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2023 Presenter/Workshops (subject to change)

New this year:

Brooks Agnew
Remembering The Future: The Physics of The Soul and Time Travel
The Global Hollow Earth Expedition
Asteroid Mining: The future of energy

Sharon Angelina

The Face of My Shadow

Meditation in Motion


Dawn Baldwin
Walking to Heal
Gestalt Dream Interpretation
Progressive Relaxation
Thru-hiking and Living in Nature: A discussion    

Lilith Dorsey
Lilith, Maman Brigitte and Pomba Gira : The Dark Goddesses of Your Dreams
Spiritual Lessons from the Sci-Fi Universe
Voodoo and African Traditional Religion

Kirk Everest
Post-Pandemic Polyamory
Epic Polyamory
Steph Gooch
Celtic Knotwork Drawing
Celtic Knotwork Practice

Ed Haggard
The Joy of Small Percussion
Mixing Improv Drum Circle Style and West African Drumming Style for Maximum Groove Potential
Garrik Hamr
Runework 101 after the Pandemic
Rune-inspired Guided Meditations         

Katy Love
Ancestral Trauma
Dr. D's Healing Dome ritual with Jason Gough
Je'Amour Matthews
Think You are a Witch now what

Ash McKernan
The Mysteries of Wyrd: The Fates Call
The Mysteries of Wyrd: Wyrding With Dance

Irish Mike
The Magik of Whiskey
Camping with Solar Power      

Karenna Miller (Soror Bean Sidhe)

Finding TRUTH in Faery Tale Pt. 1:

     The Frog King  +   Marienkind  (Mary's Child)

Finding TRUTH in Faery Tale Pt. 2:

     Snow White + Shoemaker & the Elves


Scott Mohnkern
Run Valdr
Intro to Bind Runes

Davidone Pearl
Sounds of Nature's Orchestra
Book Writing Shorts in the Woods
Stacey  Sauvey
Hula 'Auana & 'Ori Tahiti
Cleansing & Kava Ceremony

Jesse Shastal
Self Massage for Hands, Wrists and Forearms

Maria Shell
Chakra Balancing Meditation
Past Life Regression Meditation

SadaNam Singh
Kundalini Yoga
Multicultural Musical Meditation
Therapeutic Yin Yoga    

Astrea Taylor
The Magick of Creativity
Self-Love Ritual with Aphrodite

Angela Watson
Yin Yoga with Reiki and Sound Healing
Yoga Nidra for Body, Mind and Soul

Shannon Yarbrough
Sound Bowl and EEM
Sound Healing and Energy Medicine

Returning Favorites

Mervyn Alphonse
Kundalini Yoga
Burning the Box

Anne Apynys
Let's chat about Psychiatry
Alcohol Use Disorder and the Detox Process

Byron Ballard
Sex Magickal Maintenance
Practical Folk Magick
Techniques for effective magick

Byron Ballard & Drake Spaeth
Spiritual Emergencies Within and Without Pagan Context: Pitfalls on a Spiritual Path Parts 1&2

Lawrence Brown
Astronomy as a gateway to Spirituality
Observational Astronomy

Mark Burnett
Ballroom dance: East Coast Swing 1 &2
Mind Over matter: A Spirit Stronger than Steel

Rebecca Crystal
Come play with your (auric)self
Wilde*Majiker takes you on a trip
Invoking ANAT to Rage against our oppressors!
Poly People’s Wisdom Circle

Holly D'Angelo
The Hermetic Lounge
Introduction to Hellenistic Astrology Pt. 1 &2 (AV support)

Jeff D'Angelo
Djembe Bootcamp
Kassa - Rhythm of the Farmers
Adam Davis
Energies and Wisdom of Natural Communities
Cleansing, Healing, and Renewal Through Nature Connections

Sharon Dean
Mad Hatter Tea Party
Manifestation Magic and Power Sigils

African Drum
African dance

Donna Donovan
Pagans in Recovery: 12 Steps Without The God Part
The Heilvegr

Ginger Doss & Lynda Millard
Forgiveness Meditation
Soul Architecture

Phil Farber
Cannabis Magick
Rapport skills for everyone
Evocation for Personal Change

Krista Fenton
Shamanic Techniques for Daily Management of Long-Term Trauma
Water Magick: Cloudbursting, Spellcasting & Liquid Abundance

Jason Gough
Dr. D's Ancestor healing ritual
Emergence from Chaos

Deborah Hill
Traditional Thai Massage Pt. 1 & 2

Drew Huesman
Learn to draw
Figure drawing

Sarah Jones
Spirit Dolls: How to Make Healing Dolls for Yourself. Part 1 &2(Free)

Kim Keffer
Guided Painting 1&2

Mark Mansfield
The Fire Circle: Energy & Alchemy
The Peak Experience: Growth & Dissolution

Jason Mankey
D is for Dionysus  (ritual)
The Gifts of the Witch-Father
A (Brief) History of the Greek Gods

Wendy Raphael
Manifesting Your Dream with Sketch Journaling
Journal Share

Your Sacred Geometry Creation Pt 1&2

Jennifer Read
The Dancing Disc-o Tree
Trash Art Light-Up Costumes

Tamrha Richardson and Shm Rs

Reproductive Herbalism for Women’s Health and Wellness
Cleansing Rites and Protection Magic

Harry Robbins (Dr. Hal)

Denny Sargent

The Green & the Gold and Silver Rite of the Gate of Pan
The Circle of Pan Magick
Grand Rite Of PAN

Erica Sodos
Improving Memory

A Magic Show

Sera Solstice
Movement Meditation for Grounding and Mindfulness
Body Isolation Movement

Drake Spaeth
The Core Questions
The Heroic Journey May Not Be What You Think

Doug Sundling

Koshek Swaminathan
Lord Ganesh, Hindu God of Magick
Seven Levels of Intuition Deluxe Workshop

Tom Swiss
Steal Boldy: A Pagan Permision Slip
Self-defense From A Spiritual Perspective
How *Not* to Flirt With a Goddess  


Alfred Willowhawk
Chanting For Life and Balance
I Am In Control

Nellie Werger

Annual Fashion Show
Heart Hearth Craft Circle

James Wilber
The Paranormal and the Occult
Ancient Egyptian Magick
Emergent Ancestors


Jason Winslade
Enter Sandman: Dreams, Stories, and Magick
The Social Politics of Occultism in the 21st Century
Performative Ritual

Billy Woods
Qi Gung
8 brocades

Angie Yelton
Wire and Gem Tree
Wire Wrap Bead Rings
Oberon Zell and Samina Oshun

Who’s on Earth?

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