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The  Pufferdome

10 PM - 12 AM    TBD
12 AM - 2 AM      Subgenius Devival with Dr Howland Owl (Dr. Hal)
2 AM - ?                TBD

Afternoon - Sera Solstice Dance Workshop
10 PM - 12 AM    TBD
12 AM - 1 AM     
Sera Solstice DJ Set
1AM - 4 AM         Dan Covan DJ Set
4 AM - Dawn       TBD

10 PM - 12 AM    TBD
12 AM - 1 AM      Brian Moeller / Doomscroll live electronica
1 AM - 2 AM         Lone Wolf (Harold Carter)
2 AM - 4 AM         Liquid Hologram
4 AM - Dawn        TBD

10 PM - 2 AM    Bonfire / Ambient Healing Sonic Mandala
2 AM - Dawn     Live Experimental Jam...
musicians are invited to participate.

Dan Covan is from Fractaltribe. Dan is a well know DJ in the transformational festival scene. Fractaltribe produces FractalFest… a renowned international festival.

Lone Wolf (Harold Carter) won the Pagan Rap Artists Award

Liquid Hologram are Darshan McMahon & Brian Moeller
Formed July 2013 as an experimental psychedelic electronic music project. The goal was to capture ideas and sounds from the outer boundaries of consciousness and bring them back to our collective world. Comprised of two strange and seasoned characters, Liquid Hologram melds organic and synthetic sounds to create an enchanting musical adventure.
In a very short time Liquid Hologram has honed their sound into a signature blend of richly textured rhythm, deep psychedelic bass, thick melodic synths and detailed song structures. This heady mix has gotten them attention locally where they have gone from booking small arty bars to massive campout festivals in just a years time. Liquid Hologram's unique sound and spiritual mission has also received attention on the national Psychedelic music scene.

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