Reawaken, renew, and expand at The Starwood Festival, America's Longest Running Transformational Festival

It’s official! We’re now a non-profit organization!
As many of you know, The Starwood Festival has been brought to you by A.C.E. LLC for the past 40 years. We have created a nonprofit organization for future events named Rosencomet Project. 

This nonprofit will allow us to keep the Starwood fires burning for future generations.

We are very happy about this new organization and are excited to share it with all of you.  We couldn’t have gotten here without you!
The Rosencomet Project can’t wait to continue bringing you so much more of everything you know and love!

                                   Ad Astra!

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Stand by, fellow kids, we’re thinking as hard as we can!
Watching, waiting, thinking…

Nobody wants to know what we’re doing about Starwood 2021 more than we do, but we have a number of variables to consider, and the facts of the pandemic will be changing weekly for the rest of the season, at least.
Our best-life goal is to return to the woods for our Big Campout *and* still provide a stream of virtual program for our kin in the rest of the world. Circumstances will determine how much of that we can realize. We encourage our folks to take all reasonable measures to help contain the virus problem, so that we can return to Starwood in our usual carefree way.
Whatever happens we will be working to provide program and entertainment that helps you leave behind our common life for a bit of time, and move into a world of fire, color and ideas. If we have to create another virtual event, we know more than ever about how to do it. If we can get back home to the land, well, that we know very well indeed.
Either way expect it to be Starwood, and thanks for your patience and loyalty.
Ad Astra!

Thanks to everyone who presented, performed and attended

this year's WinterStar Symposium!