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2023 Presenter/Workshops (subject to change)

In Alphabetical Order:

Mervyn Alphonse
has taught and practiced both Hatha and Kundalini Yoga extensively. He is a certified Reiki Master and utilizes a 34” gong in his Sound Healing practice. He has also sat Zazen for several years and has presented Yoga workshops and healing sessions at many festivals across the country. He currently teaches Hatha, Vinyasa, and Kundalini Yoga in Bloomington, Indiana.
• Kundalini Yoga:
Kundalini Yoga has been called the Yoga of Awareness. This workshop takes the individual on an experience of Kundalini Yoga via participation in a  ‘kriya’ - a prescribed set of exercises, asana, meditation, mantra and breath patterns designed to awaken and radiate the dormant spiritual power that lies within us.
• BURNING THE BOX (emotional release & soul play) This workshop releases the ties that bind, so to speak..We will break through our calcified self-images to unveil the inner being in all its playful and prayer-ful glory, in safe company of others that are revealed to be just that – other versions of one’s Self. This is achieved via synergistic exploration of healing and expressive modalities such as Yoga, pantomime, energy-feedback, authentic movement, sound healing, and sound circles. Breathe. Flow. Vizualize. Animate. Rejoyce.

Sharon Angelina
Art teacher, musician, Reiky master, I enjoy watching my students expand playfully into New Life Frontiers
• The Face of My Shadow
We hear a lot about Shadow work lately but what does it really mean? Students in this class will participate in group hypnosis, meditation, some j ournaling, and finally an art proj ect creating a mask of The Shadow self. Take a beautiful deep dive into honoring the dark side. All supplies will be provided.
• Meditation in Motion
This group activity (which is paradoxically very private) will facilitate unheard of movement and radical connection to the body. Participants will come away feeling exhausted, elated, amused, freer, and with greater self-confidence as a dancer. No dance experience necessary, this is not ecstatic dance but an inward connection to the animal body.

Anne Apynys

has worked as psychiatric nurse for over forty years. Currently, she is the Clinical Educator on a
Behavioral Health Unit in a community hospital. Part of her j
ob includes teaching workshops about communication and de-escalation techniques. She earned a doctorate in American Women's History and plays therapeutic on the harp as a Certified Music Practitioner.

• Let's Chat About Psychiatry: As a psychiatric nurse I have seen and heard a lot. If the world of psychiatry or therapy has you confused about something I offer this opportunity to talk and give honest answers. Types of therapies, medications, ECT and more. Looking for a therapist? What ’s the role of managed care? Did you have a good experience? Did you have a bad experience? It definitely happens – tell me more. How do medications work? Do medications work? How do they decide on a diagnosis? What are my rights if I end up in a psychiatric unit? Maybe I can help you understand. I promise I will try.
• Alcohol Use Disorder and the Detox Process:
Alcohol is the world’s favorite drug and has been throughout history. The ancient Egyptians drank beer. The Greeks and Romans drank wine. The Japanese have drunk sake for over 2000 years. Most people who drink alcohol do just fine, but some people Can ’t control their drinking and may need to go through the detox process. It ’s not easy. Why do some people have a problem with alcohol? What is addiction? What is tolerance? What is withdrawal? I will take you to the cellular and and even the molecular level. If you have had problems with alcohol addiction or if you know someone who has, at the end of this workshop you will have a firm understanding of the science behind alcohol addiction and detox.

Samantha Baeslack
A multi act circus performer and aerial teacher, with Husband Bob as our Stilt safety, Fire Safety, Fire Eater & trained set . We offer Aerial workshops for all ages 7+, Aerial Ambient performing during a musical set, Stilt Walking & fire spinning. We will spend  15 minutes stretching & then each person will get to try a couple of simple moves.
• Come Fly with me- Adults Aerial Hoop/Lyra
For the older teens & adults interested in trying Aerial Hoop/lyra. 3-5 minutes introduction to class;  10-15 minutes stretching The remainder of class bounces back and forth between demonstration and hands-on fun. I will have a safety mat & the equipment hung at a moderate height, so everyone is comfortable. **Note: I am not responsible for anyone who gets injured, and I may have to have them sign a waiver if the one for attending the festival doesn't cover this activity. **
• Come Fly with me- Adults Aerial Hammock
For older Teen & adults who are interested in trying Aerial Hammock. 3-5 minutes introduction to class;  10-15 minutes stretching. The remainder of class bounces back and forth between demonstration and hands-on fun. I will have a safety mat & the equipment hung at a moderate height, so everyone is comfortable. **Note: I am not responsible for anyone who gets injured, and I may have to have them sign a waiver if the one for attending the festival doesn't cover this activity. **
• Come Fly with me- Kids 6+ Mixed Aerial
This workshop would be for the kids 7+ who are interested in trying Aerial hammock or Aerial Hoop/Lyra 3-5 minutes introduction to class  10-15 minutes stretching The remainder of class bounces back and forth between demonstration and hands-on fun. I will have a safety mat & the equipment hung at a moderate height, so everyone is comfortable. **Note: I am not responsible for anyone who gets injured, and I may have to have them sign a waiver if the one for attending the festival doesn't cover this activity. **
(weather permitting)

Dawn Baldwin
Ra was a pagan baby in the 70s in the Chicago region. She holds a B.S. in Clinical psychology and a M.A. in Counseling and Education. She is a pantheist, backpacker, traveler and a teacher. She has had a focus in Gestalt work and teaches Gestalt Dream Therapy technique, helping people to understand their dreams while looking at them through a Gestalt lens. She also leads guided meditations in progressive relaxation. Since 2017, she has also led small groups in spiritual backpacking expeditions and provided hiker guidance on the Appalachian, Ice Age and Colorado Trails.
• Walking to Heal
A discussion on backpacking through nature and how it saves people both physically and spiritually. Attendees will be encouraged to discuss their own experiences and to share what has been healing and what has been hard. Beginners are encouraged to ask questions and old hats are encouraged to spread their wisdom.
• Progressive Relaxation

This is a calm, guided meditation intended to help attendees find an hour of peace in an otherwise chaotic world. Attendees should bring a mat, a blanket, or some other method of lying comfortably.

Byron Ballard BA, MFA,
is a western NC native, teacher, folklorist and writer. She is a senior priestess and co-founder Mother Grove Goddess Temple and the Coalition of Earth Religions/ CERES, both in Asheville, NC. Her essays are featured in several anthologies and she writes a regular column for Witches and Pagans Magazine.
• Practical Folk Magic

Appalachian folk magic is characterized by its hands-on and practical approach, as well
as its use of available materials. Though it has come down to us through a Protestant Christians filter, this system is easily adapted to modern Pagan sensibilities.
• Techniques for Effective Magic

Let ’s explore some seemingly simple techniques to answer the questions-
-What is magic? Why do it? How do you do it? And can you do it? The answer to the last is “yes!” and the other questions (and more) will be covered. This class that is good for beginners and a nice review for the more seasoned magic-workers among us.

With Drake Spaeth:
Spiritual Emergencies Within and Without Pagan Context: Pitfalls on a Spiritual Path - Parts  1 & 2
Dr. Stanislav Grof coined the term “spiritual emergency” to refer to mental health challenges and crises that sometimes arise in connection with spiritual experiences and evolution. “Emergency” connotes being overwhelmed and lost along the path. Spiritual guidance/direction/mentorship, authentic seeking, and spiritually sensitive psychotherapy can all help an emergency evolve into emergence. Spiritual emergencies are quite common in contemporary Pagan contexts and it can be difficult to find good mentorship or therapeutic support. Join us for rich discussion and advice for authentic support for spiritual emergencies.
Part 2 continues the discussion in Part  1 but focuses on the Pagan context sharing of personal accounts of spiritual emergencies

Lawrence Diehl Brown
is a novelist, astronomer, and musician. He is an ordained Shamanic Priest through the Lineage of Gary Stamper and the Venus Rising Institute for Shamanic Healing Arts in Asheville North Carolina. He was formally initiated into the Mankind Project in 2008, and staffed an MKP Initiation weekend in October 0f 2012. He has lectured and taught astronomy classes. He is an experienced group leader, lecturer, and teacher. He has discovered that astronomy is a profound source of spirituality. Published works include his trilogy FLARE, COLORS OF FIRE, and OF PRINCES AND KINGS – a science-based thriller incorporating ancient and modern astronomy.
• Astronomy as a gateway to Spirituality
With a professional telescope to view the heavens, we will focus on what can be observed and identified in the night sky. By day we will observe sunspots with a professional solar filter on the scope. I will also touch on the connection between modern astronomy and ancient astrology (at one time they were one and the same), and the ways in which astronomy has expanded our consciousness, in historical and modern times. Astronomy can open the way to a new form of human spirituality. Based on evolutionary connectedness to a changing and growing universe, this new spirituality intends to transcend ancient ideas of a supernatural creator and create in each individual an expanded consciousness.
• Observational Astronomy
The observational aspect is necessarily weather dependent, meaning I am prepared to set up scopes at a moment ’s notice on any clear night. I am willing to set up more than once. The actual talks can be scheduled during the day. I will provide handouts. My goal: My ultimate goal is preserving the magical of Starwood — that which inspires imagination. The stars are watching us and while quietly blinking they see the philosophy of the magical develop and the unique beauty that comes from us as we gather.

Mark Burnett
is a nationally recognized strongman and motivational speaker, performing extensively here in northeast Ohio and from New Jersey to Alaska. Like many other strongmen …..and a growing field of “Strongwomen,” Mark understands there is untapped potential in all of us, both physical and mental, and he uses feats of strength as an introduction to show what ’s possible. Mark is not a career strongman. In fact, he’s lived most of his life in a “Clark Kent” manner, raising a family and working a regular guy career before getting into the strongman culture just 9 years ago. Now, he entertains you with his feats of surprising physical strength while sharing his
common sense tips for bettering yourself physically, mentally and spiritually.
• East Coast Swing  1
The basics of East Coast Swing will be covered. Couples and singles welcome.
• East Coast Swing 2
This class will expand on the first session to add different steps. East Coast Swing 1 is recommended but not required. Couples and singles welcome.
• Mind Over matter: A Spirit Stronger than Steel
Come join Old Time Strongman Mark Burnett and learn how to push past pre-conceived limitations. Mark will perform feats of strength while giving tips on how to tap into the unrealized potential in all of us. Some of the feats Mark will perform are bending a 60D spike with his hands, rolling a frying pan, and tearing a deck of cards. While Mark has focused on the physical, his pointers are just as appropriate for mental, emotional, or spiritual goals. The last part of the session will be reserved for the attendees to try their hands at bending steel.

Rev. Ian Corrigan
has been working, playing and teaching in the Neopagan movement since  1975. He is a founding member of the Chameleon Club and the Starwood Festival, a Senior Priest and former Archdruid of A.D.F., and an initiate of a branch of traditional Witchcraft. Well-known as a teacher and performer at festivals and gatherings, he is the author of several books on Pagan occultism topics, including “Sacred Fire, Holy Well”, “The Book of Summoning” and “The Portal Book”.
• Pagan Magic With The Spirits
A discussion of a modern paradigm of magic-arte, based on alliance with the spirits of the Land, and a briefing and instruction for the ritual working the following day. Ian discusses the eternal presence of spiritual intelligences in the traditional work of Paganism and magic, offers a simple system of classification of such spirits, and explains the magical techniques used to allow simple, safe contact with spirits who can actually help us in our common lives.
• Ritual – Calling The Spirits; with members of ADF
An experimental ritual in the style of modern Druidry, combining traditional offerings with focused practical magic and trance. Bring a candle or perhaps a bottle of drink to be dedicated as an offering, and bring a goal for your magic, whether you need a rescue, or simply seek to grow in wisdom, love, and power.

Rebecca Crystal
Direct to the point of being abrupt, I aim for affirming cooperative communication learned from years as a teacher, therapist, Feminist, Pagan, activist and now disabled elder. MSW, MDiv. I have learned how to be in the moment, love with chronic pain and die easily. I call myself Wilde*Majiker to express what I can do and how I do it.
• Come play with your (auric)self
Workshop  1 Description: A mostly didactic interactive workshop where you will be introduced to your own psychic skills and then given opportunities to play with others! Or come to practice what you know with others who wish to play. Quick paced, changing partners, not much lecture!
• Wilde*Majiker takes you on a trip
•Named “The Real Deal” and frightening to some, come talk with me bringing your blocks to magical development, your deep wounds that therapies haven ’t touched, the unknown weirdness that creeps you out. See if a little Wilde*Majik can help you fly, help you ground, help you be who you intend to be.
• Invoking Anat

We’ve done self esteem. We’ve done Self defense. We need self offense! We’ve been self loving. We’ve learned Self protection. We need self raging! We need to learn to be offensive!
for those times our boundaries are not respected.  Anat is a Canaanite goddess of love and war and is definitely someone you want on your side.  Anat ’s revenge against a man who slighted her: "Anat seized Mot, the divine son, with a sickle she cut him, with a winnow she winnows him, with fire she scorches him, with a mill she crushes him, she scatters his flesh in the field to be
eaten by birds." Come to this workshop to acknowledge or ignite your Holy rage. Followed by a grounding in peace and love. We are, after all, hippie witches! (Women only preferably.)

Holly D'Angelo
began her magical career when she joined Silver Circle of Penn State, one of the oldest college Pagan clubs in the country. Eventually, she found her true calling in the Golden Dawn tradition, and in 2007 received initiation into Ordo Stella Matutina. Since then, she has studied, practiced and taught many topics in the Golden Dawn tradition through her work with the OSM and private classes.
•  The Hermetic Lounge
The Lounge is back ! Hang out and catch up with your fellow Hermetics and magicians as we share the high weirdness we have been up to in the past year. We'll start with the usual subj ects such as initiation, trads and paths, daily practice, etc. and see where the rabbit hole goes. The Hermetic Lounge is open to all aspirants, adepts and wannabes, with the expectation of respectful interactions between all participants. Come make some fascinating new friends!
• Introduction to Hellenistic Astrology Pts. 1 & 2
Astrology has undergone a revolution in the past 30 years as more and more works from the Hellenistic era (approximately  100 BCE to 500 CE) have been translated, studied and made accessible. However, many of the key concepts and potent techniques of Hellenistic astrology remain unknown to modern astrologers. Students with a prior knowledge of any form of astrology can engage and understand some of the reconstructed doctrines, rationales and techniques recovered through the efforts of Project Hindsight and Kepler College.
Hellenistic astrology can and should be integrated with the expanded understandings of the incredibly rich and diverse possibilities of modern astrology.

Jeff  D'Angelo
Jeff has been playing music since age 5 including piano, guitar, bass, and West African djembe and djun djuns.
• Djembe Bootcamp
Come get your groove on and establish a basic vocabulary of the djembe. Learn to hear and repeat common phrases, calls and responses from West African drum repertoire. Learn various accompaniments of popular polyrhythm. All skill levels welcome.
• Kassa - Rhythm of the Farmers
Kassa, which means granary, is a traditional Malinke rhythm played during work in the fields of
Northeast Guinea. Come learn the 6 djembe parts to this swinging rhythm. Intermediate skill suggested but not required.

Dr. Adam M. Davis
is a multidisciplinary naturalist who is experienced with many ways of connecting with nature:
energetic, meditative, scientific, artistic, ecstatic, ceremonial, shamanic, and more. He has been
facilitating nature awareness and inspiration workshops of the Connecting with the Land Workshop
Series since  1998.
• Energies and Wisdom of Natural Communities
You are invited to join us for a multidisciplinary exploration of the local ecosystem. We can connect and commune with nature entities and energies through observations, conversations, energetic engagement, and other avenues of experience. The workshop will include demonstration of basic exploratory techniques, a magical nature walk, brief stops along the walk, and opportunities to dwell longer in multiple places. Further exploration will be possible after the end of the scheduled time period.
• Cleansing, Healing, and Renewal Through Nature Connections
Join us in exploring nature connections and associated health and wellness benefits. After discussing energies and powers of diverse aspects of nature, folks will have a chance to get in touch with personal intentions and open to support from the natural world. Fundamental techniques, including scanning for synergies and elemental cleansing, will be discussed and demonstrated, with opportunities to cleanse, heal, and renew. In addition, facilitator Adam Davis will be available to support folks who wish to continue the work beyond the end of the scheduled time period.

Sharon Dean
I am a traveling visual artist, exhibiting and live painting all over Ohio and beyond with my spouse Aaron. When not on the road, we are at home on our little homestead where I have my art studio. We love to garden, wild forage our woods, and live five minutes from feral.
• Manifestation Magic and Power Sigils
What is your deepest desire? What do you want to attract into your life? What do you need help with? “Mystic Sister” Sharon, will outline steps and techniques on how to create your dreams into reality, as well as what to avoid when manifesting and shares real-life examples. In the second half, she will discuss Power Sigils; what they are, what they are used for, how they work, and how to make them. Then, guests will get the opportunity to design and create their own Power Sigil and how tips on how to activate it. Manifestation is Magic, and you hold the key !
• Mad Hatter Tea Party
Don ’t be Late for the Important Date! Join hosts, Sharon and Aaron, down the rabbit hole (GreenMan) to the Mad Hatter Tea Party ! Traditional English tea and crumpets (cookies) will be served from lovely mixed-matched china and guests are encouraged to dress-up in their craziest hats and Wonderland attire. Once assembled, volunteers put on their best British accents and we read the Tea Party Chapter from Lewis Carrol’s classic, Alice in Wonderland. Stick around for all the Madness and Muchness where it ’s always Tea Time!

Djobi Ensemble 'Wake Up Spirit'
We bring authentic African music and few new compositions. We will have dancers and steel drums as well. We have grown and brought back some new music from Africa. Our group has grown. Emmanuel and I have put a lot of energy into growing and making our performance better every year.
• African Drum
Learn African drum and hand positions and sound. Learn a new song and a passport rhythm.
• African dance
Learn African dance and body moments. Learn a new dance and movements.

Rev. Donna Donovan
is the founder of Appalachian Pagan Ministry, with a focus on pagan prison ministry, and contributing author to "Steel Bars, Sacred Waters: Celtic Paganism for Prisoners", and founder of "Air n-Aithesc" a scholarly magazine for Celtic Reconstructionists. Rev Donna is also a member of the Athens County Reentry Task Force, and works with Ohio’s Reentry Coalition. Formerly incarcerated, then  10 years later working for the state that incarcerated her, Rev Donna brings an inside perspective to the table of reentry. Rev Donna is a person in long-term recovery, beginning recovery of her meth addiction on Jan 8, 1989. As well to being a mother to a daughter in long-term recovery, she lost her son to his battle with opiates on Nov 24, 2015. Rev Donna brings a perspective from all sides of the addiction issue and facilitates the Heilvegr (a Heathen recovery program) in various facilities nationally.
• Pagans in Recovery:  12 Steps Without The God Part
It ’s often heard: “I tried AA or NA, but I just couldn’t get past the God part.” - the overt signs of
religion that are part of some AA meetings, such as the reciting of the Lord’s Prayer. For the Heathen or Pagan, and for the agnostic, atheist and humanist, it can feel like a distraction from the work. For others, however, tapping into God’s power is the very thing that makes recovery possible. AA/NA has sought to address this by encouraging a personal definition of God as any higher power the person may choose; nature, love, or the AA/NA group as a whole (in the latter case, as the explanation goes, G.O.D. becomes Group Of Drunks). In her book, “Steel Bars, Sacred Waters”, Donna Donovan wrote a Celtic pagan version of the  12 Steps. This workshop focuses on versions of the  12 Steps for those who do not follow an Abrahamic path. Those in AA/NA are kindred spirits at heart, struggling to subdue addiction ’s hold on their lives. And for that, support is essential. We’re wise to remember the words of AA co-founder Wilson: “The roads to recovery are many.” Just like in Vegas, the same as in the rooms: what is said and shared at this workshop stays in this workshop.
• The Heilvegr
is a Nine Step Recovery program for Heathens who suffer from Addiction, Depression, or PTSD. This program differs drastically from Twelve Step Programs in a key and fundamental way: as Heathens, we accept responsibility for our actions. For too long, those of our faith who have these issues have had to look outside of our faith for help, chiefly to programs that tell us that we are powerless, and to submit ourselves to a thinly veiled foreign higher power. No longer must we do this in order to put ourselves back on the path to health and holiness, the Heilvegr. The principles outlined in this book draw on the work of Carl Jung and Germanic mythology in order to create a path to healing that can help not only addicts, but those with depression and PTSD as well.

Lilith Dorsey M.A.

hails from many magickal traditions, including Afro-Caribbean, Celtic, and Indigenous
American spirituality. Their traditional education focused on Plant Science, Anthropology, and Film at the
University of R.I, New York University, and the University of London, and their magickal training includes numerous initiations in Santeria also known as Lucumi, Haitian Vodoun, and New Orleans Voodoo. Lilith Dorsey is also a Voodoo Priestess and in that capacity has been doing successful magick since 1991 for patrons, is editor/publisher of Oshun-African Magickal Quarterly, filmmaker of the experimental documentary Bodies of Water  :Voodoo Identity and Tranceformation,’ and choreographer/performer for j azz legend Dr. John ’s “Night
Tripper” Voodoo Show. They have long been committed to providing accurate and respectful information about the African Traditional Religions and are proud to be a published Black author of such titles as 55 Ways to Connect to Goddess, The African-American Ritual Cookbook, Love Magic, Orishas, Goddesses and Voodoo Queens, Water Magic and the newly re-released Voodoo and African Traditional Religion.
• Voodoo and African Traditional Religion
The world of voodoo is a universe populated with sacred gods, spirit possessions, and natural grace. Despite media portrayals of zombies and wild abandon, the religion is actually a complex system of nature-inspired belief. This class will answer your questions, and introduce you to the voodoo gods of fire, love, lightning, and more.
• Spiritual Lessons from the Sci-Fi Universe
What does Worf from Star Trek have to do with Africa’s Ogun? What do little green men have to do with Sirius and Amazonian shamanism? How can the pitfalls to your destiny be found in the Twilight Zone? For the answers to these questions and more please tune in to this class.
• Lilith, Maman Brigitte and Pomba Gira: The Dark Goddesses of Your Dreams
The ancient and powerful Goddesses of the night have been honored for centuries, and in some cases millennia. There is Lilith, mistress of the dark, draped in sensuality and strength who has long been demonized by a male dominated society. Next we have Maman Brigitte, Queen of the Dead, who devotees turn to for justice and protection. Last, but certainly not least, this workshop will discuss the bare breasted and un-apologetically sexual Pomba Gira who can spin the world. In this class we will talk about giving respect and tribute to these sacred feminine forces with shrines, spells, and more

Ginger Doss/Lynda Millard

The music of award winning singer-songwriter Ginger Doss ranges from funky alt rock to heart warming ballads, from funky tribal drumming to inspiring spiritual anthems. Joining her will be
her long time musical cohort Lynda Millard whose amazing vocals, dazzling flute and bass thrill music lovers of all types. Together they have a harmonic grace and command of their instruments that can only come from years of playing and singing together. Drum, dance and journey on sparkling waves of musical bliss as they weave their melodic magic with rocking grooves and spine tingling harmonies that have earned them international acclaim.
• Forgiveness Meditation
(With Ginger Doss) Forgiveness is one of the most powerful healing practices there is, starting with forgiving ourselves. Using Buddhist guidelines we will practice together forgiving self and others. Forging the path to living lighter, freer, happier lives
• Soul Architecture
(With Lynda Millard) What if we designed this life ourselves? Decided what we needed to work on, and with whom? This is an open discussion about the possibility that we 'signed up' for this life, with the gift of free will, as the architect co-creating with Spirit.

Kirk Everist
Dr. Kirk Andrew Everist directs and teaches theatre studies at Austin College in Sherman, Texas, where he also conducts experiments in collective consensus creation via improvisation. He has presented at Starwood before on subjects ranging from polyamory to pagan christians to mnemotechnics.
• Post-Pandemic Polyamory
An exploration of how pandemics change polyamory, and how polyamory as a paradigm can help people survive pandemics. How has poly practice changed (and stayed the same)? How have poly practices (like creative boundaries between work and home) helped even the most monogamous among us?
• Epic Polyamory
A guided discussion of enduring relationship energy, and how to practice complex polyamory over long periods of time. Beyond the lessons learned from experience, what hurdles do poly people face as relationships grow longer and more numerous? Or as relationships change and evolve through their own life cycles? Any experience level welcome for a conversation about large-scale partner networks and long-term planning, as well.

Phil Farber
is the author of High Magick: A Guide to Cannabis in Ritual and Mysticism (Llewellyn Worldwide, 2020); Brain Magick: Exercises in Meta-Magick and Invocation (Llewellyn Worldwide, 2011), Legendary Blue Smoke (Hoo-Ha Books, 2014) and Futureritual: Magick for the 2 1st Century (Eschaton Productions, 1995), among other titles. He has produced several video courses on magical topics and teaches workshops throughout the United States, England and Europe. Visit Phil at http ://
• Cannabis Magick
In the latest installment we will take a j ourney back in time to discuss the very early history of human interaction with the cannabis plant. Where did this incredibly useful plant come from? How did humans discover its amazing properties? What were those early plants like – and was the weed any good? When and how did ritual use begin?
• Evocation for Personal Change
Do you have situations, aggravations, and problems in your life that you ’d like to move past? Come experience a modern take on the ancient art of evocation, the magical technique of communicating with entities. As a magical process in the old days, evocation was used to align the diverse parts of human consciousness into an integrated whole. With a little adjustment, these techniques can be used safely to gain better understanding of our internal consciousness and to transcend some of the problems we may face.
• Rapport Skills for Everyone
Humans are built to share feelings and empathize with other humans, however, our ability to resonate with others on a deep level comes somewhat randomly and haphazardly. Phil Farber will present a series of interactive exercises to explore deeper and more enj oyable states of rapport. Experience it for yourself! The workshop will culminate with a Group Mind Ritual. Did you know that it's possible to think with a mind other than your own? Rapport skills can be useful in any situation in which you need to communicate with others.

Krista Lauren Fenton
is a holistic healer, dancer and educator who investigates the lines where science meets metaphysics. She holds a M.S. in Clinical Herbalism from Maryland University of Integrative Healtha B.A. in Creative Writing from Burlington College and two advanced degrees from the Heartwood Institute ('01) and the Southwest School for Botanical Medicine. She has been a medical massage therapist, professional Tarot reader and Reiki Master for over 20 years. Krista Lauren is the founder of Jaguar Botanicals and currently lives with her family on the beach in Florida, where she is also working in both script writing and audiobook narration.
• Shamanic Techniques for Daily Management of Long-Term Trauma
Explore simple techniques that can assist in managing focus and tranquility throughout the day for individuals who are working on healing trauma within themselves and others. Including Planetary Journeywork, Waggle Dancing the Leminiscate, the Song of the Hive, Sanskrit Vocal Toning of the Chakras, the Gayatri Mantra, Cloudbursting, and Counting Sheep. We will also discuss Somatic Experiencing and Adaptogenic Herbs (for stress and anxiety) in maintaining an even emotional and physical keel while recovering the impacted central nervous system.
• Water Magick: Cloudbursting, Spellcasting & Liquid Abundance
Inspired by the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of "Hidden Messages in Water". We will explore scientific and metaphysical understandings of how water relates to consciousness, and consider historical/religious Weather Magick. We will collaborate on a proj ect to incorporate "charging" water into your spell-casting and daily practice wheelhouse. Finally, we will dissect Dr. Emoto's method of "Cloudbursting", dissolving clouds/affecting weather through thought and focus. Weather permitting we will have a cloudbursting demonstration and practicum. Please bring an extra clear, full water bottle to class to participate in the spellcasting practicum.

Stephanie Gooch
• Drawing Celtic Knotwork

Jason Gough
Zentre El is a long time practitioner of ceremonial magick with over 20 years experience in various forms of group ritual, a former member of the IOT and co-founder of Emergent Magick. Active in the Order of EmergentMagi (OEM) This will be his 5th year presenting at Starwood. Main magical goals are creating non-toxic magical environments and working with like minded individuals on healing and positive community building among occultists from all backgrounds.
• Dr.D's Ancestor Healing Ritual
The Doctor is in ! Join us in the Digi-dome for a fun and exciting healing ritual. Using the power of song, dance and ancestor magick for healing and positive community reinforcement. Bring a small offering for the ceremony. Libations, tobacco and herbs, crystals and personal magical talismans are all good. Let's Rock !
• Emergence from Chaos
Zentra El presents tales of hilarious comedy and horrific terror from his time with the chaos magicians before the rise of Emergent Magick. Learn the history of chaos magick in the USA and it's eventual development into Emergence. Stories sure to make you laugh, cry and laugh some more. Explore the pitfalls and learn about some of the colorful characters in modern occultism.


Ed Haggard


The Love Drums is the name of my performing percussion ensemble. We’ve performed at many
festivals and events including: Drum and Splash, Nashville Shakespeare Festival, Nashville Zoo, Martha
O’Brien Center, etc. I have taught over 3500 drum classes and workshops in Nashville. I’ve had Arthur Hull’s drum circle facilitator training and have facilitated many drum circles for corporate events and other groups. I led drum circles more than a dozen times at Cumberland Heights Addiction Treatment Center. I’ve produced a monthly drum and dance event in Nashville called, The Love Drums Community Drum and Dance WhizBang.
• The Joy of Small Percussion
We all love drum circles with hand drums like dj embes, and stick drums like dunduns, but the flavors added by small percussion (shakers, bells, claves, whistles, wooden frogs, zydeco tie…) are the seasoning that can make it so much more tasty ! Come learn how small percussion instruments can add SO much. See how you can add your piece to the groove with light weight instruments that help hold it all together and make it fly ! It is SO fun to let your hands fly and create in the moment grooves! And it is SO fun to learn and play time tested traditional
West African rhythms. Bring whatever small percussion instruments you have and check out our cool collection of fun percussion toys.
• Mixing Improv Drum Circle Style and West African Drumming Style for Maximum Groove Potential

Come with your drums and instruments and j oin in as we explore the beauty of each style and see how they can intertwine to make grooves that make for the super dance we all love.

Rev. Garrik Hamr
I am a rune worker and priest of Ar nDraiocht Fein and have been working in the Pagan Path for 25 years. I am currently exploring ecstatic practices using rune work and how poetry and storytelling in the Indo-European world has impacted magical practice (and vice versa) in those cultures.
• Runework  101 after the Pandemic
A discussion of magical and spirit work using the runes, especially considering the changes between the Anglo-Saxon and Younger Futharks in the face of illness and change in cultures, and how those changes can be considered in the wake of the Coronavirus.
• Runic Guided Meditations
Two 25-minute meditations on magical craft and practice inspired by the practices and world-view of rune work, with a brief discussion beforehand on what runes are used, what work is being done, and how to utilize the meditations in your practice.

Deborah Hill
DeBorah is a Nurse-Massage Therapist(and bellydancer) is owner and operator of Inthera Massotherapy LLC, an integrative massage practice in NE Ohio. DeBorah specializes in Traditional Thai Massage and its related healing arts. Each year, DeBorah presents the Healing the Body Temple workshops on health, wellness, dance and disease prevention. Working within the flow of nature, scientific evidence and the intuitive senses, it is possible to create a lifetime of health promotion
• Traditional Thai Massage Pt.  1
Introduction into the healing art and science of Traditional Thai Massage(TTM), this workshop encourages a partner dynamic as we explore beneficial poses, stretches and energy work. This workshop is designed for beginners, healers, LMTs, yoga instructors and enthusiasts. Please dress in loose comfortable clothing(please no nudity) bring a yoga mat, towels(for bolsters and sweat) and water.
• Traditional Thai Massage Pt. 2
This is a continuation of part  1 yet it is also a stand alone session, so don't worry if you were not present for part 1. We will continue to explore poses and stretches in the seated position. As an added bonus, we will explore Thai herbal therapy 'sa wan'.This workshop is designed for beginners, healers, LMTs, yoga instructors and enthusiasts. Please dress in loose comfortable clothing(no nudity please) bring a yoga mat, towels(for bolster and sweat) and water.

Drew Heusman
A freelance artist educated in commercial arts in the early 80's Experienced in graphic design, t-shirt design, murals, signs you name it I've tried it. In my class's we'll combine our skills and experiences and help others and ourselves become better artists.
• Learn to draw
We will learn the basics of drawing. This class is for beginners. Bring plenty of paper and pencils and positive attitude's as we will learn to draw or have fun trying. This class runs all week.
• Figure Drawing
For the more advanced artist. Love figure drawing. Relax and sharpen your pencils and skills as models transform from pose to pose.

Sarah Jones
lives in New Jersey with her boyfriend and musician Jack Lowry. Sarah has an Associates Degree in Fine Art and a Bachelors in Computer Art, Animation and Visual Effects. Always a passionate explorer of the unknown, she enjoys themes of abstraction and tribalism in modern contemporary art.
• Spirit Dolls: How to Make Healing Dolls for Yourself. Parts  1&2
Doll Making can help you to heal at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. The essential process of healing yourself with artmaking is to create change so that you can become more conscious and restore your connection to nature and your soul. You can heal yourself with art by opening up to your inner voices, listening to them, and allowing their messages to emerge. In this workshop we will construct a small medicine doll. In Part one we will sculpt the face of our doll from clay. Part two we will paint our faces and build the body out of sticks, string, material and anything else we can find.

Kim Keffer
I'm a traveling visual artist, inspired by nature and our connection to her and to one another. Creativity for me is the greatest healer and I believe we are all creators. I create art daily as part of my self care. I facilitate a group called Creative Companions where we are believing mirrors for one another and together we explore ways to silence the censor and ignite the creative spirit. • Guided Painting (presented Twice)
Hi I'm Kim, I'm an artist, a creator, so are you. Join me for a MissGuided Painting Workshop. I'll bring all the supplies. Just come as you are, with the experience you have and let's create together. All ages are welcome. (Kids under 10 need an adult with them, I prefer the whole family). This is not a how to paint workshop, though you will complete a painting. It's more a how to free your creativity workshop. As we paint I speak of ways to silence the censor and ignite the creative spirit. No matter what your chosen form of artistic expression is, participating in this Workshop will fuel your creative fire AND you'll create a painting to cherish ! So let's gather and create!

Meren King
Meren Edna Marie King is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist presently making Music in Ocala, Florida, USA. Born in Long Beach, California, Meren has been a traveler most of her life. From the West Coast to the East Coast and every US State in-between, Meren accompanied her parents as they worked with traveling circuses and sideshows during the first three years of her life, and then as a teen searching for her kith and kin she traveled even more extensively, and as an adult reaching into Canada and even across the pond to Europe. Meren has been a part of the Pagan communities in most of the places she has lived, and says that her faith contains a little bit of everything that she has seen and heard and read and experienced. Following no particular pathway or religion, her church is the wild places of the world, and her deities are all around her. Believing that we are all Energy, and everything is a part of everything else, she brings this sensibility to her music and stories, sharing her perspectives and beliefs with the world. Music has always been a part of Meren's life, although it is just within the last 10 years that she has really pursued it as her Lifepath. With Phambly across the Globe and with many worldwide musical influences, Meren's songs and stories show you what is most dear to her heart: her Phambly, her Faith and her Hopes for Our World. From Folk to Blues to World Beat and more, the songs she sings and the stories she tells will take you on a journey of the mind and heart. Come on along and join her on her adventures across this twirling Earth. Meren is the Musical Coordinator for Trees of Avalon Gathering.
• Getting Started as a Magical Songwriter

Do you feel that music and poetry move your soul, but are unsure how to express it for yourself and others? Have your wanted to write your own music, but over the years just didn’t have the tools to get started? You don’t need formal education to create music and poetry (although it does help), just an open soul willing to let the creativity flow, no matter where it might go. Come join me as I share a bit of my musically creative awakening as an older adult (started at 59), and find out the tools I use to bring out my creative self to share with the world. Please bring something to write on and with, and remember your water!
• Magical Song writing Collaboration

A continuation of the “Getting Started as a Magical Songwriter” workshop, we will be joining together to create a Magical Song of our own. Please bring your notes and ideas from the previous workshop, and any instruments you would like to have in the song. Don’t forget your water.

Yuka Lawrence
is a certified trance dance facilitator who has been facilitating this shamanic j ourney in classes and at festivals all over the world. As a certified psychoanalyst, she has been practicing, teaching, supervising psychotherapy/psychoanalysis for over 25 years in New York City. She believes in one's own healing power when one can be in touch with their body, mind, and spirit to work through ones's light and shadow.
• Trance Dance
Trance Dance is a unique blend of body movement, healing sounds, dynamic percussive rhythms, transformational breathing techniques and the innovative use of a blindfold or bandana – together stimulating a  ‘trance’ state that promotes spiritual awakenings, mental clarity, physical stamina and
emotional well-being. Presented twice.

Katy Love
is a member of the Order of Emergent Magi, and enj oys supporting the organization of OEM events. She has been presenting at festivals and OEM events since 2017 and enj oys the ways that authentic connection at festivals fosters growth and deep healing. She draws inspiration from working with people who use a variety of magickal and spiritual approaches. Katy Love is a practicing relational and mental health therapist, she primarily supports people in the LGBTQIA+, non-monogamous, and kink communities. Her magick often focuses on healing from the individual, community, ancestral and societal levels.
• Working With Ancestral Trauma
Many ancient and modern spiritual traditions involve honoring and maintaining a connection with
one’s ancestors. This workshop will discuss how to work with ancestral trauma. We will process
respectfully exploring ancestral trauma, building awareness around how we have been (and still are) impacted, and breaking the unhealthy cycles our ancestors and living family members maintained as a result of trauma. We will talk about practical ways to incorporate this work into your practice. Participants are invited to bring something to contribute to the group ancestor altar.

Jack Lowry
Gypsy Funk Squad "World Fusion—¿C0иfµs¡øn?—Dance Music" – a conglomeration of music from Turkey, Egypt, Israel, USA, Cameroon, Italy, Mexico, India, etc-etc-etc, performed by a motley of musicians in a FUN'k-tifed, unpredictable manner—with or without bellydancers and / or gypsy dancer—however, with audience dancing and participation. What on Earth could that mean?!  Find out for yourself!
• Drumming Games and tips for more fun !
Spice up your drum j ams with some back and forth call- response techniques using  1, 2, 3 or 4 measure call and response or call and repeat. Learn how to tease your drum and the drum circle with the power of space, hand claps and "break downs" and how less can be more. Some practice tips for dexterity andtiming will also be shared.
• Intro to playing the Middle-Eastern Doumbek Hand Drum
We will learn the three basic hits - Dum, Tek and Ka. Then we will put those together to make ayyoub, chiftitelli and maqsoum rhythms (maybe even masmoudi, beledi, and saidi rhythms too). If we are
feeling ambitious we can even try some 9/8 rhythms; Karsilama; “Gypsy Nine”! Bring your frame drum, dumbek or any drum, I will have only a few to share. Rhythm notation sheets will be handed out.

Daniel Lupinski
graduated from The Foundation for Shamanic Studies 3 year Advanced program in Shamanic Healing and has over 30 years experience doing this work.

• Introduction to Shamanic Journeying
Workshop will entail using the drum to j ourney into the lower, middle, and upper worlds to connect with power animals and spirit teachers.
• Introduction to Advance Shamanic Healing
An introduction into understanding and creating ritual for healing soul loss, familial possession, and illness intrusions.

Mark Mansfield
Since first attending Starwood in 1996 Mark knew that he found home. As a licensed therapist for the last 22years , a trickster for a lot longer than that, & a passionate student of esotericism his whole adult life Mark has gained a deep understanding of both mind and sprit and the ability to communicate that wisdom to help people be their best selves. He's grateful to give back to the community that has given him so much in any way possible. In addition to contributing to your knowledge he is also more than happy to make sure you have a clean place to shower.
• The Fire Circle: Energy & Alchemy
The alchemy of the fire circle is at its deepest level a prayer. It's also one heck of a celebration. We will explore the energetic & alchemical movements of the fire circle using the Fire, Dancer, & Drummer as the key triad. We will discuss the space each holds for the whole & explore the interactions between and within all of the elements from a spiritual/energetic and physical/social perspective on both individual & collective levels. If you'd like a deeper understanding of what goes on at the PawPaw & how you can engage in a more intentional relationship with it this is for you.
• The Peak Experience: Growth & Dissolution
At one point or another everyone on a path of growth has had a peak experience. This is accompanied by a breaking down of past patterns. Sometimes this is graceful and sometimes it comes with great struggle And even if it is graceful, those sublime moments and connections can be lost buried in the minutia of the day-to-day. This workshop is a facilitated group discussion sharing experiences, triumphs, and struggles in integrating and maintaining the gifts present in those peak moments.

Jason Mankey

read his first book on Witchcraft in the seventh grade, and at age 22 dedicated his life to the
Craft. Today, Jason is a third degree Gardnerian High Priest and helps run two Witchcraft covens in the San
Francisco Bay Area with his wife Ari. Jason is a popular speaker at Pagan and Witchcraft events across North American and Great Britain, and has been recognized by his peers as an authority on the Horned God, Wiccan history, and occult influences in rock and roll and heavy metal music. He is the channel manager at Patheos Pagan, the world’s most read Pagan blogging site, and writes there at Raise the Horns, and at the magazine “Witches and Pagans.”
• A (Brief) History of the Greek Gods (with Astrea Taylor)
People have been worshiping the goddesses and gods of the Greeks for 3500 years, and maybe even longer than that ! In this workshop we'll explore the history of the Olympians, from Ancient Greece into the present day and all points in between, and take a look at how the maj or deities were worshipped in the Ancient World.  
• D is for Dionysus  
Shake off the chains of mundania and revel in the ecstasy and untamed energy of Dionysus!  Pour a libation to the god of wine, chant his name, and slip away from reality for a while as we passionately praise great Dionysus.    
• The Gifts of the Witch-Father  
In Traditional Witchcraft the Horned One is often called the Witch-Father. The Witch-Father is the primordial spirit of nature and watches over the Witches who honor him. Together we will tread the Witch ’s Mill, meet the Witch-Father and receive his gifts. Our rite together will be a j ourney, a revelation, and a celebration of the Horned One’s power and grace.  

J’Amour Matthews
LGBTQUIA where do we belong Founding member, and head organizer of The Pittsburgh Black Hat Society Network. I can proudly say I brought fourteen Pittsburgh Witches Balls to the city of Pittsburgh. Brian Henke has been to twelve of those Pittsburgh Witches Balls. Led to Starwood by Brian Henke, I will be giving a presentation on the LGBTQIA+ community ( lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning(one's sexual or gender identity), intersex, and asexual).

We Belong in the Pagan & magical community limitations & paths, activism
• Think You are a Witch - now what?
This presentation will take you through a j ourney of discovery that will help set you on a j ourney to help you discovery to your path.

Ian McGee
sometimes known as Cap'n Redboots, son of Cap'n Pat, is a daring swashbuckler who finds more delight in late-night drumming and the serenity of hammock lounging with cats rather than piracy proper. Just like a  1986 David Bowie, I too am a labyrinth enthusiast and look forward to continuing the honored tradition at this year'sStarwood.
• Labyrinth Set-up

This workshop will include the labyrinth set-up along with education about the ritual and the
proper cup to sand ratio.

Ash McKernan
is a psychetherapist, counselor (MFT), and wyrd-worker who loves to spend time at the crossroads where psyche/nature/magic/healing intersect. Author of the book: Wyrdcraft: Healing Self and Nature Through the Mysteries of the Fates (Llewellyn Worldwide).
• The Mysteries of Wyrd: The Fates Call
The Fates Call manifests in each of our lives in unique ways, and in shared ways. Let's explore these ways together. Let's explore our wyrd together, define it together, weave it into a spell and see where it goes from there. Wyrd—the progenitor of our common modern word weird—is an ancient pagan/heathen concept which points to the interweaving of fate, destiny, nature, soul, magic and more. Join Ash for a short introduction to wyrd, and wyrdcraft--an experiential exploration into the revealing, healing, and transformative nature of Wyrd, and the Call of the Fates as it manifests within your life.
• The Mysteries of Wyrd: Wyrding With Dance
Dancing is a powerful ritual ecstatic form of crafting through which we can know Wyrd and Wyrd's mysteries through a myriad of j oyful, magical, and healing movements. Join me on a j ourney into the body-wyrd, the spiraling, waving, shaking, flowing, blowing energies of the universe within each of our body-minds. Let us attune to and embody this Beloved Wyrd Soul that is our Center, Source and Inner Flame. And in preparation for the Starwood boon-fire, let us prepare and weave a spell (individually and collectively), let us dance it into being and becoming; into eternally transforming Light, Sha
dow, and Flame.

Irish Mike

has been a leader in the pagan community for over three decades. Baptized in the flame, He hasspent years perfecting his fire spell, both metaphorically and metaphysically. An eager seeker of knowledgefrom all corners of the globe, he occasionally brings his glimpses of the arcane to lauded workshops, and usesmultiple metaphors to relate the lessons. He merges the aesthetic of the old world, with the technology of thenew world, which can be seen firsthand in his solar powered vardo he takes on the road.

• The Magik of Whiskey

The Drop, the cratur, usquebaugh, poteen, the Water of Life, it has been labeled by every walk of life, one name has never been enough. From the Dawn of Man, the most powerful wizard in the community was the one who could make fire every time he tried, and he held that title for 5,000 years, until the advent of the brewers. Then for the next 5,000 years, the person making alcohol was the most powerful wizard in the community. Up until Louis Pasteur discovered that yeast made alcohol, no one had any explanation for it, except, it was Magik ! Join us for a little taste of the good stuff, and some inspiration from how liquor has been used in rituals over the years, and perhaps how you can use it in yours. I have been enamored with whisky since I first tasted it, and through my research I believe my love runs far deeper than just flavor. Something this special must be shared.

• Camping with Solar Power

There are many ways to dip your feet in solar power. From a small panel to charge your phone, a solar powerfan in your tent, solar powered tea pot, to a full array of solar panels and a 3,000 watt battery to power the AC in your insulated bardo. We will discuss the costs to get started, hiccups you find along the way, and the barriers you encounter trying to scale up to the next level.

Karinna Miller
Soror Bean Sidhe ("Ban-Shee") is a lover of fae exploration and faery tales. Her book, 37 Ancient Faery Tales, is based on an earlier translation by Oliver Loo. Bean Sidhe aspires to return these tales to human consciousness through their in-person telling.
• Finding TRUTH in Faery Tale Pt.  1: The Frog King + Mary ’s Child
Traditionally, faery tales are told as true. In this program, Soror Bean Sidhe spins two faery tales included in the Grimm Brothers’ first  1812 storybook. The source? Households in the back hills of what is now Germany. Details essential to the tales, as told in this original volume, were changed or eliminated in all subsequent editions. T
he Frog King, in which a spoiled virginal king’s daughter learns difficult yet profound lessons and Mary ’s Child, about the silencing effect of a lie. We will conclude with a look at truths heard, in an open share.
• Finding TRUTH in Faery Tale Pt. 2: Snow White + Shoemaker & the Elves
Following the same format as part one, we continue finding truth in faery tale. In Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Snow White, daughter of an attractive and prideful queen, is thrust onto a path of learning, and gains the wisdom of a true queen. In the second tale, Shoemaker and the Elves, a shoemaker faithfully cuts his leather to form, and elves do his work for him in the night! We find truth where we can connect these tales to our own lives.

Scott Mohnkern
has been a practicing heathen for over 20 years, and has been teaching at Free Spirit Gathering
almost that long! He's currently the Coordinator for Free Spirit Gathering. When Scott isn ’t busy Coordinating
, he’s writing books (He’s got three, and working on a fourth), working at a nearby Pagan Pride Day, running Oracular Seidr rituals, or working his “regular” full time j ob as a network security instructor. In addition to Free Spirit Gathering this year, He’s the special guest at Hallowed Homecoming, held in October in Virginia for 2020.
• Run Valdr
is a Reiki like healing modality based upon the Norse Runes. Similar to Reiki, the runes are used as a modality for passing energy primarily for healing purposes, as well as other activities. In this workshop you ’ll learn the fundamentals of this healing practice, receiving a basic attunement, and have the chance to pair up with a partner and experience how to use this system.
• Introduction to Bind Runes
When people talk about runes, they think of casting the runes in order to get a view into the potential future. The image of the Volva (seeress) sitting in a dark cave with a fire, throwing down the runes, and telling a young adventurer whether his next quest will be profitable (or even survivable), carries with us, even into today. Runic magic actually extends beyond divination to the concept of “active” magic, where one just didn ’t try to see into the future, but impacting our future. A common practice was to combine a series of runes into a pattern that asked upon the gods for a given result. This result could be a blessing, or it could even be a curse. In this
workshop we’re going to discuss the concept of using the runes to impact our future, the ethics of these magical practices, and ultimately, using runes to create spells to help us shape our path.

Samantha Novak
is a circus performer bringing many talents to share at Starwood including: - Fire eating - Fire hula hooping - Stilt walking (with Jennifer Baeslack) - Improvisation Character Acting.
• Improvisation Acting for Beginners
During this workshop you will: Learn the basic rules of improv - Learn how-to play improv games - Practice your new skills in a beginner improv game with your class. - Get tips on how to get engaged with your local improv troupe
• Improvisation Acting for Performers
During this workshop you will: Learn what a character actor is and how improvisation is used. - Get educated on body language and patron interaction - What is a bit? What should and shouldn't you do when performing one? - Demonstrate a bit with the rest of the class. - Get tips on how to apply and get involved in local character acting opportunities.

Davidione Pearl/Blackout Rose
Notes: Our soon to be released music video-"Opioid" Private YouTube Link below:

• Book Writing Shorts in the Wild
Taking our literary "wild mind" and fleshing out book outlines, conquering the fear of starting the book you've always wanted to begin writing.

Wendy Raphael
Wendy, an eclectic solitary, has been intimately involved in the festival scene since  1992. Professional artist, illustrator, signwriter, creator of extraordinary ceremonial hairwraps, sketch journalist, painter and henna are just a few of her skills. She is always entertaining, approachable and willing to talk about art !
• Manifesting Your Dream with Sketch Journaling
Bring your journals and create a page now ! Festival is a wonderful time to begin your dreams. Learn manifesting techniques from an experienced j ournalist. List of 150 page suggestions and the tools to make it happen ! Skills for a lifetime.
• Journal Share
An open discussion about sketch j ournaling and how it changes our lives. Bring your j ournals to share. This is the perfect time during festival to put it on paper !

is a degreed Fine Arts Instructor who has been professionally teaching for over twenty years. His visions in Fine Arts were rekindled after attending his first Starwood Festival 26 years ago. He specializes in realistic drawing, painting, collage, and Traditional Origami
• Ravenoir will take you on a journey of Sacred Geometry where we will recognize beautiful patterns in nature, some that we take for granted and others we will admire indefinitely. You will be fusing geometric with organic lines to create your own unique Tessellations. A Tessellation is a repeating pattern with no gaps, and no overlaps. MC Escher is a famous artist who is recognized for his metamorphic tessellations as well as his impossible structure drawings and prints. One of the most famous and recognized tessellations is the Houndstooth pattern as seen on many items like high fashion clothing, furniture, personal items, etc. Bring your imagination and creativity, and Ravenoir will provide the rest. Will your design be the next Houndstooth

Jennifer Read
I’m an environmental scientist that enj oys making art in my free time. I currently work as a Waste Management Specialist for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Upcycling discarded items into art is a fun way to promote sustainable waste management practices. One of the most significant impacts humans have on the environment is waste production. Upcycling waste into art is a way to reduce our impact on the environment and create things that will beautify our world instead of destroying it. In my free time I make art proj ects out of trash such as costumes and sculptures and do interior design upcycling.
• The Dancing Disc-o Tree
The Dancing Disc-o Tree is a fantastical and magical outdoor community art piece. Old discs are a problematic waste made of plastic that would take over a million years to decompose, but they can be used to make shiny, iridescent art ! The label side of the discs are decorated with whatever inspires participants. Then the discs are hung up in a tree with a spinning disco ball and after dark, lit up with blacklights. The Dancing Disc-o Tree is a visual reminder that everything we do impacts the environment and how even a little thing like a plastic disc can make a difference!
• Trash Art Light-Up Costumes
Raid the recycling and get ready glow ! Create light up costume accessories out of trash. Clear take-out containers and water bottles make awesome luminescent armor. Plastic and paper items will be available to light up with LED lights and e-wire. Bring your own recyclables or get creative with what will be available.

Tamrha Richardson
has been a practicing witch for 24 years, an ordained High Priestess, and Priestess of Hekate. Through the Indiana Dept of Corrections, she has volunteered in three state prisons since 2012 serving Pagan inmates, leading ritual and providing education. She specializes in public ritual, trance work, and magical herbalism. Tamrha has served as a doula and homebirth assistant, and provides traditional Family-Centered Birth Companion services for those who do not wish to engage the technocratic birthing system. Skilled in clinical based aromatherapy and other postpartum services, Tamrha assists families through pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period with compassionate, trauma-informed care.
• Reproductive Herbalism for Women ’s Health and Wellness
We’ll discuss important fertility signs in the bodies of women and people with a uterus, and the specific herbs that could be used to both assist conception or avoid pregnancy, as well as remedies for men and those who produce sperm to control their fertility. During these times when access to reproductive healthcare is lessened or outlawed, and starting a wanted pregnancy from a healthy place is so important, wisewoman information such as this is essential.
• C
leansing Rites and Protection Magic
Spiritual hygiene rituals for self, the family and the home are always important. Regular cleansing rites keep our spiritual bodies, the spiritual bodies of our families and children as well as our living environments in healthy states. Lack of these basic practices can lead to illness, both physical and emotional, as well as being open to harmful energies, magic and intentions. In this workshop, various methods and spellworkings in how to protect oneself, family and home will be discussed, and participants will be able to take an herbal spiritual “bath” - no nakedness needed or required!

Harry Robins (Dr. Hal)
Is a cartoonist, graphic and fine artist, animator, radio and internet broadcaster, voiceover talent,
singer and dramatic actor, playwright, songwriter, film actor and scriptwriter, published author, fully licensed and accredited minister (ULC), nightclub performer and Master of Church Secrets of the Church of the SubGenius
• Subgenious Devival
Authentic inculcation into SubGenius religious Mysteries old and new. Can include "Deflecting the Conspiracy," a version of last year's presentation
• The Bardic Voice
Poems of Merwyn, Tolkien, Tennyson, Milton, Blake, Shapiro, Jarrell and others, presented with commentary and a concluding opportunity to answer questions. Poems about vultures and other flying creatures, sea monsters, malign life forms, demons and spiritual entities. Poems of love.
• Ask Dr. Hal!

Dr. Hal recites long, obscure poems from memory, and has a vast knowledge of an astonishing array of subjects. He might even foretell the future. But do not insult Herr Doktor with insipid trivia; Dr. Hal need not be burdened with facts you already know or wish to challenge him on… Nay. We shall save that for YOUR Q&A show. Ask of the sapient Doctor something you have always wondered about. Something you need to know. Something that has possibly been on your mind for a few decades.  This show is of an improvisational nature– please do your part.  YOU are the ASK in The Ask Dr. Hal Show. 

Denny Sargent
(aka: Aion  131, Hermeticusnath) is a Seattle writer, artist and university instructor in Linguistics
and TESOL whose many, extensive global travels and esoteric studies have informed his books. He has visited
30 countries and lived in Japan for four years, teaching at a university and studying Shinto at Kokugakuin University.  He was first introduced to Mythology & Magick in the suburbs and center of New York City where he grew up .  He has since his early teens been accepted as a member of a number of initiatory groups including Pagan Way (and various other Pagan groups), Welsh Traditional Wicca, The GSS, the Typhonian OTO, QBLH, Order of Chaos, Cult of Tara and the Adinath Lineage of Tantrika.  He is one of the founding members of the Horus/Maat Lodge and various other arcane cults too hideous to mention . He has written about Alternative Religions, Hermetic Magick, Taoism, Animism, Shinto and Tantra.  
• The Rites of Pan
have existed since paleolithic times, since the skin & antler- clad shaman-gods circled the fires of ancient campfires, drawing the spells and spirits their tribal followers as the Great God Pan opened the primal gateway of wildness so all could commune with the great Lord of the beasts: The Horned god Pan. Collective racial and genetic memories retain the imprints and the keys to unlocking this rite. The persecution of witches and Pagans in the Burning Times all centered on communion with the Horned One, by his many names: Cerrnunnos, Jandicot, The Dark Man,  Herne, Old Hornie and many more. Neolithic cave painters showed the rites of the Horned One as did the ancient Greeks and Romans for always the Horned God of wildness and joy was involved. In this intensive rite you will experience the trance ecstasy that our ancient forebearers experienced. Come and dance with the God Pan whose name means ALL, for ALL is play !
• The Circle of Pan Magick
This ritual can be used for Pan Magick work, in this case invoking, meeting and bonding personally with the power of the Great God Pan. It will be intense and a kind of Pan Initiation.
In This Magick Rite we will all together call upon all the powers of the four primal quarters and the power of the aeons and then, having opened the way, call to us the Great Horned God. Then with potent Pan words of power and non-verbal animistic howls we will contact, invoke and manifest The Horned One and then become the animalistic Power of PAN . All will leave transformed. One way or another. This  rite includes intense words of power, deep visualization, trance shifting and the creation of primal gnosis, with the help of our wild selves. This intense Pan Magick rite will be held in a wilderness of wild power amidst the deep dark woods.
• The Green & the Gold and Silver Rite of  the Gate of Pan
This is a daytime rite to cleanse, balance and center the green energy of Nature of Pan within each person's being. This exercise can be used as a preliminary banishing, empowering, healing or meditation. In the future participants can use it for spiritual purposes such as spell work, banishing, centering or empowered sex magick. Doing this rite helps prepare the adept to hold, center, absorb and utilize the Pan Magick and allows for free channeling of primordial currents of energy. The actual rite is done in silence; those involved become the  ‘gate’ of Pan. The Pillar of Gold and Silver rite is a powerful extension and effective set of vibrations and postures of ritual-meditation and internal alchemy evoking in each the  gold, silver and green energies of Pan. It is akin to a ‘Pan Magick Middle Pillar exercise’ and offers deep adjustment and empowerment. Through the postures and sequential visualizations and uttering of key words and sounds one becomes closer to Pan and brings p
ersonal guidance from Pan for each participant.  At the end all will receive a Pan amulet.

Stacy Sauvy
After seven years as a paramedic, the time came to move into a more holistic way of caring for people. I traveled to Hawai'i and studied traditional native Hawaiian healing under Kumu Jeana Iwalani Naluai. There I learned Lomilomi bodywork, healing chants, and practices of speaking to the ancestors. I also study Hula Kahiko and Ori Tahiti as part of my personal practice. Inspired by the beauty of Hawaiian culture, I am also exploring my heritage as a native Taíno through which I've taken the name Arágüacaríki. It is my hope to bring healing to people through nurturing care with the spirit of Aloha. Kou 'Ano Kū'i'o Hū A'e Ke Aloha
• Hula 'Auana & 'Ori Tahiti
Learn the basics of modern Hula and Tahitian dance, as well as the meaning behind these ancient traditions.
• Cleansing & Kava Ceremony  
Grab a towel and join me for a ceremony to bless the waters, cleanse your troubles, and receive spiritually healing chants of Hawai'i & the Amazon.

Jessie Shastal
My name is Jessie and I have been practicing massage since 2006, and opened my own practice, North Shore Massage & Bodywork, in 2015. I’m passionate about helping people become and stay pain free through manual massage techniques as well as education. I knew I wanted to be a healer at a young age after receiving extensive bodywork as a child and young adult and experiencing the benefits first hand. I am still just as excited about the work as I always have been and am always learning more and looking to share my knowledge with others.
• Self Massage for Hands Wrists and Forearms  
This workshop will explain the physiology of connective tissue and how it can cause pain and restricted range of motion. Then there will be demonstration and practice of self massage techniques using every day items that can usually be found in your home. Great for anyone suffering from over use injury, carpal tunnel, or just restriction due to repetitive motion. The techniques that will be taught are things that you can do at any time to relieve pain and tension. The main focus will be on hands and arms but will also briefly go over techniques for shoulders and feet. Feel free to bring chairs and any massage tools or rollers if you ’d like suggestions on how to use them.

Maria Shell
My name is Maria  ‘Peacock ’ Shell and I am a WITCH ! As an adult, the idea of Paganism was introduced to me by a friend in 1989. I was immediately drawn to it and its focus on Nature and the interconnection between mankind and the Divine. I was also moved by its astonishing honesty and atmosphere of non-judgment, of trust and love. I am here to help other spiritual change agents find their way. I offer my services in many ways which might benefit our community. I am a high priestess, a spiritual coach/mentor, an author, a teacher, a meditation
facilitator, and a tarot and Oracle reader. I would be honored to offer my gifts to the Starwood Community in whatever manner is of the highest benefit to the collective.
• Chakra Balancing Meditation
This guided meditation will use creative visualization to encourage students to open up their column of ascension and feed white light to each of the seven chakras in the human body, energizing and balancing them for optimum body/mind/spirit health.
• Past Life Regression Meditation
Take a j ourney into the Akashic Hall and gain insight into the many past lives that we have all experienced on our path to enlightenment. This guided j ourney encourages the participant to walk along the sands of time, climbing an ethereal stairway into the Cosmos to access their personal 'Gallery' where images of their past lives are stored and can be accessed for hints, ancient knowledge, and stored memories and wisdom.

SadaNam Singh
I’ve been a mystic and a Pagan all my life. I’ve studied many visual arts, musical instruments, movement practices, and shamanic arts so that I can uplift the world by helping people heal and connect with Nature. I’m a KRI-certified Kundalini Yoga teacher (+660 hours) as well as a Reiki Master and gong sound healing therapist trained by Crown of Eternity. I took level 2 Conscious Communication training with Gurmukh in Rishikesh in 2016, and another 200-hour kundalini training by Yogi Amandeep in India in 2017. I also owned a yoga and healing arts studio where I taught and hosted a variety of events with different yoga styles, sound healing / musical performances, cacao ceremonies with ecstatic dance. I’m also a lover of devotional music from many cultures, playing guitar, drums, flute, handpan, ukulele, didgeridoo, gongs and singing bowls in my sound healing concerts and kirtan groups. In 2008, I attained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art and Technology and a Philosophy minor from the Ohio State University.
• Kundalini Yoga (all levels accessible)
This fun and energizing movement art will activate your full potential and connect you with your personal power by awakening the body / mind / spirit through rhythmic movements, stretches, and meditations. We will clear blocks from the body and energetic systems to release toxins, fears, and limitations and reveal your highest self. No experience is required, and a gong bath for deep healing relaxation is provided at the end.
• Therapeutic / Yin Yoga
This fusion of gentle therapeutic movements, self-massage, and longer Yin Yoga stretches will allow you to relieve pain, tension, and stress. SadaNam also teaches instruction for meditation, yogic philosophy, and poetry to inspire an experience of gratitude and self-love. Gong bath deep relaxation is provided at the end for rejuvenation, clearing blocks, and healing.

Erica Sodos
is a magician, speaker, emcee, psychic entertainer, and a rare gem, one of only a handful of female mentalists in the world. For over 30 years Erica has been entertaining, performing, and helping audiences tap into their magic within, and has made over 5000 appearances nationwide. Even though her career is creative and varied, all her work centers around the place where real magick meets performance magic. Erica’s show The Magic  Within, Psychic Exp lorations with Erica Sodos ran for  10 years in Denver, making it the longest running Denver solo show. She is a lover of nature and all things unseen, and portrays mystical characters including elemental faeries and elves, while teaching magical lore and divination techniques to people of all ages. She has been featured on NPR in a story exploring why female magicians are so rare. Erica is also a compassionate vegan, activist, avid baker, cook and creator of Vegan Enchantments, delectable goodies infused with magick.
• Improve Your Memory  
A good memory helps us experience less stress, improves our relationships, and strengthens our confidence and creativity. During this inspiring workshop you will learn techniques and tools you can implement to improve your memory. We will focus on how to remember names and faces, and learn tools to help us remember where we leave our keys, glasses and other obj ects we often misplace, as well as quick tips to remembering lists. All the memory tools are super fun, and easily and immediately applicable. Join us as we pay homage to Mnemosyne the Greek Goddess of Memory, and learn the skills we need to remember what will help us, and
forget what serves us no more.
• The Magick of Palmistry
Come to this fun and informative workshop and learn the mysteries of Palmistry. After this workshop you will understand what the lines and features in your hands reveal about you, as well as being able to decipher the secrets hiding in the palms of those around you. We will also discuss hand correspondences we can use in magick, as well as ways to incorporate the powers of the hands in rituals and spells. Since this is the third time teaching this workshop at Starwood, in addition to understanding the foundations of palmistry, we will also dive into a few more advanced techniques such as understanding hand mounts and lesser known lines on the hand.

Sera Solstice
creator/maker via dance, electronic music production, and sculpture: with a formal education (BFA) in Design, and professional dance training in Ballroom and Bellydance: is most informed by fire-circles and dark warehouses. Sera began teaching dance in  1994. Sera discovered her love for Middle Eastern dances in  1999, and began teaching/assisting classes in 2001. Sera studied and performed dances of Central Asia, in The Silk Road Dance Company. Sera apprenticed in Washington, DC, and spent 3 years as a weekly Bellydance cabaret performer for DC's infamous venues Marrakech, and Zaytinia, before moving to NYC. She has worked in India
as a Dance instructor, and formed the dance group, Solstice, in 2006, and has taught
workshops throughout Europe, the UK, South America, and Ukraine.
• Movement Meditation for Grounding and Mindfulness
Spend an hour in gentle flow, with a guided meditation for creating connection to your body and environment. Open to all bodies and all levels of mobility.
• Body Isolation Movement
A dance workshop exploring Isolations: the movement of one part of the body while other parts remain still. We will explore isolations used in Bellydance, Hip Hop, Persian, and Central Asian dances. This workshop will engage participants in a continuous flow, culminating in a sequence of movements to take home. Dancers are asked to bring water and patience with self.

Drake Spaeth
I am a spiritworker, clinical psychologist, and professor who follows my personal way through Mystery guided by my Norse, Teutonic, and Celtic ancestors. I have also have had a long relationship with the Fae Folk and nature spirits. I have facilitated many workshops and rituals at Pagan gatherings, one of which is the Sacred Hunt Ritual, which I facilitated at Starwood in 2018. I have also practiced and taught in various psychology and counseling programs for just over 30 2919-2020, I served as President of the Society for Humanistic Psychology
• The Core Questions
1. What do I want? 2. What gets in the way? 3. What do I do about it?

This is an informal, open-ended discussion among all who attend. I will talk about how I have worked with these questions with individuals in psychotherapy, spiritual, and healing contexts, and I invite insights from all present as well.
• The Hero’s Journey May Not Be What You Think
To maintain relevance and meaning for contemporary times a comprehensive Re-visioning of the Heroic Journey (as originally articulated by Joseph Campbell and others)is long overdue. While the stages of separation, initiation, and return still offer potential in psychospiritual healing and self discovery/development, the significance of what we view as failure is largely disregarded, overlooked, and devalued. Bring your own wisdom and insight !

Willowe Starling
first felt the call of the drums in  1993, the same year she attended her first Starwood. She was later inspired by the amazing sounds of the darbuka, and the versatility of this single goblet-shaped drum. In 2011, Willowe traveled to Istanbul to practice the Turkish style of playing, and has since had the opportunity to play with a variety of groups, including Traditional Sufi music, Raquy Danziger, Crystal Ball Band (a Blackmore's Night tribute), and Balefire, to name a few. Willowe enjoys playing and teaching, and sharing her passion with others.
• Intro to Darbuka and Middle Eastern Rhythms
Interested in learning the art of the darbuka? In this workshop, Willowe will teach a variety of techniques to get the most sound out of your drum, all the while learning some traditional middle eastern rhythms commonly used in bellydancing. (A few extra drums will be available to share, if you want to join, but don't own adarbuka/doumbek.)
• Intermediate Darbuka/Intro to Turkish Split Hand Technique
Want to take your darbuka playing to the next level? Learn how to use the Turkish split-hand technique to add new levels of dexterity and beautiful layers of sound to your darbuka playing.

Doug Sundling
has been involved with sweatlodges since  1986. He brought the sweatlodge to Wisteria in  1997. Since then, he has constructed and maintained a sweatlodge site at Wisteria and has facilitated sweatlodges for events held at Wisteria, including every Starwood festival which Wisteria began hosting in 2010.
• Sweatlodge Orientation & Ceremony
A general overview of a sweatlodge shall be presented. We will discuss fundamentals of traditional sweatlodges, share personal experiences with sweatlodges, and advise how to prepare for an evening sweatlodge. Open to anyone, but those who wish to participate in a sweatlodge must attend this orientation No one with any respiratory ailment – infection, cold, allergies, coughing, etc. – can participate.
• The Sweatlodge Ceremony
The cycle of birth and death fuels the flame of life and is a ceremony to ascertain balance through cleansing and renewal. The ceremony is shaped by both the past and the present. Your spiritual sincerity is the most important thing you can bring to a sweatlodge. No Drugs or Alcohol; just the 4 Elements – Earth, Air, Fire, & Water.

Koshek Swaminathan
A researcher of both eastern and western occult and spiritual traditions as well as the empirical scientific method, Koshek has a unique and practical approach to the esoteric wisdom. Koshek has given talks and lectures at the International Centre of the Theosophical Society in Adyar, India as well as various Theosophical Society branches, Masonic lodges and Rosicrucian associations. Koshek comes from Brahmanic tradition and studied Vedic chanting at a young age while being immersed in stories of Hindu Gods and Goddesses.
• Lord Ganesh, Hindu God of Magick
Ganesha is probably the most known and most popular Hindu deity outside of India, yet very little is understood of him besides being a provider of good luck and a remover of obstacles. But among esoteric practitioners in India, he is the god of magick and the lord of magical beings called the Gana. The Gana are similar to the Genies of the middle east. They are classified and invoked through formula and ritual. Learn the history and rarely revealed ancient, esoteric and tantric magical lore that makes Ganesh, the Gana-Pati (Lord of Ganas) the most important god of the Hindu Pantheon for the practice of magick
• Seven Levels of Intuition Deluxe Workshop
Awaken and develop your subtle senses easily and systematically with this interactive workshop. Consult your inner self. Recognize fields and auras. This workshop will take a new approach to the teachings by using individual experiences as steppingstones towards subtle consciousness so that one can trigger inner states at will. In this deluxe workshop, we will experience each of the seven levels of intuition and help participants develop practical methods to reach each state in the easiest manner

Tom Swiss
describes his spiritual path as "Zen Pagan Taoist Atheist Discordian", which usually baffles questioners enough to leave him alone. He is the author of the books "Why Buddha Touched the Earth" and "Punk Magick", and blogs as "The Zen Pagan" for the Patheos Pagan Channel. Since the turn of the century Tom has spoken on subjects from acupressure to Zen and from self-defense to sexuality, drawing on his training and experience as shiatsu and massage therapist, a karate instructor, a poet, a singer/songwriter, an amateur philosopher and
spiritual explorer, and a professional computer geek. Find out more about his wacky adventures at
• Self-defense From A Spiritual Perspective
You are a manifestation of the divine, a child of the God and Goddess. That makes you worth defending; yet our culture's confused attitudes about violence can obscure the fact that self-defense is also defense of the divine principle within all of us. We will try to cut through the fog and discuss attitudes and skills to preserve not just your body but your divine nature. We will practice verbal and non-verbal communication skills for dealing with conflict, and a few simple self-defense techniques. Targeted for those without previous martial arts or self-defense training; but experienced students are also welcome.
• How *Not* to Flirt With a Goddess
(Or: How Not to be "*That* Guy".) Mainstream society teaches us men to behave in some amazingly stupid ways in order to meet women, and you can often see these in full display at Pagan festivals. We'll discuss some more sane and respectful ways to flirt with self-actualized and aware women. While this workshop is aimed at straight men, much of the advice is universal, and women and gay men are invited to come share their observations and advice.

Astrea Taylor  
is an eclectic pagan witch and the author of Intuitive Witchcraft, Air Magic, Modern Witchcraft with the Greek
Gods, and the forthcoming book Inspiring Creativity Through Magick (coming July 8th, 2023). She has written passages for several periodicals and books including Mastering Magick, Llewellyn ’s Spell-A-Day, The Magical Almanac, and We’Moon. Her life goals include empowering other magical practitioners and encouraging them to use intuition in their craft. In her books and classes, Astrea shares her love of science, magic, history, mental health, and energy awareness.
• The Magick of Creativity
Artists from ancient eras wove magick and intentions into their art. This practice of  ‘art magick ’ continues in our modern era. In this workshop, you ’ll learn how you can weave magickal energies into your art as well as how to interact with your creative spirit as a familiar. This class teaches the methods of casting a circle wit your creative correspondences, the elemental correspondences that inspire you. These help you reach the flow state so you can receive inspiration from the otherworld. We’ll also discuss the ritual that is making art and what happens during performances and shows. All skill levels of artists are welcome, from advanced artists to
those who have only ever dreamed of creating. All kinds of artists are welcome—visual artists, musicians, dancers, potters, etc.
• Self-Love Ritual with Aphrodite
In this healing and empowering ritual, we'll remove anything that restricts us from giving love to ourselves. We'll invoke Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, and renew ourselves in her healing waters. An optional portion for additional sovereignty and rebirth is offered.

Angela Watson
Hello! Angie is a 300 Hr Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, and Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner. She has been teaching yoga for  11 years and believes that yoga is a form of therapy. Angie is a Yoga Therapist and specializes in Trauma Sensitive Yoga; a Reiki master teacher; and also enj oys using sound vibrational tools such as the gong and multiple singing bowls as a means of providing relaxation and release during savasana. Angie works with kids and the elderly, and teaches at multiple locations in downtown Hamilton. Her philosophy is to meet people where they are at and to make yoga accessible for anyone!
• Yin Yoga with Reiki and Sound Healing
This meditative approach to yoga combines long, supported yoga stretches that teach us how to sit and breathe through life’s challenges. All postures are done on the floor with props to support them. Each pose is held for several minutes, stretching the connective tissue in the j oints. During the class, the teacher will move from person to person offering Reiki (You can always opt out of the reiki portion if you do not want to be touched). Expect a long savasana or yoga nidra with sound healing. Sound healing is a vibrational clearing through the harmonics of singing bowls, a gong, and other instruments. This is a restorative release for mind, body, and
• Yoga Nidra for Body, Mind, and Soul
Follow the white rabbit on a journey to your subconscious mind! Yoga Nidra is yogic sleep, dancing between our sleeping mind and our waking mind. We there find the subconscious mind. This is where we learn about ourselves and can reconstruct what has been programed there. A meditation of stillness and exploration of the body, mind, and spirit. Let the sound healing and positive affirmations carry you on.

Nellie Werger
I’m a costume designer and seamstress. I am also a musician and a wisteria shareholder
• Wisteria Annual Fashion Show: where do we go from here?

As last year I will gather designers and models and perform a fashion show.
• Heart Hearth Craft Circle
An hour long facilitated craft circle. A couple afternoons. Around the heart hearth

James Wilber
AKA Threskiornis, is a writer, devotee of Thoth, and Scribe for the Order of Emergent Magi. A practicing magician of over fifteen years specializing in ceremonial magick with a focus on goetia from an animist perspective. His interests include - Ancient Egypt, paranormal investigation, and the Western Esoteric Tradition. He is best known through Scroll of Thoth, a multimedia publishing group producing books, websites, social media, and the Scroll of Thoth Youtube Channel.
• The Paranormal and the Occult
Paranormal investigators and practicing occultists are often studying the same thing from different perspectives. Come learn how the tools of paranormal investigation can be used to improve your magick. We will also discuss our native cryptids, UFOs, and how what paranormal researchers call “The Phenomena” may be what magicians have been studying all along.
• Ancient Egyptian Magick
Our knowledge of Ancient Egyptian magick has long been polluted by Victorian colonizers imposing their own beliefs. Learn the history and techniques of true Ancient Egyptian magick. From the Book of the Dead to the Greek Magical Papyri, the real history of Egyptian magick is much more rich, complex, and personal than often portrayed in the occult.
• Emergent Ancestors
The Order of Emergent Magi believe ancestor veneration is the backbone of the occult tradition. From our prehistoric ancestors to the Cult of the Saints, discover how ancestor veneration is the root of all spiritual practice and continues through the modern day. Learn to work with your ancestors, even if those ancestors were problematic. This workshop includes a guided meditation to help you find your ancient ancestors.

Jason Winslade, PhD
is a scholar and writer in the fields of Performance Studies, Pop Culture and Media, and esoteric religious and occult studies. He has taught at the university level since  1997 and has published works in various academic journals, anthologies and blogs. He is an editor for Crossed Crow Books, a Chicago-based press focusing on Pagan and Witchcraft titles. He is also the founder and director of Ritual Rhythms Chicago, producing shows with live music, bellydance and burlesque. He currently performs as a percussionist with the Ritual Rhythms dance ensemble, and is singer and songwriter for his group Secrets of the Beehive
• Dreams, Stories, and Magick
The recent Netflix adaptation of Neil Gaiman ’s classic late 80s adult comic series has modernized the saga of Dream of the Endless. Though Gaiman himself is a storyteller and not an actual magickal practitioner like his comic book contemporaries Grant Morrison and Alan Moore, his work can still teach us many things about the power of stories, the magick of an idea, the realm of dreams, and the ability for even a deity-like anthropomorphic concept to change and evolve. In this workshop, we will discuss these topics, Gaiman ’s place in pop occulture, and the lessons Sandman holds for the magickal practitioner.
• Performative Ritual
In its contemporary usage, the term “performative” mostly indicates something or someone being “fake,” or for show, as in “performative politics” or “performative allyship.” But that ’s not what the word originally meant. The idea of the performative is an old one in the study of rhetoric, usually describing a speech act that matches words with gestures and action. This is at the foundation of ritual work and can be traced through the history of initiatory practice in Western occultism. In this workshop, we will discuss the application of these ideas to ritual
practice, specifically initiation and rites of passage.

Rev. Billy Woods
Wandering Abbot of Spirit Gate Temple, Billy studied the Dao Dan Pai system (See Lineage/Teachers). He teaches workshops in Qi Gung and Tai Chi, and is also a professional drummer, performing at venues across the United States. By giving foundational instruction to folks who are not familiar with these forms (and to those with more advanced understanding), Billy shares his reverence for rhythm and a desire to open us to the higher good. This happy confluence of drummer and Daoist Abbot allows Billy to perform/teach his unique blend of
• Qi Gung
Intro and chi building; a way of being that improves the mind, body and spirit
• 8 Brocades
Promotes good health, builds for a healthy mind, body, spirit.

Shannon Yarbrough
is a Licensed Occupational Therapist, RMT, and Student of Eden Energy Medicine in Northeast Ohio. She has been practicing in Urban settings in NE Ohio to bring body awareness and share Holistic techniques. She will use the Yuri Crown and Sound Frequencies of crystal bowls, drums, chimes, and vocal singing during sessions while incorporating fundamental practices of Eden Energy Medicine.
• Sound Healing and Energy Medicine
Shannon will help with grounding and opening balance in the body ‘s 9 Energy Systems. During sessions of sound bath therapies, participants will be encouraged to follow demonstrations using hands-on techniques to engage in energy movement in their bodies. Please wear comfortable clothing to the session as we will be laying down and moving. Please feel free to bring a yoga mat and blanket.
• Sound Bowl and EEM
Shannon will help with grounding and opening balance in the body ‘s 9 Energy Systems. During sessions of sound bath therapies, participants will be encouraged to follow demonstrations using hands-on techniques to engage in energy movement in their bodies. Please wear comfortable clothing to the session as we will be laying down and moving. Please feel free to bring a yoga mat and blanket.

Angie Yelton
is a mom, a wife, a witch, and an artist, not necessarily in that order. She hails from Northern Indiana, where she drives a giant Twinkie to fund her life and artistic endeavors. Angie has been an artist as long as she can remember. She has dabbled in various mediums, with modeling clay being the favorite until she discovered ceramics in high school. After a few college courses and a personal hiatus, she began playing in the mud again seven years ago and hasn't been clean since! More recently, she has picked up wire wrapping, originally to enhance her ceramic pendants, and fell in love with the process and possibilities.
• Wire and Gem Tree
Trees are a huge part of all paths of life. In almost every belief system, you will find a story involving a tree. Trees give us oxygen, shade, paper, firewood, homes, and more. Let's bring a tree inside! In this class, we will use wire and gemstone beads to make little trees. Multiple colors of wire will be available, along with many types of natural gemstone beads. We will attach finished trees to rocks, shells, or air dry clay to help them stand. This class is suitable for all ages. All supplies and tools will be provided, although you're welcome and encouraged to bring a special rock or seashell for your tree's base. Please make sure your rock or shell is at least
3" and can sit flat on one side!
• Wire wrap Bead Rings
Do you like rings on your fingers? Or toes? Come make your own with me! Each participant will make  1-2 rings. Lots of beads to choose from including gemstones, lava rocks, and various colors of Evil Eyes. All tools, supplies, and instruction provided. Bonus: Besides being a beautiful piece of wearable art, the beads will spin when you're done! Endless fun at your fingertips!

Oberon Zell & Samina Oshun
is a renowned Wizard and Pagan Elder. He was first to claim the identity of “Pagan,” incorporating Church of
All Worlds in 1968 and publishing Green Egg magazine for 55 years. Oberon ’s signature sculpture is “The Millennial Gaia.” Oberon is Founder of the Grey School of Wizardry and author of GaeaGenesis: Conception & Birth of  the Living Earth. Samina Oshun has been a high priestess of Desert Moon Circle in Las Vegas for
over 25 years. As a singer, song writer, musician, dancer, and magician, she has brought her many talents to the sacred circle and is also a priestess of the alchemical fire circle.  
• “Who’s on Earth?”
A humorous teaching ritual of basic Circle construction and liturgy, riffing off the most classic gag routine of standup comedy. Participatory and interactive. Bring your questions as well as your sense of humor ! Also bring something to s
it on …

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