Presenters / Workshops


Posie the Flower Pixie (aka Ginger Ackley)
Posie the Flower Pixie is back!!!  She's bringing her special songs of joy and magic for YOUR Beautiful Inner Child.  Her music reaches out to Kids Of All Ages and will have your spirit dancing into her Fairy Circle!  Take a journey with The Child Divine and raise a little Hocus Pocus and do some Silly Magic!  

Special!  Just for Posie's Starwood Workshop, a free download of her wonderful Wee Folk Stomp Coloring and Activity Book!  It has all the words to her songs so you can color AND sing along! (download link will be provided at the workshop)

Chris Bennett
Chris Bennett is co-author of Green Gold the Tree of Life: Marijuana in Magic and Religion (1995), and Sex, Drugs, Violence and the Bible (2001). He is the author of Cannabis and the Soma Solution (2010), and Liber 420: Cannabis, Magickal herbs and the Occult (2018). He has also contributed chapters in books such as Entheogens and the Development of Culture (2013), Seeking the Sacred with Psychoactive Substances (2014), Cannabis and Spirituality (2016) and Psychedelics Reimagined (1999). Bennett’s research has received international attention from the BBC, Guardian, Sunday Times, Washington Post, and other media sources.
    Cannabis: Lost sacrament of the Ancient World
Explore the archeological evidence for the ritual use of cannabis in the ancient world, beginning over 5,000 years ago, and continuing for thousands of years. Evidence indicates that cannabis was an ingredient in the original Vedic Soma, and the Temple Incenses and Holy Oils of Judaism. Discussion will include Biblical references to cannabis, including the question of how to understand Exodus 30:23? (Kaneh Bosm).

Selena Fox  
Selena Fox is a Pagan priestess, Nature mystic, author, photographer, podcaster, spiritual psychotherapist and counselor.  Also known as Rev. Selena Fox, Selena is senior minister and high priestess of Circle Sanctuary which has been serving Witches, Wiccans, Druids, Pagans, and other Nature Spirituality practitioners of many paths worldwide with publications, events, networking, civil rights activism, and other services since 1974. A lifelong environmentalist, Selena is founder of Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve located in southwestern Wisconsin, USA, which includes Circle Cemetery, a national Pagan burying ground that is among the first Green cemeteries in the nation. Selena has a MS in counseling from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and does consultations, readings, and counseling by zoom and telephone with clients across the USA and beyond.  Selena's writings, rituals, chants, and photographs have been widely published on-line and in-print.  Selena hosts two weekly podcasts, Nature Spirituality and Nature Mystic and presents workshops and rituals at conferences and gatherings online and in person. She is founder of the Circle Craft tradition which blends together ancient and contemporary Pagan folkways, Hedgewitchery, multicultural Shamanism, and Nature mysticism.
  Pentacle Magic
Explore ancient and contemporary magical ways of working with the Pentacle, the encircled five-pointed star as symbol, amulet, ceremonial tool, and portal.  Learn and experience ritual, meditative, and iconic ways to work with Pentacles for personal spiritual development, healing, prosperity, home blessing, protection, and inspiration. Explore Pentacle lore and traditions across time and cultures.

Louis Martinie  
   Voodoo Ritual Ma-ion Conjure (@ midnight)
The rite draws from a hand written copy of the Ma-ion conjure created by Frater Achad. A chanting  of the Ma-ion conjure will be combined with toning and drumming. The rite will combine elements of New Orleans Voodoo with the Maatian Current work of Nema as chronicled by Kenneth Grant. The purpose of the conjure is to give honor and respect to Nema and to increase a sense of balance in this world and all worlds. The conjure will be performed combining both virtual participation and live participation on the Festival Grounds and will mirror the work of the Horus-Maat Lodge. Participants are invited to place their records of the conjure with Black Moon Publishing to be used in a ritual publication based on the Ma-ion conjure.

Jennifer Medway
Jennifer began practicing the occult and esoteric arts at a tender young age when her mother gave her a tarot deck. Rootwork and hoodoo run in Jennifer’s family in Louisiana. Her mother’s cousin, Maybelline, was a professional rootworker whom locals called The Swamp Witch. Jennifer carries on her family tradition and works as a rootworker, Reiki Master, witch, ceremonial magician, and Sancista at her company Serpentine Spiritual Arts. She trained with some of the top occult professionals internationally and is a member of Ordo Templi Orientis. Jennifer presented working with La Santa Muerte during the Dr. Daisy L. Machado lecture at Vanderbilt University. She is researching the occult sciences and folklore while a master’s candidate. Jennifer attended Stanford, UCLA, and UC Berkeley, where she earned her BA in English. She has published spiritual poetry, fiction, and narrative nonfiction in several journals, including Cornell’s Rainy Day and Goddess and the Moon Metaphysical Journal.
  The Foundations of Sanse: Puerto Rican Voodu
Sanse originated in Puerto Rico and is comprised of Espiritismo, 21 Divisiones, Taino practices, and brujeria. Sancistas serve the Lwa who bestow protection, prosperity, health, and many other blessings. This presentation explores the origins, history, basic tenets, practices, ceremonies, and seven divisions of Sanse. Participants learn about the Lwa, their feast days, altars, colors, offerings, lore, and how to begin a relationship with them before a Sanse initiation. We also explore working with ancestors and the commissions of spirit guides. During this presentation, Sancista Jennifer shows participants how to work with Papa Legba and make products for engaging with the spirits.
Jan McAndrew
Jan is a founding dancer in Tribe Ostara Tribal Belly Dance in Cleveland. She dances to lead and engage others in spiritual ritual or just for the pleasure of it. She creates costumes for American Tribal Style Belly Dance and Steampunk. Jan is a mixed media artist and has worked as a drafter in manufacturing, taught engineering concepts and Visual Art for 20 years. Tribe Ostara performs locally in Northeast Ohio/Cleveland. She volunteers and teaches art at Art House, Inc. in Cleveland.
  Make Costume Horns
You never know when you will need a set of Horns.  Learn techniques for making your own horns/headpieces for ceremonial and fun use. We will talk about why humans use masks and headpieces throughout history. You will use easy to find materials from around the house.
Have these items ready before the workshop begins.  
Sketch out ideas for designs or have reference ready.
Think about the source of your Other Self behind the MASK. Once you place your mask on your face, you will BE that Other.
You'll need these Supplies:
1/2 Paper Masks ( trace pattern onto cereal box board/ craft foam sheet)
Hole punch/awl, scissors
Holes for elastic or ties
Raffia, yarn, grasses, twigs
Feathers/sequins/flat shells
Decorative stickers/
Hot glue gun, hot glue and/or mod podge/school glue & water
Elastic / ribbon
Craft wire (no thicker that coat hanger)
Plastic shop bags
Wire or sturdy head band
Aluminum foil
Masking/duct tape
Hot glue gun     Glue sticks
Spray paint or acrylic paint (or color paper and watered school glue)

  A Portable Shrine
Take your ‘precious’ wherever you go….
Create a secret, sacred space for things that are dear to you.  Photos, letters, or a book of inspiration can be encased in any simple ‘mint’ tin or small box. Think of what your finished shrine may be composed of and why. Welcome to Creating Portable Shrines.
Supplies for the Shrine:
Research images and items (Print and cut out = Small enough to fit on and in the tin) that relate.
Small Tin (2 ½ x 3 ½”) or box
Sandpaper (or can place open in fire to burn off paint)
Spray Paint or use Craft Acrylic Paint ON and IN your tin BEFORE you Attend class
E6000® clear adhesive, Weldbond® glue
Mod Podge ® or clear acrylic glazing medium & brushes and water
Items (beads, feathers, etc.), photos, drawings, decorative papers, and text from books to place outside and inside of tin shrine.

Artemis Mourat
Artemis has been dancing, teaching and researching dance history in the United States and abroad for almost 50 years. She believes that we can all use art to build bridges across cultures and across time. Artemis developed an interest in sacred dance in 1971 when she started studying the dance known as “belly dance.” She knew that there were spiritual aspects to music and dance but in those days there were only a few books on the subject. Her dance career and hunger for knowledge resulted in research and extensive travel to many countries. She did intensive research into the history of belly dance and learned about the ancient sacred dances of Egypt, Greece and Rome. Artemis has written many manuscripts and articles on many dance related topics. She has an M.A. in psychology, an M.S.W. in social work and has done postgraduate work in dance movement therapy. Artemis has studied with or taken workshops in sacred dance from many well-known masters such as Amel Tafsout from Algeria, Mae Tina from Brazil, Laura Shannon from the US and now Greece, Alessandra Belloni from Italy and for the last two years has been participating in sacred dance circles with Evelyn Beck who teaches the Sacred Circle Dance repertoire in the Washington, DC area and internationally. For over 20 years, Artemis has taught sacred dance workshops and conducted rituals that are eclectic in nature and welcoming to people of all spiritual beliefs. Artemis is a warm and engaging teacher who uses humor and history as she invites people to discover how to use movement to create change.
   Sacred Dance – Using Movement to Create Change
People have used music and motion to create change, to bring about togetherness, to heal, to empower, to give thanks, to ask for help, to commune and sync with nature and to praise the spiritual sources they love. This has gone on for millennia. This workshop will introduce the participants to some easy dances. These will facilitate the experience and the joy that comes from using movement to manifest change. Some of our dances will be creative free form movement. Some will be from the old and new dance repertoire of the diverse and beautiful Sacred Circle Dance group. Absolutely no experience needed. All people of all abilities are welcome!

Harry S. Robins (Dr. H. Owell)
Hal Robins has been a writer, author, playwright and stage actor, radio, television and Internet podcast personality, international graphic artist and cartoonist, comic book artist, participant and performer in Cable television, computer games, his own night club act (the Ask Dr. Hal! Show) and in films, as voice actor and film actor, animator and designer. As Dr. Howland Owll, he works in the Church of the SubGenius. He appeared in and contributed to The Conspiracy Zone with Kevin Nealon on the TNN cable network (now Spike). His published works include DINOSAUR ALPHABET, ALIEN APOCALYPSE 2006 and THE MEANING OF LOST AND MISMATCHED SOCKS from North Atlantic Books and Random House. His art and writing can be found in THE BOOK OF THE SUBGENIUS and REVELATION X: THE "BOB"APOCRYPHON from Simon & Schuster among others. An accredited minister, "Dr. Howll" can legitimately perform marriages and other sacramental functions. Many know him as the voice of Dr. Isaac Kleiner in Valve Software's HALF-LIFE series in various versions.
   Deflecting the Conspiracy
A presentation on recognizing and avoiding the harmful and negative elements of society at large for the individual who seeks clarity and the achievement of Slack, the spiritual state sought by members of the Church of the SubGenius. A question-and-answer session will follow, depending on interest.
   Welcoming the Muse: Wellsprings of Poetry
Through Bardic Recitation, a practiced delivery from memory of Poetry ancient and modern (with interspersed commentary), the liberating and spiritual dimensions of literature and especially the poet's craft engage the listener. A question-and-answer session follows, with discussion for those who are interested in following their own poetic path. Ezra Pound called poetry "Language charged to the utmost with feeling," and we see the heightened state of poetic realization as the essence of the Divine gift of speech. The intent is to provide tho opportunity for understanding and enlightenment via this entertainment, humanity's oldest form.

Wendy Raphael
Professional Artist, Starwood Chameleon and event organizer, Sign Painter, Master of Ceremonial Hairwraps, Storyteller and a Solitary Eclectic Spiritualist. Please, check out or for details.
   Pop up book page
Create a POP-UP BOOK PAGE for your sketch journal.
Let's build a multi dimensional page that jumps out at you. Learn techniques to design mechanisms-of-movement for more interesting pages in your book.

Denny Sargent
A Seattle writer, artist and university instructor whose extensive global travels and esoteric studies informed the backbone to numerous published books. Involved for decades with numerous esoteric traditions, the author has published works on Alternative Religions, Hermetic Magick, Taoism, Animism, Shinto and Tantra.
Published books include: Global Ritualism, The Tao of Birth Days, Your Guardian Angel And You, Clean Sweep, The Book of the Horned One, Naga Magick, Dancing With Spirits, Werewolf Magick & Dog Magick. Forthcoming 2022-under contract: Werewolf Pack Magick (Llewellyn)
Real Tantra, Nath Tantrika (Original Facom Books)
He regularly presents lively online workshops and lectures and previously hosted at conventions and gatherings. Currently residing in the PNW, the author invites and welcomes conversation on all manner of subject matter.
  Werewolf Magick- Core Craft & Rites
This howlingly active workshop will be a potent and personal hands-on introduction to Werewolf Magick Practices from the book of the same name as well as new unpublished practices no one has yet seen.  The workshop will begin with a short introduction and visualization retouching on the origins, tenets and history of werewolf magick and the ancient werewolf cults, but the majority of the activities will leap into werewolf shapeshifting exercises, short rites and and an astral journey to the sacred werewolf lunar temple. This is an exceptionally active workshop that invites participants to directly and personally experience the intense effects of werewolf magick.  Lots of howling, growling, swaying and trance states will be involved as well as a simple preliminary shape-shifting rite so that the arising of the Animalself (and a return to ‘human’ state) will be experienced  by all. In this way a rich taste of the shapeshifting trance or gnosis will be directly enjoyed so that those seeking to dive deeper into the primal forest of werewolf magick will have taken the first steps to embracing the innate primal powers and wild reconnection with nature that is unleashed with Werewolf Magick. Some of this workshop will include wolfish practices that will appear in the forthcoming Werewolf Pack Magick published in late 2021. Werewolf Pack Magick will be ready to share in person with lots of group howling, shifting and wildness with those who attend Starwood 2022. Come join us in some wild and powerful werewolfery!

Mary Jo Smiley  (Anomie)
   Mushrooms: Be safe don't die
As long as the season is right and it rains, there are mushrooms growing. More people are interested in learning which ones they can safely eat.  Knowing poison look-a-likes is as important or even more so than learning edible ones. Let's look at the relatively easy and common edible/medicinal and poison/deadly mushrooms in this area. KNOWING, not guessing is the way to be safe and not make the news. Even if you have no interest in eating them, it still adds extra fun when you are walking in the woods or even your own yard and you can ID that weird-looking mushroom!

Rev. Ivan Stang
Stang has (and sells) a Doktorate in the Forbidden Sciences from Dobbstown University, a bastion of kookademia. He an author (The Book of the SubGenius, Revelation X and The Bobliographon) and director (ARISE! and numerous award-winning animated films). Stang’s syndicated radio show The Hour of Slack has aired for over 30 years.
   Woker Than Thou

BJ Swain
BJ Swain is the author of Living Spirits: A Guide to Magic in a World of Spirits, and Luminarium: A Grimoire of Cunning Conjuration. BJ has been practicing magic over 25 years. He has worked with mentors through the A.’.A.’. and through a hereditary line of witchcraft in addition to studying magic in both practical and academic contexts. BJ has been Deputy Master of an OTO body for 13 years and a Priest in the Gnostic Catholic Church for 8 years. He has been selected as the Bishop of Maryland for the Church of Light and Shadow, a Church blending traditional lo witchcraft and Catholicism, pending his consecration. BJ is one of the founding members of New Orpheum, a temple of Orphic and Dionysian mysteries. He was formerly a member of the Order of the Celestial Academy and is currently part of a small group of magicians who have completed the Abramelin working and work to spread interest in more traditional magic. BJ was the recipient of the 2019 Black Crozier award for contributions to the sorcery community. BJ runs the blog Glory of the Stars, the podcast In the Company of Stars, and the website The Unveiled Sky.
   Pacts, Power, and Places Crossed
The crossroads as a place of magic is part of general common awareness. The perception of the crossroads as mysterious, magical, or a place of devils is pervasive enough that the average person unaware of magic may be aware of this. Music, tv and movies continue to present this theme. Magicians often talk about the power of the crossroads and liminal spaces but the nature of the beings attached to those spaces, the power received through those spaces and the characteristics that create the power are oftenless explored. In this class, we will discuss the nature of liminality, power, and the beings that bestow power in mixed and wild spaces set at points between.

Lillith Threefeathers
Lillith has walked both an initiatory and shamanic path, studying with indigenous Shamans and Elders for more than 40 years. In 1988, she became a priestess of Lilith, and in 2005, she was initiated in Lucumi (commonly called Santeria). Additionally she has numerous shamanic initiations including the Toltec path and ones rising from her studies with healers and shamans from Africa, Europe, and the Americas.
   The Bare Bones of Worshiping Lilith
Lilith as a deity is intense, inclusive, wonderful, scary, nurturing, demanding, and powerful. This workshop is about consciously interacting with Lilith. Beginning with the fundamentals of direct interactions with this goddess. We will discuss creating safe and sacred space for contact, setting up an altar, making offerings, and what you can expect if she chooses you.

Joy Wedmedyk
Joy Marie Wedmedyk has studied shamanism, mediumship, divination, and mysticism for over 40 years. She has extensively studied with traditional Elders from the Americas, Cuba and Africa. She is an initiated Yemaya priestess in Lucumi Orisha worship (Cuba), a Kontoumble Shaman (Burkina Faso, Africa), a Ganji initiate of the Wolf Clan (Seneca) and a member of the Oklevueha Native American Church. Joy is an accomplished Medium, Diviner and Shamanic practitioner, offering guidance to others through these ancient traditions. Joy’s new book, Heart of the Elder: Good Elders and their Influence, co-authored
with Lillith ThreeFeathers, was released in August 2018. Joy was a quoted source for Drawing Down the Spirits by Kenaz Filan and Raven Kaldera (2009) and is a contributing author for Walking the Path of the Ancient Ways by Corvis Nocturnum (2012) and Calling to the Ancestors: An Ancestor Devotional by Timothy Schnieder (2015).
   Healing Breaks in the Ancestral Lineage
Our chain of ancestors should be stable, strong and continue back to the beginning of our life on Earth. “Breaks” or gaps in the chain can cause many spiritual problems in our life. Symptoms of an Ancestral break are as varied as ill health, possession, soul loss, family curses and even OCD and autistic behavior. Joy will share her shamanic healing techniques and give examples of sessions she has done with clients to repair the damage done by “breaks” in the ancestral chain.