Thank you for planning to attend The Starwood Festival this summer. As you know the current pandemic has created possible safety issues for our festival. With that in mind we have decided to postpone the festival until July 2021. As a ticket holder you are entitled to a full refund. The 40th Starwood Festival will be next summer, July 2021. We do not plan to change the cost of a ticket, except, perhaps to lower it if possible. With that in mind, there are 3 refund options available to both maximize your "bang for the buck" 🙂 and support the continued existence of The Starwood Festival and our growing community.

1.) We can credit the full amount of your purchase thru Tixel, this credit will be good towards the purchase of tickets to The Starwood Festival in 2021 as well as many other events throughout the year. If you choose this option, we will include an invitation to The Virtual Starwood Festival online July 7 - 13 2020 (a $40 value). In adition we will send you links for free downloads of all of the MP3 lectures and music we offer in our online catalog (a $75+ value). This is the best option to help us manage the impact of postponing this year's festival.

2.) We can refund Your ticket minus $40 to help us cover the expenses we already had for this year and support the journey to The Starwood Festival 2021. If you choose this option we will include an invitation to The Virtual Starwood Festival July 7-13 2020 (a $40 value).

3.) We can refund your entire purchase, and if your year goes as well as we hope it will, we will see you at The Starwood Festival 2021!