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The Starwood Pufferdome, pandemic edition

This year because of the Pandemic, we have limited staff.  We will not be presenting events, rather the Pufferdome will be a place for people to relax and enjoy themed musical and visual entertainment.  Please wear masks, and social distance.

9PM - 11PM       Questionable Teachings
11PM - 1AM       Experimental Practices
1AM - Sunrise     Healing Modalites

9PM - 11PM       Questionable Teachings
11PM - 1AM       Retro Reactivation
1AM - Sunrise     Healing Modalities

9PM - 11PM       Questionable Teachings
11PM - 1AM       Future Formulation
1AM - Sunrise     Healing Modalities

9PM - 11PM    Invocations
11PM - 1AM    Reverence
1AM - Sunrise     Ascension with Self Similar and Andromeda

Questionable Teachings
Learn the secrets of the universe, expose your self to hidden truths, unlock the keys to your hidden self. Questionable Teachings brings you exotic information, stories from the other side, realizations of the infinite beyond. Leave your world view at the door, and be prepared to break your paradigm.  What you see here may or may not be true, it’s up to you to decide. Views expressed in Questionable Teachings are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the custodians of the Pufferdome.

Experimental Practices
Explore strange new ways of seeing and hearing the work. We will be working out the bugs, making discoveries, and experimenting with new ways of doing things. Experimental Practices is our chance to try out new approaches, make mistakes, and learn through failure and success. Join us as we see what happens.

Healing Modalities
Bathe in the healing light and sound, witness spiral harmonics, color synchronization, fractal landscapes, and sacred geometries. Healing Modalities presents a soothing evening of sacred sounds and visions, intended to lift the spirits, heal the soul, open the mind. Allow the sacred frequencies of light and sound to permeate your being, and renew your self.

Retro Activation
 Discover the past, as it manifests the future. Explore with us the sights and sounds of bygone years, re-envisioned through the magic of technology. Learn what secrets they discovered, and how our ancestors set us on the path we now follow today. Retro Activation will take you on a journey through the formative years to help us understand where we are today, and what the future may hold.

Songs and visions reaching up, calling down, asking for wholeness, integration. Tonight we honor our spirit guides, and our inner yearning to connect with the one. Join us as we offer up our prayers, and celebrate in the knowing of gifts already received. Let us offer gratitude for making through a difficult year, remembrance for what we have lost and celebration for all we are to become.

Connect directly with source as we meditate on the sacred solfeggio frequencies. Tune in to the vibration of the earth itself. Align directly with source as we open the portal through fire. Let the frequencies ground your reality, and provide a foundation for healing, and self manifestation.

Ascension with Self-Similar and AnnDromeda
Join us as we rise with the flames, reborn. We will ascend to higher frequencies, and manifest with our will the new reality. Darshan and Sarah will be our guides, as Self Similar leads us on a musical journey into our collective soul.

Darshan McMahon, Sara Similar: Self-Similar
Self-Similar’s original tracks meld organic and synthetic instrumentation with sultry vocals, creating a hypnotic musical adventure. Sara Similar writes & produces beats & instrumentation and provides vocals.  Darshan McMahon writes & produces beats & instrumentation and DJ’s.

Stephanie Sayre Filson / AnnDromeda
Influenced by her love of bass-heavy dance music and sultry, jazz-inspired vocal electronica, AnnDromeda offers an experimental genre-fluid musical performance that will mesmerize and move you.  AnnDromeda, also known as Stephanie Filson, digitally blends and loops her vocal melodies, harmonies and live instruments (trumpet, guitar, bass, synths) with dance-inducing electronic beats to create an intoxicating auditory potion uniquely her own.

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