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Magic and Spirit

Denny Sargent

              Intro to Werewolf Pack Magic

Erica Sodos

              1) Kitchen Witchery

              2) Palmistry

Mark Burnett

              Mind over Matter - A spirit stronger than Steel

Corissa Bragg

              Shakti Church

Byron Ballard

              1) Sex and the Art of Magical Maintenance

              2) In Search of Endarkenment

              3) Ensouled: an Intro to Animism

Holly D’Angelo

              1) Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram

              2) Hermetic Lounge

Phil Farber

              1) Hypnotic Tricks

              2) Cannabis Magic

Jason Gough

              1) Mothman Invocation

              2) Magic of Dune

Ed Hubbard

              Continuing adventures of the Fae of Starwood

Tamhra Richardson

             1) Jars, bottles and containers spells

             2) Thought-form Spirits

Koshek Swaminathan

              1) Invoking Hindu Gods and Goddesses

              2) Seven Levels of Intuition

James Wilber

              1) Egyptian Book of the Dead

              2) Mothman (with Jason Gough)

Alfred WIllowhawk

              Poseidon the forgotten deity

Jason Winslade

              Multiverse Magic


Creation Station

Sharon Dean and Aaron Ray

              Guided Painting

Emilie Exilus

              1) Step by step Campfire painting

              2) Painting your own Sigil

              3) Freestysle Friday

Stephanie Gooch


Penny Goody

              1) Gods eyes

              2) Foil Hats

Drew Huesman

              Learning to Draw Pt 1,2 & 3

Kim Keffer

              Guided Painting Pt 1&2

Jan McAndrew

              Brigid doll for Imbolc

              Medicine bag creation

Wendy Raphael

              Manifesting your dreams though sketch Journaling

              Pop up pages for your journal

Jennifer Read

             1) Costume Trash Art

             2) Dancing disco tree

Alex Wedmedyk

              Meadmakers Meet and Greet

Angie Yelton

              1) Wire wrap Ceramic Pendant

              2) Wire Wrap Rings

Wellness & Healing

Doug Sundling

              Sweatlodge Orientation

Ann Apynys:

              1) The Covid Virus and the Vaccine

              2) Alcohol detox what it is and how it works

Rebecca Crystal

              1) What is remembered never dies

              2) Spirit Healing Demonstration

Sharon Dean and Aaron Ray

              Manifesting your dreams into reality

Jordan Demitria

              1) Protecting Sacred Birth

              2) Sacred Sacral

DeBorah Hill

              Healing the body temple Thai massage Pt 1&2

Kharma Lindsey


Tisa Powell

              1) Laughter Yoga

              2) Tantra 101

Nina Suputo

              1) Cacao Ceremony with sound healing

              2) Yin Yoga with Thai Massage and Reiki with sounds bath Shavasana

Chelsea Sposit

              EFT for Health and Money

Alfred Willowhawk

              I am in Control

New Frontiers

Jimmy Clark


Lawrence Brown

              Observing the stars 1&2

Sarah Belzile

              Intro to ecoeroticism

Rebecca Crystal

              Polly people’s wisdom circle

Adam Davis

              1) Multidimensional Nature Awareness

              2) Energies and magic of the Landscape

Sharon Dean and Aaron Ray

              1) Mycillium more than a funguy

              2) Mad Hatter Tea Party

Ed Hubbard

              1) Metaverse Media Training

              2) Teaching Magic Online

DeVonne LaBonte

              Lion's Mane Mushrooms

Kharma Lindsey

              Unfuck the Programming

Kelly McBride

              1) Living Life with death in mind

              2) How to dispose of the body..when it is yours

Jessica Ruis

              The Arte of Sacred body Modification
Mark Stucker

              1) Extremism going off the rails

              2)Smart phone Cinematography

Doug Sundling

              Native Habitat Waterway

Tom Swiss

              1) Beyond Ouija-phobia

              2) Building a new myth of the masculine

Jason Winslade

              Blue Pills and Analysts

Music, Rhythm

& Movement

Jimmy Clark

              Music as Magic Pt 1&2

Mark Burnett

           Twinkle Toes and Movement Magick:

             Ballroom dance for spiritual connection

Corissa Bragg

              Tantra Partner

Sarah Belzile

            Intro to Tantra


Mervyn Alphonse


              Kundalini Yoga

Jeff D’Angelo

              1) Djembe Boot Camp

              2) Yankadi and Makru


              1) Basic Dunbeck rhythms

              2) 2 dance/2 drumming

Genevieve Houck

              1) Awake

              2) Song Circle for the People

Bezl LaBonte

              Drum Fire Circle Rhythm Magic Pt 1&2

Mandee Livowitz-Delfaver

              Phat Man Dee and Phriends - Starwood Festival Family Choir

Jack Lowrey

              Drumming Games Pt 1 & 2

The Magic Monks

              1) Hoop

              2) Poi

              3) Staff

              4) Fire Safety

              5) Flow Yoga

Patrick McGee

              1) Spear Throwing

              2) Labyrinth setup

Anadonis Nephilim

              Turkish Roman Skirt Dancing

Miguel Sague

              1) Intro to Afro Cuban technique

              2) Intro to Afro-Cuban Dance

Josh Sherman

              1) Demystifying Drum Improv & Soloing

              2) Rhythms Concepts of India

Sera Solstice

              1) Guided Dance Meditation

              2) Movement Prayer

Jared Thomas

              Tai Chi

Alex Wedmedyk

              1) Build your own Drum

              2) Going to the One

Nellie Werger

              1) Beating Heart

              2) Intro to Juggling

Billy Woods

              1) Qi Gung

              2) 8 brocades

              3) Dao dam pai, Shen set

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