IN-PERSON: limited attendance by Order of the Health Dept.

4-6 person “pod” campsites (1000+ sq ft) by prepaid reservation only.

No walk-ins; full-week tickets only this year.

This Year: Adults only (18+)


Mask-wearing and social-distancing in all public spaces, especially under roofs, including the shower house, and

on the shuttles.

1. You will arrange your own 4-6 person pod with fellow attendees according to your personal risk profile and comfort level.

2. Please choose an Encampment Name (acts as a group password) and Pod-Leader with working email & phone# who will make the camp site reservation on a first-come, first-served basis.

3. Purchase at least four of your prepaid registrations for the pod citing your Encampment Name and Pod Leader in the appropriate field; encourage your camp-mates to pay at the same time to avoid delay.

4. Starwood Preregistration will work with your Pod-Leader to reserve your camp site and your registration will be updated with the assignment; you will know where you are camping before you show up on site!

If you cannot vaccinate before the event, you should self-quarantine at home for two weeks prior and two weeks after the event, in order to keep from bringing Covid-19 to/from the event. Those who are vaccinated have personal protection against a fatal case of the disease, but they can still contract and spread it, especially to those who are not vaccinated. Please bear this in mind before choosing to attend.