Reawaken, renew, and expand at The Starwood Festival, America's Longest Running Transformational Festival

It’s official! We’re now a non-profit organization!
As many of you know, The Starwood Festival has been brought to you by A.C.E. LLC for the past 40 years. We have created a nonprofit organization for future events named Rosencomet Project. 

This nonprofit will allow us to keep the Starwood fires burning for future generations.

We are very happy about this new organization and are excited to share it with all of you.  We couldn’t have gotten here without you!
The Rosencomet Project can’t wait to continue bringing you so much more of everything you know and love!

                                   Ad Astra!

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Rosencomet Project is excited to announce The 2021 Starwood Festival will be a hybrid event offering both a traditional camping experience and exclusive online content from July 13-18.

We will offer the online attendee a taste of the event at Wisteria as well as original Zoom based content and there will be a viewing place at Wisteria for campers to see what's happening online.

The ongoing pandemic and required Covid-19 precautions means the number of persons allowed to camp at Wisteria is severely limited. This year Starwood is restricted to persons 18 years of age and older because we cannot safely accommodate children mid-pandemic. We look forward to welcoming all the Starwood children back when the pandemic is over.

All attendees are strongly encouraged to have received a Covid vaccination. Masks and social distancing will be necessary in all public enclosed spaces. Wisteria will have its own set of pandemic based restrictions in place at their campground that all campers must abide.  

Because the pandemic situation is in constant flux, conditions and restrictions may change. Rosencomet Project and Wisteria will update their websites with the most current data available so that all may stay informed and make the best choices possible. The limited number of people allowed onsite this year means that you are encouraged to register early and reserve your place at what promises to be a truly unique Starwood Festival!