chair 2018-2021. Drake has taught at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology since 2004 and Northwestern University since 2015. He was the 2019-2020 President of the Society for Humanistic Psychology (Division 32 of the American Psychological Association).
  Sacred Hunt Ritual Orientation Meeting
Please see the description of the Sacred Hunt Ritual. Anyone who is interested in participating in the Ritual as a Hunter, Villager, or Drummer (no expert drumming experience required, just enthusiasm and passion for ecstatic ritual) needs to attend this 90-minute meeting in Hickory Grove. Each group's role and function will be explained. There is one important ritual position that needs to be filled—that of Firetender, for whom we would have specific instructions.
  The Sacred Hunt Ritual
This two hour ritual is an ecstatic ritual that utilizes physical exertion and the elements of firelight, a woodland setting, and intense drumming to facilitate consciousness alteration for the purpose of spiritual transformation or awareness. It involves an alchemical melding of the work of the Villagers (Yin element), Hunters (Yang element), and Drummers (Flux). The Hunt can be a personal odyssey to overcome challenges to spiritual evolution, eliminate toxic or unnecessary elements in one's life, or to quest for something integral to personal growth. Participation entails additional attendance at a prior orientation meeting as well as a debriefing meeting the day following. All participants must be approved by Drake or Pan prior to participating. It is closed to all other participants.
Sacred Hunt Post Mortem (Debrief)
This is a 90-minute meeting to share stories and debrief about ritual experiences in the Sacred Hunt Ritual the night before. Anomalous and intense experiences are typical and this meeting is a good way to share about them, integrate and process what occurred, and put closure on the experience. All Sacred Hunt Ritual participants are asked to attend.

Beltana Spellsinger  
Bernadette Holzer AKA Beltana Spellsinger is an advocate for a stronger democracy in Missouri. Bernadette is a candidate for Missouri’s House Representative, in District 143 - in 2022/2024, and serves as the Chair of the Missouri Legislative District 143 Democratic Committee. She is a member of the Texas County Missouri Democratic Committee, the Missouri Democratic Party Rural Caucus, and the Missouri Democratic Party Progressive Caucus.  She and her daughter are also running to be At-Large Delegates for the Democratic National Convention in August.
  Why I Ran For Office, and Why You Should, Too.
In 2022, I felt that the state of Missouri needed a change. No one in my district had stood up to run against a Republican opponent in my district in years. I decided that I would take the leap and be the first to jump in and do this. I ran for Missouri State House Representative in 2022. I plan on doing the same in 2024. Although I did not win in 2022, I discovered a lot about politics, the need for fair and balanced elections, and why I wanted to fight for my family and our rights. In this discussion, I would like to share with you why I believe it is so important that we stand up for our rights, wherever we are, whomever we are, and to be visible, strong, and proud of who we are so that others will be empowered to do the same.

Doug Sundling
Doug has been involved with sweat lodges since 1986. He brought the sweat lodge to Wisteria in 1997. Since then, he has constructed and maintained a sweat lodge site at Wisteria and has facilitated sweat lodges for events held at Wisteria, including every Starwood festival which Wisteria began hosting in 2010.
  Sweatlodge Orientation
A general overview of a sweatlodge shall be presented. We will discuss fundamentals of traditional sweatlodges, share personal experiences with sweatlodges, and advise how to prepare for an evening sweatlodge. Open to anyone, but those who wish to participate in a sweatlodge must attend this orientation. No one with any respiratory ailment – infection, cold, allergies, coughing, etc. – can participate.
The Sweatlodge Ceremony
The cycle of birth and death fuels the flame of life and is a ceremony to ascertain balance through cleansing and renewal. The ceremony is shaped by both the past and the present. Your spiritual sincerity is the most important thing you can bring to a sweatlodge. No Drugs or Alcohol; just the 4 Elements  – Earth, Air, Fire, & Water.

Koshek Swaminathan
A researcher of both Eastern and Western occult and spiritual traditions as well as the scientific method, Koshek has lectured at the International Centre of the Theosophical Society in Adyar, India as well as Theosophical Society branches, Masonic lodges, and Rosicrucian associations. Koshek comes from Brahmanic tradition and studied Vedic chanting at a young age while being immersed in stories of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. After being introduced to the Western magical tradition, he soon realized the similarities to the magical tradition of the Brahmans – the mostly secret Brahman ritual traditions hold the missing keys to esoteric practices.
  Hindu Magick: Feel the Power of Lord Ganesh
There is a powerful formula from the ancient Brahmanas (appendage to the Vedas that explain the science of ritual) that I will share with you. Together we will bring to life the astral presence of Lord Ganesh. Ganesh is the Hindu God of magick and he holds the power over a class of beings called the Gana. This is why he is called the Gana-Pati (Lord of Ganas). The Gana are similar to the Genies of the Middle East. They are classified and invoked through formula and ritual. Ganesh also controls the Tattvas (Elementals) made up of Akasha, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. These spirits, along with the Ganas, make a complete and compact magical practice. We will chant together, do magick ritual, and learn the history and practice of the ancient tantric lore of Ganesh.
  Yoga for the Seven Levels of Intuition
Awaken and develop your subtle senses easily and systematically with this interactive workshop. Consult your inner self. Recognize fields and auras. This workshop will take a new approach to the teachings by using individual experiences as stepping stones towards subtle consciousness so that one can trigger inner states at will. Bring your yoga mat. Yoga practices naturally open up intuitive channels and help you get out of your own way. Are there particular yoga practices that awaken each of the 7 levels of intuition? An outline given in the Yoga Sutras – a 2000-year-old text written by the Indian sage Patanjali – talks of Pragna. Defined in the Sutras as an inner knowledge that is higher than any knowledge obtained by reason and inference, Patanjali shows just how to acquire this Siddhi (occult power) and then goes into how to strengthen your Pragya. I will give you the sequential process so that together we can experience our intuitive senses.
Tom Swiss
Tom describes his spiritual path as "Zen Pagan Taoist Atheist Discordian," which usually baffles questioners enough to leave him alone. He is the author of Why Buddha Touched the Earth (Megalithica Books, 2013) and blogs as "The Zen Pagan" for the Patheos Pagan Channel. He has previously served as President of the Free Spirit Alliance. Tom has built a reputation as a lecturer on subjects spanning the gamut from acupressure to Zen and from self-defense to sexuality, drawing on his training and experience as an Asian Bodywork Therapist, a karate instructor, a poet, a singer/songwriter, an amateur philosopher and spiritual explorer, and a professional computer geek. Find out more about his wacky adventures at
  Feeling Good with Accupressure and Shiatsu
Shiatsu (Japanese for "finger pressure") and acupressure are forms of Asian Bodywork Therapy, which use pressure and stretching to relieve pain and stress. According to the theories of Chinese medicine, these techniques help balance the flow of qi, or vital energy, in the body. We will discuss and practice the use of acupressure points for physical, emotional, and spiritual balancing, and also learn a simple self-shiatsu routine. If time permits we will also do some partner work. Please bring a mat or towel to lie on for stretching.  
  Punk Magick
Learn how to strip the art of magick – "causing Change to occur in conformity with Will" – down to its absolute bare essentials, and go forward confidently with a "do it yourself" spirit to engage directly with it, using a five part structure for any magickal working: 1. Decide what you want. ("Set intention.") 2. Do weird stuff. ("Raise energy.") 3. Make the weird stuff connect in your mind with what you want. ("Direct energy.") 4. Seal the deal. ("Cool down.") 5. Get off your ass!

Tamara Von Forslun
Tamara was dubbed by Raymond Buckland "The Witch of Oz" in the early 80s and has been involved in studying and teaching Traditional and Modern Witchcraft since 1970. For over 50 years, she has been considered one of the world's respected Pagan and Witch Elders and comes from a long line of Traditional hereditary witchcraft from Cornwall. Tamara created Australia's first legal Neo-Pagan “Church of Wicca” and is Arch Priestess in Australia of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church (ATC). She is also a Traditional Initiated Witch of the Coven of Draconis (Black Forest Witches in Germany); an Alexandrian HPs; High Priestess and Matriarch of the Tribe of the Crow and Clans of Boskednan International; Ordained Priestess of the Fellowship of Isis by Lady Olivia and Lord Lawrence Durdan-Robertson; Accepted Elder of the Grey Council of Wizards and Sages. Tamara is also an International Award-winning author and lecturer, teacher, Naturopath and Herbalist; Traditional Witchcraft Ritualist; Oracle High priestess; Wedding and Funerary Celebrant.
  Australian Aboriginal Blessing Ceremony
Describing the ceremonies of an Aboriginal Witch and their storytelling.
  Traditional Boskednan Hereditary Witchcraft and Ritual
Explaining all about our Clan of Boskednan and its history from the 16th century up to today, why it was secretive and now public.
Romani Tarot and the Magic Circle
How we do a Traditional Circle, its essence, creation, and forming for Ritual and Spellcrafting, Full Moons, Festivals, and Healings.

Alfred Willowhawk
Alfred has been a spiritual coach in the community since 2008. He is the First Priest of the Wyte Rayvn Tradition and the Spiritual Leader of the White Raven Retreat Center. Alfred is a published author of several wellness books and has assisted over 100 people on their personal spiritual paths.
  Chanting for Life
Chanting for Life combines Kirtan with a connection to the positive energy of the universe with your energy. Using Bhakti chants, Dr. Willowhawk and his harmonium assists you to deepen your connection with the positive energy within you.
  Poseidon - The God you THINK You Know
Much is written about Poseidon, and much of it is conjecture that is based on Classical Greek Mythology. There is much more about him that is less known. He is part of the triple Gods of Zeus, Hades, and of course, Poseidon. He, with his two brothers, are visible in all aspects of one's life. What does the story of Poseidon really mean? What does Poseidon mean to me today?

Jason Winslade PhD
Jason is a scholar of performance studies, media, religion, and popular culture, focusing on the history of occultism and Paganism. His work has been published in various anthologies and journals and he has taught at various universities for the past 25 years. His blog, "Occultural Context," is available on the Patheos website and he is a co-host of the YouTube show, "Pop Occulture with Lilith Dorsey and Jason Winslade." A longtime Starwood attendee and musician, Jason can often be found sitting in with various bands onstage. Along with his partner, Vivian Meretrix, he produces bellydance, live music, and burlesque events in Chicago under the name Ritual Rhythms Chicago, and also writes and performs music with his collaborators as Secrets of the Beehive.
  Occult Performance on Stage and Screen: The Swinging 70s
The early 70s was a golden era for occult theatre and cinema. Emerging from the psychedelia of the 60s, stage and screen directors began to question the messages and ideals so pervasive in the counterculture, and experiments got stranger and stranger. Focusing on Jorodowsky's cult classic film, The Holy Mountain, and the work of avant-garde theatre directors Richard Schechner and Jerzy Grotowski, we will discuss some of the themes and practices of these auteurs and how they laid the foundation for ritual initiation and practices in modern Paganism.
  Occulture of Dune
As Frank Herbert's classic novel, Dune, has returned to the forefront of popular culture through the successful films by Denis Villeneuve, now more than ever Herbert's ideas are worth discussing. The original novels were a warning and have essentially predicted many of the problems we face today with politics, religion, economics, and the environment. We will trace some of the particularly occult themes in the books, such as the powers of the Bene Gesserit priestesshood and how initiatory groups played such a role in the books, with inspiration from actual occult groups in history. We'll also discuss the various adaptations and how they've represented the times and cultures and produced them, including the aborted 1973 adaptation by Alejandro Jodorowski. Adjust your stillsuits and get ready for a spicy workshop!

Angie Yelton
Angie is a mom, a wife, a witch, and an artist, not necessarily in that order. She hails from Northern Indiana. Angie has been an artist as long as she can remember. She has dabbled in various mediums, with modeling clay being the favorite until she discovered ceramics in high school. After a few college courses and a personal hiatus, she began playing in the mud again eight years ago and hasn't been clean since! More recently, she has picked up wire wrapping, originally to enhance her ceramic pendants, and fell in love with the process and possibilities. Angie loves showing people that anyone can create, even teaching ceramic classes for a year in her community.
  Wire & Gem Trees
Trees are a huge part of all paths of life. In almost every belief system, you will find a story involving a tree. Trees give us oxygen, shade, paper, firewood, homes, and more. Let's bring a tree inside! In this class, we will use wire and gemstone beads to make little trees. Multiple colors of wire will be available, along with many types of natural gemstone beads. We will attach finished trees to rocks, shells, or air dry clay to help them stand. This class is suitable for all ages. All supplies and tools will be provided, although you're welcome and encouraged to bring a special rock or seashell for your tree's base. Please make sure your rock or shell is at least 2.5"-3" and can sit flat on one side!
  Wire Wrapped Rings
Do you like rings on your fingers? Or toes? Come make your own with me! Each participant will make 1-2 rings. Lots of beads to choose from including gemstones, lava rocks, and various colors of Evil Eyes. All tools, supplies, and instruction provided. Bonus: Besides being a beautiful piece of wearable art, the beads will spin when you're done! Endless fun at your fingertips!

Oberon and Rhiannon Zell
Oberon is a renowned Wizard and Pagan Elder. He was first to claim the identity of “Pagan,” incorporated the Church of All Worlds in 1968, and published Green Egg magazine for 55 years. His signature sculpture is “The Millennial Gaia.” Oberon is founder of the Grey School of Wizardry and author of GaeaGenesis: Conception & Birth of the Living Earth. Rhiannon has been a Wiccan Priestess teaching the Craft for over 50 years, and is co-founder of the eclectic SerpentStone tradition. For 25 years, she helped organize grassroots Pagan gatherings throughout North Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia, with attendance up to 2,000. With a Masters degree in Counseling, she is a certified Master Herbalist, Sound Therapist, and Energy Healer, and works as a Psychiatric Nurse. She is also Chant Mistress for the Ouroboros Drum Circle in Candler, NC. She is married to Oberon.
  Sharing Water Ritual
Founded in 1962 by Oberon Zell and Lance Christie, the Church of All Worlds (CAW) became the first explicitly “Pagan” church to achieve full legal recognition in the US (1968) and Australia (1992). Through the publication of Green Egg magazine over a 56-year span, CAW has been a major catalyst in the growth and unification of the worldwide Pagan community; its influence acknowledged in Drawing Down the Moon and over 100 other books on the history of the modern Pagan movement. Join Oberon and Rhiannon for a free-form oral history and a moving Water-Sharing Ceremony with the Founding Elder!
  Messages in a Bottle
Oberon’s most recent book, Handbook for My Future Parents (with Haleigh Isbill), looks to the future and our next incarnations. For all the millions of us modern Pagans now alive – with more coming out every day – eventually it will come our time to leave this life; perhaps to return to begin a new one down the road. As the fastest-growing religion in the Western world, we will comprise entire generations to come. What advice and counsel do we want to offer our future parents to guide them in raising us? And what advice do we want to give our future selves? This workshop is interactive, so come prepared to speak your “messages in a bottle.”
  Games of Chants
Chanting is one of the earliest known ways of raising power. Whether it be a simple tone keyed to a particular purpose (such as opening a particular chakra) or a more complicated chant using rhythm and words or harmonies, chants are a powerful tool in any Pagan’s arsenal. We will explore some of the uses of chants and introduce you to chants for creating sacred space, raising energy, calling Deities, consecration, divination, and grounding, among others. Bring your favorite chants to share, and feel free to bring drums or other instruments!

Zenobia is a 3rd degree Alexandrian High Priestess trained out of Western Australia, Elder to Fairhaven Coven, Ontario, Canada, and Initiated Crone of Circle Sanctuary (PSG 2012). She is also the North American Representative for the Boskednan Clan (Lady Tamara/Witch of OZ). Zenobia has been a Reader at various Renaissance Festivals for the past 35+ years and her methods include Lithomancy, bones, Turkish coffee, Third Eye, Tarot, and photographs. “I am a Door Opener - I give people a chance to realize their potential and move beyond their hesitations.”
  Create Your Own Tattwa Cards 
Introduction to the Hindi Tattwas, an opportunity to make your own set for Meditation and elemental workings.
  Bones: A Hands-on Method for Use in Readings
How to start your own bone set for use in readings and meditation. What bones you are attracted to and how to combine them to do a reading. Start collecting your set and be prepared for a “show and tell.”

Zentra El
Zentra El is a long time practitioner of ceremonial magick with over 20 years experience in various forms of group ritual, a former member of the IOT, and co-founder of Emergent Magick. Active in the Order of Emergent Magi (OEM), this will be his 6th year presenting at Starwood. His main magical goals are creating non-toxic magical environments and working with like-minded individuals on healing and positive community building among occultists from all backgrounds.
Group Ritual
Join us for this hands-on workshop focused on creating and performing group rituals. We welcome all experience levels to attend. Emergent Magick provides the framework for people from varying belief systems and magical paradigms to work together in a cohesive and meaningful way. We will explore the basics of ritual construction, discuss logistical considerations, and provide suggestions to manage group dynamics. Together we will develop and perform a ceremony in a supportive environment.
Ritual: Hey Barbie!
Embark on a whimsical journey led by Zentra El and Katy Love as we explore themes of the recently released Barbie movie. Participants will engage in open discussion about their perspectives of the Barbie movie with a focus on empowerment for women and a dismantling of the Patriarchy. The workshop will end with a lighthearted ritual to honor the energy of Barbie that we wish to nurture. Bring your own Barbie for this ritual. Gently used Barbies available for participants.

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